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Customizer:blaynescottFirst Made:Doctor Fate
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:HELLBLAZER: John Constantine ("Simon Bisley" Art Styled)
Crowd Favorite:Wasteland: Reaper-Class Cyborg UnitTotal Customs:116
Current Projects:For up to date photos of all my current custom projects, check my WIP Blog. Google search "Blaynes custom toys" for more info.
Honorable Mentions:For links to photos and video from all the art shows Ive attended as a customizer, please visit my website, or google search "Blaynes custom toys"

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:16First Places:4
User Voted Rating:4.08Second Places:4
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Apr 2, 2012 Fairy TalesThe Big Bad Wolf1273.99 
Jun 2, 2011 Brat PackJon-El, Son of Superman1133.97 
Mar 25, 2011 Battle DamageFuture Warterminator - Battle Damaged Model T-8001404.74 
Mar 22, 2011 Battle DamageMachiko Noguchi, Human PREDATOR (Final Battle)1214.11 
Feb 21, 2011 CapcomicalDeadpool!1553.66 
Jul 21, 2010 Way They Should BeModern Fantastic Four - Military/Industrial Science Team1504.24 
Jan 31, 2010 Me, Myself, and IParallel Universe Traveler: Blayne1014.38 
Dec 31, 2009 CyberpunkCyberpunk PUNISHER1124.38 
Nov 29, 2009 SteampunkHELLBLAZER John Constantine W/ Grimy London Street Scene913.22 
Oct 31, 2009 Post-ApocalypticApocalypse Armor PUNISHER883.67 
Oct 28, 2009 Post-ApocalypticWasteland Cyborg1034.55 
Oct 3, 2009 Post-ApocalypticLeft 4 Dead: Survivors & Zombie with Playset1084.41 
Jul 1, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!Edward Scissorhands (Super-articulated)1094.15 
Jun 30, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!Biker TERMINATOR Endoskeleton (Battle Damage)833.70 
May 14, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2TRANSFORMER: Clockwork Prime803.90 
Oct 31, 2008 Sinestro CorpsFreddy Kruger Sinestro Corps824.20 

