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Customizer:starwarsgeekFirst Made:Future Foundation Spider-Man
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:6" Black Series Jedi Master Yoda
Crowd Favorite:Golobulus V1Total Customs:35
Current Projects:Too many to list LMAO. I've always got several projects on my plate at any given time.
Comments:I've been customizing since I was about 8 with model kits and action figures, but only got "serious" about it around 1995. It's currently my full time job.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by starwarsgeek
1:18 / 3.75" Crossbones (Marvel Universe)1:18 / 3.75" HALO Marine (Halo)
1:18 / 3.75" HALO Marine (Halo)1:18 / 3.75" Spawn (Spawn)
1:18/3.75" DC Comics' Azrael (Batman)6" Black Series Jedi Master Yoda (Star Wars)
6" Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)Avengers' Black Widow (Avengers)
Ba'al, Demon Lord from the Pit (Misc)Bezerker Predator 1:18 / 3.75" (Predator)
Cade Skywalker (Star Wars)Captain Hulk? (Marvel Universe)
Commander Gree VCD (Star Wars)Darth Talon (Star Wars)
DC Comics' Red Tornado 1:18/3.75" (DC Universe)Fennec "Desert Fox" (G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary)
Future Foundation Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)Gargoyle (Marvel Universe)
Gears of War 3.75" Cog Soldier (Gears Of War)GI Joe Lady Jaye (G.I. Joe)
GI Joe Samurai Budo (G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary)GI Joe/Transformers Crossover Shockwave SDCC Hisstank Driver (G.I. Joe)
Golobulus V1 (G.I. Joe)Mara Jade - Emperor's Hand (Star Wars)
Marvel Universe Black Cat (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Cosmic Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)
Micronaut's Acroyear (Marvel Legends)Ninja Force Storm Shadow (G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary)
Predator 1:18 / 3.75" (Predator)Red Hulk (Rulk) (Marvel Legends)
Resolute Alley Viper (G.I. Joe Resolute )ST/MPE Military Protocol Droid (Acid Rain World)
Ultimate Wolverine (Marvel Universe)US Navy Seal "Ghost Shark" (G.I. Joe)
War Machine 2.0 (Iron Man)