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Customizer:hunterknightcustomsFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:One-Winged Angel Sephiroth
Crowd Favorite:One-Winged Angel SephirothTotal Customs:551
Current Projects:im working on several custom projects that include Mortal Kombat, Masters of the universe classics, I also take commissions, all the requirements are listed on my main website.
Honorable Mentions:Designing some videogame figures, interview on Mtv geek on november of 2011, project consultant, and although not on action figures , my work on cars can be seen on the hollywood movie "sex drive", I built the green Mitsubishi Eclipse seen racing along the judge.
Comments:customizing is about giving your unique perspective to a figure , also make that figure you always wanted but never saw made

Contest Entries
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All Customs by hunterknightcustoms
"The Anger " from the Brink Videogame (DC Universe)200X Scorpia MYP Style (She-Ra)
A Weird Motuc (Masters of the Universe)Adam Warlock (Marvel Universe)
Admiral Natasi Daala (Darksaber) (Star Wars)Adora (Masters of the Universe)
Adora (Custom Funko Pop) (Masters of the Universe)Age of Apocalypse Magneto (Marvel Legends)
Age of Apocalypse Wolverine (Marvel Universe)Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg Comic Book Style) (Marvel Universe)
Agent Coulson V 2.0 (Marvel Legends)Agent Coulson V2 (Marvel Universe)
Agent Phil Coulson (Agents of Shield) (Marvel Universe)Agent Phil Coulson (Movie Style) (Marvel Universe)
Agent Phil Coulson V1 (Marvel Legends)Alexander Rusev (Elite Series) (Wrestling)
Alfred Pennyworth (Classics) (DC Universe)Alfred Pennyworth V3 (Classics) (DC Universe)
Andrea Beaumont (Batman Animated)Animated Bruce Wayne (Starcrossed the Movie) (Justice League)
Animated Style Frosta (She-Ra)Anti He-Man (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Anubi (Galaxy Warriors) (Masters of the Universe)April O'neil (Megan Fox Screen Accurate) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Aquaman (Classics in Jlu Style) (DC Universe)Arcee Transformers Prime G1 Colors (Transformers)
Archangel X-Force V2 with Gory Flight Stand (Marvel Universe)Ares (Version 2) (Marvel Universe)
Ares (Version 3) (Marvel Universe)Arkham City Batman with Cloth Cape and Alternate Bruce Wayne Head (DC Universe)
Arkkis Chummuck (Green Lantern) (DC Universe)Armored Batman (the Dark Knight Returns Part 2) (DC Universe)
Arrow (Bow's Horse for Classics Figures) (She-Ra)Arrow (Bow's Horse) (Masters of the Universe)
Avalanche (Marvel Universe)Baby Doll (from the Episode Love Is a Croc) (Batman Animated)
Bahdra (from "the Monster within") (Masters of the Universe)Bane (Fully Articulated Marvel Universe Style) (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)
Bane 5inch Figure Walmart Exclusive (Professionally Painted) (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)Barbara Gordon (Batman Animated)
Basic Series Hulk Hogan (Wrestling)Basic Series Hulk Hogan (NWO) (Wrestling)
Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon (Batman Animated)Batman (Marvel Universe)
Batman 1989 Videogame Style (Batman)Batman Returns (Neca 7 Inch Scale) (Batman)
Batman Unlimited Penguin (Animated Style) (DC Universe)Battle Armor Despara (She-Ra Concept Series) (Masters of the Universe)
Battle Armor Glimmer (Concept Armor Series) (Masters of the Universe)Battle Armor He-Man (Funko Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Battle Damaged Classic Iron Man (Marvel Legends)Bd'g and Dex-Starr in Metallic Colors (DC Universe)
Beautiful Baroness (50th Anniversary) (G.I. Joe)Ben Reilly Spiderman (Marvel Legends)
Bengali (Thundercats Classics from Bandai) (Thundercats)Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Black Bat (Cassandra Cain-Batgirl) (DC Universe)Black Cat (Terry Dodson Style) (Marvel Legends)
Black Cat & Spidey Web of Shadows Style (Marvel Universe)Black Lantern Shadow Weaver (as Seen in Action Figure Tales) (Masters of the Universe)
Black Superman (Man of Steel Dream Sequence) (Movie Masters)Black Widow (Marvel Select)
Black Widow (Yelena Belova) (Marvel Universe)Bow (Filmation Style) (Masters of the Universe)
BOW (From She-Ra) (Masters of the Universe)Brainiac (Superman Animated Style) (DC Universe)
Brielle Hex (Sultra) the Motuc Witch (Masters of the Universe)Bruce Wayne (Chris Bale Batman the Dark Knight Rises) (Marvel Universe)
Bruce Wayne and Alfred (Batman Animated)Cable (90's X-Men Series) (Marvel Universe)
Calendar Girl (Green) (Batman Animated)Callisto (Morlock Leader) (Marvel Universe)
Camo Kobra Khan (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Cannonball (Marvel Universe)
Captain Marlena Glenn (Cartoon Colors) (Masters of the Universe)Captain Randor (2002 MYP Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Cartoon Style He-Man (Masters of the Universe)Casey Jones Ull Repaint (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Castle Grayskullman (Vintage Style) (Masters of the Universe)Catra (200X/ MYP Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Catra and Silver Storm (Princess of Power) (Masters of the Universe)Catra Classics (Vintage 80's Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Catra in Panther Form (Masters of the Universe Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Catwoman (Marvel Universe)