All Customs by blaynescott
Accidental Custom: Middle-Aged Sandman (Sandman)Apocalypse Armor PUNISHER (Punisher)
Armored Batman (DCUC/MM) (Batman)Armored Green Lantern (DCUC / Interchangable Arms) (Green Lantern)
Armored Shadow Batman (Batman)Arnold Schwarzenegger (Battle Damaged T-850) - 7" Super Articulated (Terminator)
Battles in the Wasteland (Original)BATZARRO - Bizarro Batman (DC Universe Classics) (Batman)
Biker TERMINATOR Endoskeleton (Battle Damage) (Terminator)Biker TERMINATOR Endoskeleton V2 (with Helmet) (Terminator)
Birthday Present for a Father's 50th (Original)BLADE (the Series - Kirk Jones / Sticky Fingaz Version) (Blade)
Blayne (Custom Figure of Myself, V2) (Original)Bloodied Black Adam (DC Universe)
Captain America (17" Statue Restoration) (Captain America)Captain Enchilada Sauce (a Proposed 'Taco Bell' Superhero) (Original)
Catherine: the Kind-Spirited Wrestling Superstar (Wrestling)Cloud Stryfe (Marvel Legends 6" Scale) (Final Fantasy)
Comic Book Word Balloon Stand ("V")Custom Obama Action Figure (with Presidential Diorama!) (Original)
Cyberpunk PUNISHER (Punisher)Cyberpunk PUNISHER V2: Wasteland (Original)
DAREDEVIL (DC Universe Style) (Marvel)David Boreanaz as ANGEL (ML-Articulation) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
DC Direct Cyborg Superman: Re-Articulated Version (DC Universe)Deadpool! (Capcom)
Doctor Fate (DC Universe)DOCTOR WHO: David Tennant as the 10th Doctor (Super Articulated) (Doctor Who)
Dream, The Sandman (Sandman)Dutch in Predator Armor (Usused Cameo from PREDATORS) (Predator)
Dutch in Predator Armor V2 (Predator)Edward Scissorhands (Super-articulated) (Edward Scissorhands)
Edward Scissorhands (Super-Articulated) W/ Hedge Dio (Edward Scissorhands)Fall of Cybertron G2 Optimus Prime (Cartoon Matte Finish) (Transformers)
Fallen Angel Vs. Archangel Michael (Mid-Air Battle Scene) (DC Universe)Freddy Krueger Skeleton (super-articulated) (Nightmare on Elm Street)
Freddy Kruger Sinestro Corps (DC Universe)Future Warterminator - Battle Damaged Model T-800 (Terminator)
Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider)God of Bones: Druidic Predator Chieftain (1100 AD) (Predator)
GREEN LANTERN Ash Williams from Army of Darkness (Green Lantern)Hal Jordan: Last of the Green Lantern Corp. (Green Lantern)
HALLOWEEN: Michael Myers Indigo Lantern (Green Lantern)Havok (X-Men Movie /First Class Style) (X-Men - Movies)
HELLBLAZER John Constantine W/ Grimy London Street Scene (Sandman)HELLBLAZER: John Constantine ("Simon Bisley" Art Styled) (Sandman)
HEROES Sylar (Super-Articulated) (Heroes Transportation)Hitman Agent 47 (Hitman)
IRON MAN (Extremis Armor) (Iron Man)Iron Man (Movie Armor): Shoulder Modification (Iron Man)
IRON MAN Extremis HULK BUSTER Armor (Battle Damaged) (Iron Man)Iron Man: Destroyer Armor (Iron Man)
Jedi Han Solo (Galactic Heroes Child's Birthday Gift) (Galactic Heroes)Jill Frost (Customer Original Character) (Original)
John Connor Terminator: Salvation (Future War) (Terminator)Jon-El, Son of Superman (Superman)
JUDGE DREAD (Now Bulkier, with Articulated Shoulder Pads) (Judge Dredd)KAL-EL the 1st (Ancestor of Superman, Original Design) (Superman)
Kry-EL Kryptonian Warrior (Ancestor of Superman, Original Design) (Superman)LEATHERFACE Orange Lantern (Green Lantern)
Left 4 Dead: Survivors & Zombie with Playset (Left 4 Dead)Machiko Noguchi, Human PREDATOR (Final Battle) (Predator)
Medieval Faire: Cat the Bounty Hunter (Original)Meth Addicted Elmo: Breaking Sesame Street Custom Plush Toy (Original)
Modern Fantastic Four - Military/Industrial Science Team (Fantastic Four)Modern Green Arrow (Mature JLA, Original Design) (Justice League)
NEMESIS Prime (Transformers Movie Style) (Transformers)Nick from '4 Color 8 Bit Comics' (Real Person Custom Figure) (Original)
Norton, from "Star Ocean: till the End of Time" (Star Ocean)Optimus Plane: MP-10 Optimus Prime / VF-1 Valkyrie Hybrid (Transformers)
Parallel Universe Traveler: Blayne (Original)Pinhead the Cenobite (Hellraiser)
Predator (Predator)PREDATOR (McFarlane AvP Retro-Pred Modification) (Predator)
Predator: 1000 AD Throne of Bones (Predator)President Laura Roslin (Presidential Suit) from Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica)
Real Person as Naavi/Jake Sully in AVATAR (Avatar)RED LANTERN Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (Green Lantern)
Red Skull / Nazi Trooper (with Interchangable Heads) (Captain America)Rescue Bots Heroes "Issac, the Red Bumbleebee" Transformer Custom (Transformers)
Scavenger Demon from Constantine (Film) (DC Universe)Sinestro Corp. PREDATOR Yellow Lantern (Green Lantern)
Spider-Man (Magnetic!) (Spider-Man)Spirit of Vengance: Undead G-Man (Ghost Rider 1930) (Ghost Rider)
Steampunk Titanium Man: Retrotech Armor (Iron Man)Superman (Alt. Universe Mature Justice League Design) (Superman)
Terminator 2: Arnold Schwarzenegger T-800 (Terminator)Terminator 2: T-800 Endoskeleton (3.75" / Super-Articulated) (Terminator)
The Archangel Gabriel (DC Universe)The Archangel Michael (DC Universe)
The Big Bad Wolf (Fantasy)The Fallen Angel (DC Universe)
The Madness of Doctor Fate (DC Universe)The Predator of Antioch (First Crusade, 1098) (Predator)
The Predator of Byzantium (First Crusade, 1098-1099) (Predator)The Terminator (T3) (Terminator)
Transfomers: SHOCKWAVE (Fall of Cybertron / G1) (Transformers)TRANSFORMER: Clockwork Prime (Original)
TRANSFORMERS "Energon": Kicker (Cartoon Accurate) (Transformers)TRANSFORMERS Classics Goldbug (Transformers)
TRANSFORMERS Classics Scamper (Transformers)Transformers Space Shuttle FLAMEBLAST (Fansproject, New Headsculpt) (Transformers)
Trench De Plume Threea 1/12th Scale (World War Robot / Ashley Wood) (Zombies vs. Robots)Undead Footsoldier (Zombies)
Warmachine (Iron Man Movie): Weaponized Modification (Iron Man)Warrior ALIEN (3.75" Hot Toys Repaint) (Aliens)
Wasteland Cyborg (Original)Wasteland: Apocalyptic Survivor (Original)
Wasteland: Infantry-Class Cyborg Unit Mark-2 (Original)Wasteland: Mark-13 Sentry-Class Cyborg Unit (Original)
Wasteland: Reaper-Class Cyborg Unit (Original)Wasteland: Scarecrow-Class Cyborg Unit (Original)
Wasteland: TITAN-Class Cyborg Unit (Original)X-Files: Fox Mulder, FBI (X-Files)
Zombie: Bald, Shirtless, And Missing An Eye (Walking Dead)Zombie: The Businessman (Walking Dead)

Custom Tutorials by blaynescott
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