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Customizer:D&DCUSTOMSFirst Made:Neo
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Venger & Nightmare Animated
Crowd Favorite:Cobra Storm Shadow Ninja AssassinTotal Customs:348
Current Projects:All 6 to 7 inch 1:12th Scale Action Figures

MAJOR PROJECTS 50 to 100+ figures per set:
1)GI JOE 3& 3/4 CONVERSION to MARVEL LEGENDS STYLE 6 INCH 1:12 scale of EVERY GI JOE FROM 1982 through 1988 over 120+ and a few vehicles. Currently completed 90+


3)Star Wars 3& 3/4 CONVERSION to MARVEL LEGENDS STYLE 6 INCH 1/12 scale of most Star Wars characters FROM all six films and a few comics. Currently completed 60+
MINOR PROJECTS 25 or less figures per set:
6)Characters from various cult/sci fi films, TV shows, video games and comic books such as Dollhouse, Heavenly Sword, Xena, 24, Hitman, Army of Two, 300, Stargate, Dark Knight/Batman, Cable/Mystique/Deadpool/Punisher etc
7)Metal Gear
11)Legend of the Seeker
12)Mission Impossible
13)Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter
14)Resident Evil
15)Walking Dead
17)Bourne Series
Honorable Mentions:Special feature reviews on hisstank, , terrodrome, joecustoms and actionfigurecustoms, etc.
Comments:I focus on converting older toy lines into Marvel Legends 6 to 7 inch 1:12 scale action figures working on TV/Movie & Video Game Characters, GI JOE, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, Star Wars, MILITARY based characters and more.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:14First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.75Second Places:0
   Third Places:1

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jan 1, 2013 Way of the BladeGeneral Kenobi Clone Wars1133.93 
Dec 31, 2012 Way of the BladeClone Emperor Expanded Universe1093.35 
Aug 1, 2012 Sidekicks IISith Lord Darth Maul 1.01153.73 
Jul 26, 2012 Sidekicks IITrinity1113.93 
Jul 26, 2012 Sidekicks IIRaiden - 4 Guns of the Partriots1063.91 
Apr 15, 2012 ShapeshiftersTerminator T-1000 Motorcycle Cop1263.41 
Apr 1, 2012 Articulation JunkieChun-Li Street Fighter Alpha Interpol Agent923.91 
Apr 1, 2012 Articulation JunkieHeavenly Sword Nariko PS31014.18 
Mar 31, 2012 Articulation JunkieUnderworld William Corvinus 1st Lycan Werewolf953.76 
Mar 15, 2012 Digital BeatdownPaul Phoenix1053.67 
Mar 15, 2012 Digital BeatdownAnna Williams1073.84 
Mar 15, 2012 Digital BeatdownNina Williams1123.91 
Feb 24, 2009 Dioramas IArwen & RingWraith Lord of the Rings Chase Diorama993.76 
Feb 24, 2009 Dioramas ICastle Playset913.25 

All Customs by D&DCUSTOMS
1.0 Cobra Viper Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)300 King Leonidas Spartan (300)
Aaron Cross Bourne Legacy (Bourne)Abigail Whistler (Blade)
Ace Slipstream (G.I. Joe)Ada Wong Retribution (Resident Evil)
Agent Smith (Matrix)Ahsoka Tano Jedi Padawan Clone Wars (Star Wars Clone Wars)
Airborne (G.I. Joe)Airborne (G.I. Joe)
Alex Mercer Prototype (Prototype)AMC Deputy Rick Grimes Season 1 (Walking Dead)
Anakin Skywalker Animated (Star Wars Clone Wars)Anna Williams (Tekken)
Ares God of War (Xena Warrior Princess)Arise Serpentor Quick Diorama (G.I. Joe)
Arkham Asylum Armored Batman (Batman - Arkham City)Armor Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)
Armored Elektra (Marvel Legends)Army of Two Rios (G.I. Joe)
Army of Two Salem (Army of Two)Army of Two Salem (Army of Two)
Arwen & RingWraith Lord of the Rings Chase Diorama (Lord of the Rings)Asajj Ventress Dark Jedi 2.0 Sith 1.12th Scale (Star Wars Clone Wars)
