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Customizer:HembleFirst Made:Indiana Jones
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Indiana Jones (Version #2)
Crowd Favorite:Indiana JonesTotal Customs:224
Current Projects:different indiana jones from the 3 movies, star wars customs, falsh gordon, Aquaman,
Comments:Any painting questions or how to anyone wants answered let me know

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:10First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.97Second Places:0
   Third Places:1

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jun 23, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!M.A.R.U (Mobile Amoured Recon Units)783.59 
Jan 20, 2009 Dioramas IMap Room Descent1043.83 
Sep 17, 2007 Gears and GadgetsCOMAT - Cyber Organic Military Assault Trooper294.28 
Aug 24, 2007 SupernaturalThe Mummy254.16 
May 20, 2005 JabbahCaptain Christopher Pike (Star Trek) the Cage0  
May 20, 2005 JabbahCol Jack O'Neill SG10  
Apr 5, 2005 JabbahClone Trooper EP30  
Mar 1, 2005 OrionIndiana Jones in German Officer uniform from The Last Crusade0  
Feb 26, 2005 OrionIndiana Jones in Desert Disguise0  
Feb 26, 2005 OrionIndiana Jones0  

All Customs by Hemble
40K Imperial Catachan With Flamer ("V")Ace Mccloud - Air Operations Specialist (Centurions)
Adventure Team - Dive to Danger (G.I. Joe)Adventure Team - Eight Ropes of Danger (G.I. Joe)
Adventure Team - Search for the Stolen Idol (G.I. Joe)Adventure Team - Secret of the Mummy's Tomb (G.I. Joe)
Ambushed (Star Trek)Ancient Waterfall ("V")
Aqua-Trooper (Star Wars)Aquaman (DC Universe)
Artasylum Capt Jonathan Archer (Star Trek)At-at Driver (Star Wars)
At-at Gummer (Star Wars)AT-AT Gunner (Star Wars)
At-St (Star Wars)Baron Soontir Fel (Star Wars)
Barranca (Indiana Jones)Batman #2 (Batman)
Batman and Alley Way Dio (Batman)Belloq (Indiana Jones)
Bhd - 001 (Star Wars)Boba Fett - Bounty Hunter (Star Wars)
Bossk (Star Wars)Boulder Chase (Indiana Jones)
C-3po (Star Wars)Caesar (Planet of the Apes)
Cairo Indy (Indiana Jones)Cairo Indy (Indiana Jones)
Cairo Swordsman (Indiana Jones)Call for a Medic (Star Wars)
Capt Jonathan Archer (Star Trek)Captain America (Captain America)
Captain America version 2.0 (Marvel)Captain Christopher Pike (Star Trek) the Cage (Star Trek)
Celsus Nonus Avitus (Veteran Sergeant) (9th Legion Space Marines)Clone Trooper EP3 (Star Wars)
Col Jack O'Neill SG1 (Stargate)COMAT - Cyber Organic Military Assault Trooper (Cyborgs)
Concept Toht (Indiana Jones)Confrontation (Star Wars)
Consequences (Star Wars)Cornelius (Planet of the Apes)
Count Dooku EP3 (Star Wars)Cyborg Superman (Superman)
Dagobah Training (Star Wars)Darth Vader (Star Wars)
Darth Vader Battle Damage (Star Wars)Darth Zannah (Star Wars)
Dengar (Star Wars)Desert Convoy Chase (Indiana Jones)
Disney's Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)Disney's Indiana Jones in Desert Gear and Map Room (Indiana Jones)
Doc Savage (Doc Savage)Doc Savage and Dio (Doc Savage)
Dr Mccoy (Star Trek)Droid Search - Slums of Mos Eisley (Star Wars)
Face of Death (Indiana Jones)Fall Back ("V")
Fallout - Vault Dweller (Fallout)Figma Indiana Jones Repaint (Indiana Jones)
German Cargo Truck (Indiana Jones)German Mechanic (Indiana Jones)
German Soldier (Indiana Jones)Gonk/Power Droid (Star Wars)
Gorilla on Horse Back (Planet of the Apes)Gorilla Soldier (Planet of the Apes)
Gustav ("V")Han Solo Repaint (Star Wars)
Hunted (Planet of the Apes)Hunters of Earth ("V")
Imperial Aqua Trooper (Star Wars)Imperial At-At (Star Wars)
Imperial at-at Door Gunner (Star Wars)Imperial Combat Harden Trooper (Star Wars)
Imperial Commando Scouts (Star Wars)IMPERIAL FIELD OFFICER in TROOPER ARMOUR (Star Wars)
Imperial Firstorm Trooper (Star Wars)Imperial Heavy Weapons Trooper (Star Wars)
Imperial Probe Droid MK-V (Star Wars)Imperial Recon Patrol (Star Wars)
Imperial Sandtrooper (Star Wars)Imperial Sandtroopers (Star Wars)
Imperial Spactrooper (Star Wars)Imperial Stormtrooper - under Fire (Star Wars)
Imperial Trooper in Light Recon Armour (Star Wars)Imperial Trooper Jedi Hunter (Star Wars)
