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Customizer Profile
Customizer:FrenchtouchFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Ignacia
Crowd Favorite:Ra's Al Ghul ArmoredTotal Customs:26
Current Projects:Classic ML Taskmaster,DC Calendar man, Witchblade's Ian Nottingham, Wild C.A.T Zealot, Gen13 Lynch.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:10First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.53Second Places:0
   Third Places:1

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Oct 30, 2014 Martial Arts MayhemShang-Chi813.68 
Jul 31, 2014 House of MouseMerlin803.31 
Jun 15, 2014 Summertime SirensTalia Al Ghul803.77 
Apr 19, 2014 Winged WondersSaltarella793.09 
Apr 29, 2013 Small FriesMental Midget733.32 
Mar 15, 2013 Sight UnseenIgnacia833.83 
May 31, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2TALION743.47 
Dec 29, 2008 Gender BenderDevil's Daughter953.04 
Sep 29, 2008 Hell's BellesJoanna Dark693.86 
Sep 22, 2008 Hell's BellesDarkstar723.92 

All Customs by Frenchtouch
Aragorn (Marvel Legends)Bengal (Marvel Legends)
Blob (Marvel Legends)Bruce Banner (Marvel Legends)
Cloak and Dagger (Marvel Legends)Darkstar (Marvel Legends)
Devil's Daughter (Marvel Legends)Dr Druid (Marvel Legends)
Firelord "Annihilation" (Marvel Legends)Green Lantern - Hal Jordan (DC Direct)
Ignacia (Independent Comics)Jigsaw (Marvel Legends)
Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark)Louis Cyphre (Misc)
Mental Midget (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Merlin (Fantasy)
Michael Harker (Original)Pr Graham Van Helsing (Original)
Puck (Marvel Legends)Ra's Al Ghul Armored (DC Direct)
Saltarella (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Shang-Chi (Marvel Legends)
Talia Al Ghul (DC Direct)TALION (Marvel Legends)
Vindicator / Guardian (Marvel Legends)Winter Soldier V2.0 (Marvel Legends)