Aurra Sing Bounty Hunter Jedi Huntress (Star Wars)Bane League of Shadows (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)
Baroness (G.I. Joe)BAZOOKA Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Beachhead Marvel Legends Style Action Figure (G.I. Joe)Biker Scout on Speeder (Star Wars)
Black Series Tribute #4 Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Black Suit Cobra Commander Marvel Legends (G.I. Joe)
Blizzard (G.I. Joe)Blue Snake Eyes Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Bullywugs of the Bog - Advanced Animated PVC (Dungeons and Dragons)Callisto (Xena Warrior Princess)
Cartoon Series Set (Dungeons and Dragons)Castle Playset (Lord of the Rings)
Chimera (Dungeons and Dragons)Chun-Li Street Fighter Alpha Interpol Agent (Street Fighter)
Clone Emperor Expanded Universe (Star Wars)Cobra a.V.a.C. (G.I. Joe)
Cobra a.V.a.C. PILOT (G.I. Joe)Cobra Air Trooper (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Air Trooper (G.I. Joe)Cobra B.A.T. (G.I. Joe)
Cobra B.A.T. Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra Baroness (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Baroness (G.I. Joe)Cobra Baroness 2.5 (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Baroness 3.0 (G.I. Joe)Cobra Bazooka Trooper Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)Cobra CQB K-9 Unit (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Cqb Leader (G.I. Joe)Cobra Crimson Guard Elite 2.0 (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Crimson Guard Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra Croc Master 6" (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Desert Heavy Machine Gunner (G.I. Joe)Cobra Desert Infantry (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Desert Officer (G.I. Joe)Cobra Desert Officer Infantry (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Desert Officer Red (G.I. Joe)Cobra Desert Sniper (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Desert Sniper (G.I. Joe)Cobra Desert Specialist (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Desert Trooper (G.I. Joe)Cobra Destro 2.0 Weapons & Supplies Arms Dealer (G.I. Joe)
Cobra DESTRO Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra Destro Resolute (G.I. Joe)
Cobra DIABLO Hiss Tank Driver (G.I. Joe)Cobra Dr. Mindbender (G.I. Joe)
Cobra DR. MINDBENDER (G.I. Joe)Cobra Eel (G.I. Joe)
Cobra EEL Combat Diver (G.I. Joe)Cobra Firefly Saboteur (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Firefly Saboteur (G.I. Joe)Cobra Firefly Saboteur Modern Warfare (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Hooded Commander (G.I. Joe)Cobra Iron Grenadiers Destro (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Major Bludd (G.I. Joe)Cobra Marvel Legends Style s (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Movie Baroness Marvel Legends (G.I. Joe)Cobra NIGHT CREEPER 6: (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Night Creeper Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra Ninja Ambush Marvel Legends Style Action Figure (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Ninja Viper (G.I. Joe)Cobra Ninja Viper (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Ninja-Ku STORM SHADOW (G.I. Joe)Cobra Officer (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Officer (G.I. Joe)Cobra Officer Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Officer Red Logo Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra OFFICER V2 (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Python Patrol Officer (G.I. Joe)Cobra Python Patrol Officer Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Range Viper (G.I. Joe)Cobra Range Viper (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Red Ninja (G.I. Joe)Cobra Red Ninja (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Scrap Iron Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra SCRAP-IRON (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Shock Trooper (G.I. Joe)Cobra Shock Trooper Poc (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Slice Ninja (G.I. Joe)Cobra Slice Ninja Swordsman (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Sniper (G.I. Joe)Cobra Sniper (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Snow Serpent 6" (G.I. Joe)Cobra Soldier (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Soldier Female (G.I. Joe)Cobra Soldier Trooper Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Stinger Driver Marvel Legends Style Action Figure (G.I. Joe)Cobra Storm Shadow Ninja Assassin (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Storm Shadow Ninja-Ku Leader Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra Storm Shadow V1 Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Cobra TECHNO-Viper (G.I. Joe)Cobra TELE-Viper (G.I. Joe)
Cobra TELEViper Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra TeleViper Outpost (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Tribute 1 Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Cobra Tribute 2 Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Trooper (G.I. Joe)Cobra Trooper (G.I. Joe)
Cobra Viper (G.I. Joe)Cobra Viper Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Cobra White Ninja Marvel Legends Style Action Figure (G.I. Joe)Commando (Commando)
Connor Macmanus (Boondock Saints)Count Dooku Sith Lord Darth Tyranus (Star Wars)
Cover Girl (G.I. Joe)Cover Girl (G.I. Joe)
Cover Girl (G.I. Joe)Cutter (G.I. Joe)
Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress Sith Lord (Star Wars)Darth Maul Sith Lord Deluxe Edition (Star Wars)
Deadpool Punisher Van Marvel Legends (Marvel Legends)DEATH STAR (Disengage the Tractor Beam) Diorama (Star Wars)
DEEP SIX Combat Diver Marvel Legends Style Action Figure (G.I. Joe)Devilfish (G.I. Joe)
DIAL-TONE (G.I. Joe)Doc Medic Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Dollhouse Special Agent Paul Ballard (Dollhouse)Dragonfly Helicopter & Wild Bill (G.I. Joe)
Drex Barbarian Juggernaut (Dungeons and Dragons)Drizzt Drow Dark Elf Forgotten Realms (Forgotten Realms of Fantasy)
Dungeon Master (Dungeons and Dragons)Dusty Desert Warfare (G.I. Joe)
Dusty Modern Desert Warfare (G.I. Joe)Dwarves of the Mountain - Advanced PVC (Dungeons and Dragons)
Echo Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse)Elkhorn Dwarf (Dungeons and Dragons)
Elves of the Woodland - Advanced (Dungeons and Dragons)Emperor's ROYAL Guard ROTJ (Star Wars)
ESB IG-88 Bounty Hunter (Star Wars)Falcon (G.I. Joe)
Fellowship of the Ring (Lord of the Rings)Female Cobra Officer (G.I. Joe)
Fighter Jet & Ace (G.I. Joe)Fire Elemental Phoenix (Dungeons and Dragons)
Flint & Lady Jaye Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Flint in Cobra Disguise Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Footloose Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Gabriel & Hope (Xena Warrior Princess)
Gargoyle dragon man - Advanced Animated (Dungeons and Dragons)General Hawk (G.I. Joe)