Imperial Trooper on Tillaran Mount (Star Wars)Indana Jones Jungle Ruin (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones (Version #2) (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones & Escaping the temple (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones & the Egyptian Tomb (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones & The Golden Idol Dio (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones & The Pharaoh's Tomb (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones and Map Room (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones bust (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones Dio/Display Crate (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones Dio/Display V2 (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones DVD/PS2 Holder (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones Exhibition (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones Fleeing the Coronado (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones in Desert Disguise (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones in Desert Garb (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones in German Officer uniform from The Last Crusade (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones New HS (Indiana Jones)Indiana Jones The Last Crusade (Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones-The Descent (Indiana Jones)Indy on Horse Back (Indiana Jones)
Indy's Classroom ROTLA (Indiana Jones)Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)
Jake Rockwell - Land Operations Specialist (Centurions)James.T.Kirk (Star Trek)
Jason and the Argonauts Skeletons ("V")Jawa (Star Wars)
Jedi Jawa (Star Wars)Jock and Reggie (Indiana Jones)
Ki-Adi-Mundi (Star Wars)KOTCS Indy (Indiana Jones)
Last Stand at Benzin Plateau (Star Wars)Long Range Recon Sandtrooper (Star Wars)
Look Sir, Droids - Diorama (Star Wars)Luca (Planet of the Apes)
Luke & R2 on Dagobah (Star Wars)Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
Luke Skywalker Battle On Hoth (Star Wars)M.A.R.U (Mobile Amoured Recon Units) (Original)
Major Dutch Schaefer (Predator)Makazie One (Star Wars)
Mandalorian Warrior (Star Wars)Mandalorian Warrior (Star Wars)
Map Room Descent (Indiana Jones)Max Ray - Sea Operations Specialist (Centurions)
Mayan Pit Trap (Indiana Jones)Mighty Mightor (Mighty Mightor)
Minotaur Standard Bearer (Warhammer)Monkey Man (Indiana Jones)
Mr Freeze (Batman)Nazis. I hate these guys. (Indiana Jones)
Obi -Wan Kenobi 1/6 Bust (Star Wars)Obi -Wan Kenobi in Clone Armour (Star Wars)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars Episode III)On The Run (Star Wars)
Pinned Downed (Star Wars)Pre Sandtrooper (Star Wars)
Professor Jones & His Classroom (Indiana Jones)Raiders German Troop Car (Indiana Jones)
Rebel Commando (Star Wars)Rebel Comms Specialist (Star Wars)
Rebel Sniper (Endor Moon) (Star Wars)Recon Trooper (Star Wars)
Rick Deckard (Blade Runner)Robots ("V")
Rope Bridge TOD Indy (Indiana Jones)ROTLA Cairo Swordsman (Indiana Jones)
ROTLA German Mechanic (Indiana Jones)SAFS - SUPER ARMOURED FIGHTING SUIT Ma.K ("V")
Safs - Super Armoured Fighting Suit - Fireball ("V")SAFS Fireball ("V")
SAFS No Man's Land ("V")Sallah (Indiana Jones)
Sandtrooper (Star Wars)Sandtrooper (Star Wars)
Sandtrooper and Dewback (Star Wars)Sandtrooper Dewback Rider (Star Wars)
Sandtrooper Squad Leader - Mos Espa Garrison (Star Wars)Satipo (Indiana Jones)
Scout Trooper (Star Wars)Scout Trooper in Snow Gear (Star Wars)
Scout Trooper in Snow Gear #2 (Star Wars)Scout Trooper w/ Speeder (Star Wars)
Search and Destroy ("V")Search for the Droids (Star Wars)
Sky Captain (Marvel)Snowtrooper (Star Wars)
Space Wolves ("V")Spock (Star Trek)
Star Wars (Star Wars)Sullust Trooper (Star Wars)
Superman (Superman)Survival (Star Trek)
Surviving Order 66 (Star Wars)Swamp Patrol (Star Wars)
T O D (You Betrayed Sheeba) (Indiana Jones)Tanis Map Room (Indiana Jones)
Tatooine Buling and Sandtroopers (Star Wars)Tatooine Display with Sandtroopers (Star Wars)
Tatooine Patrol (Star Wars)Teebo (Star Wars)
Temple Of Doom Indy (Indiana Jones)Terminator (Terminator)
Terminator (Terminator)The Batman (Batman)
The Ghost Who Walks (Phantom)The Guardian (Star Wars)
The Mummy (Mummy)The Phantom (Phantom)
The Phantom (Phantom)Thor (Marvel)
Thunderbirds Virgil Tracy ("V")TOD Gaint Thugee (Indiana Jones)
Tomb of Horus (Indiana Jones)Treadwell Droid (Star Wars)
Trek Ape (Planet of the Apes)V-19 Torrent Starfighter (Star Wars)
Vader and Escort (Star Wars)X-Wing Pilot (Star Wars)
Young Indy (Indiana Jones)Zombie Jones (Indiana Jones)

Custom Tutorials by Hemble
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