General Kenobi Clone Wars (Star Wars Clone Wars)Grimsword 2.0 Animated (Dungeons and Dragons)
Grimsword Animated- ad&d Advanced (Dungeons and Dragons)Hawkler / He-man- Advanced (Dungeons and Dragons)
Heavenly Sword Nariko PS3 (Marvel Legends)Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
Hellboy Ii Prince Nuada Golden Army (Hellboy)Hercules & Iolaus (Hercules)
Hit and Run Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Hitman Agent 47 Marvel Legends (Hitman)
Hooded Cobra Commander 2.0 Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Hooded Cobra Commander Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Hook Horror (Dungeons and Dragons)Hoth/Bespin PRINCESS LEIA (Star Wars)
Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot Galactic Empire (Star Wars)Iron Grenadiers Destro (G.I. Joe)
Ithorian Bounty Hunter Feeg Urelm (Star Wars)Jabba's PALACE DIORAMA ROTJ (Star Wars)
Jack Bauer 24 Ctu Agent Marvel Legends (24)JAINA SOLO Rogue Squadron Pilot / Jedi Master (Star Wars)
JANGO FETT Bounty Hunter AOTC ROTS (Star Wars)Jason Bourne Supremacy (Bourne)
Jax (Mortal Kombat)Jedi Knight Master General Kenobi ROTS (Star Wars)
Jedi Knight Master MACE WINDU Elite Deluxe Edition (Star Wars)Jedi Knight Master Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)
Jedi Knight Master Obi Wan Kenobi AOTC (Star Wars)Jedi Master Knight Plo Koon (Star Wars)
Jin Kazazma (Tekken)Jinx Ninja Apprentice (G.I. Joe)
Jonah Hex (Western)Joseph Colton (G.I. Joe)
Kasumi Ninja Dead or Alive DOA (Dead or Alive)Kasumi Ninja Dead or Alive DOA V2 (Dead or Alive)
Kelek Evil Sorcerer (Dungeons and Dragons)King (Tekken)
Kit Fisto Jedi Master Knight (Star Wars)Lady Jaye (G.I. Joe)
Lady Jaye Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Lady Jaye Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Law & Order (G.I. Joe)LEATHERNECK Marine (G.I. Joe)
Lich - Advanced PVC (Dungeons and Dragons)Lift Ticket (G.I. Joe)
Low-Light (G.I. Joe)Lukion (Dungeons and Dragons)
Mainframe (G.I. Joe)Major Bludd Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
MARA JADE Jedi Master Skywalker Emperor's Hand (Star Wars)Marshall Law (Tekken)
Marvel Legends Style Gung Ho 1.0 (G.I. Joe)Marvel Legends X-Men Mystique (X-Men)
Matrix Cypher (Matrix)Matrix Ghost Twins (Matrix)
Matrix Neo Action Figure (Matrix)Matrix Switch (Matrix)
Mauler Tank (G.I. Joe)Medussa (Hercules)
Mercion - Advanced (Dungeons and Dragons)Metal Gear Cyborg Ninja (Metal Gear Solid)
Metal Gear Solid Cyborb Ninja (Metal Gear Solid)Metal Gear Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Minotaur - Advanced PVC (Dungeons and Dragons)Mord Sith Mistress Denna (Legend of the Seeker)
Movie Scarlett Marvel Legends (G.I. Joe)Murphy Macmanus (Boondock Saints)
Muskrat (G.I. Joe)Muskrat (G.I. Joe)
MUTT & JUNKYARD (G.I. Joe)Nathan Drake's Deception 3 Merc (Uncharted)
Neo (Matrix)Night Stealth Raft (G.I. Joe)
Nina Williams (Tekken)Norse Lord God Odin (Marvel Legends)
Northlord - Advanced (Dungeons and Dragons)NUNCHUK Ninja Force (G.I. Joe)
Outback (G.I. Joe)Outback (G.I. Joe)
PADME AMIDALA ATTACK of the CLONES (Star Wars)Paul Phoenix (Tekken)
Pegasus (Clash of the Titans)Princess Leia Deluxe Elite Edition (Star Wars)
PSYCHO MANTIS Boss (Metal Gear Solid)Queen Amidala of Naboo (Star Wars)
Quick Kick (G.I. Joe)Raiden - 4 Guns of the Partriots (Metal Gear Solid)
Rain (Mortal Kombat)Recondo (G.I. Joe)
Repeater (G.I. Joe)Repeater Marvel Legends Style Action Figure (G.I. Joe)
Reptile (Mortal Kombat)Resolute Cobra Trooper Marvel Legends Style Action Figure (G.I. Joe)
Richard Cypher (Legend of the Seeker)Ringlerun Wizard (Dungeons and Dragons)
Rios ARMY of TWO (Army of Two)RIPCORD 2.0 (G.I. Joe)
Ripcord Halo Jumper (G.I. Joe)Ripcord Halo Jumper (G.I. Joe)
Roadblock (G.I. Joe)Roadblock (G.I. Joe)
Roadblock (G.I. Joe)Roadblock Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Roadblock V2 Marvel Legends (G.I. Joe)Rock N Roll (G.I. Joe)
Sarken Mercenary (Dungeons and Dragons)Scarlett (G.I. Joe)
Scarlett Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Sexy Baroness (G.I. Joe)
Sgt Slaughter Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Sgt Slaughter Triple T (G.I. Joe)
Shadow Demon v2 Animated Series (Dungeons and Dragons)Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)
Shipwreck (G.I. Joe)SHIPWRECK 2.0 (G.I. Joe)
Shipwreck Navy Seal (G.I. Joe)Shockwave (G.I. Joe)
Silver Mirage (G.I. Joe)Sinister Spectre - Advanced PVC (Dungeons and Dragons)
Sith Lord Darth Maul 1.0 (Star Wars)Sith Lord Darth Sidious Emperor 1.0 (Star Wars)
Sith Lord Darth Sidious Emperor Deluxe Elite Edition (Star Wars)Skeleton Soldiers of The Sith Advanced PVC (Dungeons and Dragons)
Skylla - Advanced pvc (Dungeons and Dragons)SLAVE LEIA RETURN of the Jedi (Star Wars)
Slipstream Fighter Pilot (G.I. Joe)Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)
Snake Eyes 2.0 (G.I. Joe)Snake Eyes Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Snake Eyes Sideshow Sculpt (G.I. Joe)Snake Eyes V2 Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Snake Eyes V3 Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)
SPEARHEAD & MAX (G.I. Joe)Special Mission Brazil Jungle Diorama (G.I. Joe)
Stalker Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Stalker Ranger (G.I. Joe)
Star Wars QUI-GON JINN Jedi Master (Star Wars)Star Wars SAESEE TIIN Jedi Master (Star Wars)
Storm Shadow Ninja Force (G.I. Joe)Storm Shadow V2 1l12th Scale (G.I. Joe)
Stryker (Mortal Kombat)Terminator T 1000 (Terminator)
Terminator T-1000 Motorcycle Cop (Terminator)Terminator T-800 (Terminator)
Terrible Troll - Advanced PVC (Dungeons and Dragons)Torpedo (G.I. Joe)
Torpedo (G.I. Joe)Torpedo Navy Seal (G.I. Joe)
Tribute 2 Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)Trinity (Matrix)
Trip Wire (G.I. Joe)Tripwire Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Tunnel Rat (G.I. Joe)Tunnel Rat Marvel Legends Style (G.I. Joe)
Tunnel Rat Underground Warfare (G.I. Joe)Underworld William Corvinus 1st Lycan Werewolf (Underworld)
Vamp Mark 1 Jeep Marvel Legends Size (G.I. Joe)Vamp Mark I 2.0 Jeep (G.I. Joe)
Vamp Mark II Jeep (G.I. Joe)Vamp Mark III Jeep (G.I. Joe)
Van (G.I. Joe)Van (G.I. Joe)
Velasca (Xena Warrior Princess)Venger & Nightmare Animated (Dungeons and Dragons)
Venger Animated 2.0 (Dungeons and Dragons)Venger Sorcerer Animated Series Cartoon (Dungeons and Dragons)
Warduke (Dungeons and Dragons)Warehouse Recon Infiltration & Data Retrieval (Resident Evil)
Warzone Punisher (Punisher)WET-SUIT (G.I. Joe)
WHISTLER Blade Trinity (Blade)Wild Bill Dragonfly Helicopter Pilot (G.I. Joe)
Wizard Merlin & the Legend of Camelot (Excalibur: The Sword in the Stone)Wraith Hive Queen - Stargate Atlantis (Stargate)
X-Men Cable Repaint (X-Men)X-Men Futuristic Battlezone Cable Action Figure (X-Men)
Xena Warrior Princess & Horse Argo (Xena Warrior Princess)Yoshimitsu (Tekken)
Young male titan - Advanced (Dungeons and Dragons)Zam Wesell Bounty Hunter AOTC (Star Wars)
Zarak - Advanced (Dungeons and Dragons)Zorgar Barbarian - Advanced (Dungeons and Dragons)