Catwoman (Animated Style) (Batman - Arkham City)Catwoman (Batman the Animated Series Style) (DC Universe)
Catwoman Fully Articulable (Dark Knight Rises) (Batman)Catwoman in Classic Colors (Arkham Origins) (Batman - Arkham City)
Catwoman V2 (the Dark Knight Rises Fully Articulated Figure) (Marvel Universe)Chapulin Colorado (Classics) (DC Universe)
Classic Wasp (Marvel Universe)Clone Wars Obi Wan Kenobi (6 Inch Black Series) (Star Wars Clone Wars)
Comic Book Shredder (Neca Prototype Style) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Comic Style Dark Knight Rises Batman (Batman - Movie Style)
Contemporary He-Man (Comic Book Style) (Masters of the Universe)Corsair from the X-Men Cartoon (Marvel Universe)
Crimson Horde Trooper (Musashi Inspired) (Masters of the Universe)Crita (New Adventures of He-Man) (Masters of the Universe)
Custom Darth Nihilus (KOTOR) Black Series (Star Wars)Cyber Reptile (Mortal Kombat)
Cyborg Sub Zero (MK3 Style) (Mortal Kombat)Cyborg Superman (Man of Steel Style) (Movie Masters)
Cyclops (Current Uncanny Outfit) (X-Men)Cyclops (Marvel Vs Capcom) (Marvel Legends)
Cyclops Marvel Vs Capcom Ver 1.0 (Marvel Legends)Cyclops Uncanny X-Men New Outfit (Marvel Universe)
Cyrax Mortal Kombat 3 (DC Universe)Damian Wayne (DC Universe)
Dan (3 3/4 Inch Scale Jazwares) (Street Fighter)Daredevil V2 (Shadowland) (Marvel Legends)
Darh Plagueis the Wise (Episode 3) (Star Wars Episode III)Dark Hawkeye (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)
Dark Knight Returns Batman (Blue Variant Deco) (DC Universe)Dark Morph (X-Men 90's) (Marvel Universe)
Darkstar (X-Men) (Marvel Universe)Darth Bracatus (Original Sith) (Star Wars)
Darth Maladi (Star Wars)Darth Parvulus (Original Sith) (Star Wars)
Dazzler (Justice League Unlimited)Dazzler (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Gag Figure) (Marvel Universe)Deadpool (X-Force) (Marvel Universe)
Dean Ambrose (Fully Articulated WWE Elite Style) (Wrestling)Despara (Comic Book) (Masters of the Universe)
Dick Grayson (Batman Animated)Doc (Tanks for the Memories) (G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary)
Donna Troy (Classics, Black Outfit) (DC Universe)Doomsday (Jlu Style) (DC Universe)
Dragstrip (Transformers)Dree-Elle V2 (from the Episode the Return of Dree-Elle) (Masters of the Universe)
Drew Saturday (Secret Saturdays Figure) (Misc)Drissi (Classics Style the New Adventures of He-Man) (Masters of the Universe)
Duke Secret Service (G.I. Joe)Elite Series Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose CZW) (Wrestling)
Emerald Empress (Marvel Universe Scale and Style) (Marvel Universe)Emma Frost V.20 (Marvel Universe)
Emperor Roan Fel (Legacy) (Star Wars)Ermac (Classic Style) (Mortal Kombat)
Ermac (Hkc's 5 Year Anniversary Reissue) (Mortal Kombat)Eternity War He-Man (Dc Comics) (Masters of the Universe)
Evasion Mode Optimus Prime G1 Colors (Transformers - Movie)Evil Ryu (Play Arts Kai Regular Version) (Street Fighter)
Evil Superman (Superman 3 DC Multiverse) (DC Universe)Faker (Masters of the Universe)
Faker in Funko Pop Vinyl Style (Original)Faker She-Ra ( Princess of Power ) Action Figure Tales (Masters of the Universe)
Fantomex (Uncanny X-Force) (Marvel Universe)Female Zodak (Zeehlara from Etheria Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Filmation Style He-Man (Masters of the Universe)Filmation Style Kowl and Bow Head (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Filmation Teela V3 (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Fire (Justice League Unlimited Style) (DC Universe)
Flaming Scorpion (Armageddon) (Mortal Kombat)Force Captain Adora (200X Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Force Captain Adora (UK Version) (Masters of the Universe)Force Captain Adora V 2.0 Motu Classics (She-Ra)
Force Captain Teela (Masters of the Universe)Forge V2 (X-Factor/ X-Men) (Marvel Universe)
Frost (Deadly Alliance) (Mortal Kombat)Frosta (Masters of the Universe)
Frosta in Accurate Colors (She-Ra Princess of Power) (Masters of the Universe)Funko POP Style Teela (Masters of the Universe)
Funko Prince Adam (Masters of the Universe)Future Superman (Man of Steel Concept Series) (Movie Masters)
G.I. Jane (G.I. Joe)Galatea (Classics in Jlu Style) (DC Universe)
Galen Marek Aka Starkiller (Force Unleashed 2 Clone Wars Style) (Star Wars)Galvatron (Fall of Cybertron) (Transformers)
Gambit (Marvel Vs Capcom/Manga Style) (Marvel Legends)Gambit (with Improved Articulation) (Marvel Universe)
Gambit Age of Apocalypse (Marvel Universe)General Hawk (1991) (G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary)
General Hordak (Horde Invasion) (She-Ra)Giganta (Jlu Style) (DC Universe)
Gil (Street Fighter 3) (DC Universe)Gladya (Daughter of Blade) (Masters of the Universe)
Glimmer (Masters of the Universe)Glimmer (200X Style) (She-Ra)
Goat Face Daniel Bryan (Wrestling)Goblin Queen (Marvel Legends)
Gorpo the Evil One (Masters of the Universe)Grand Moff Fehlaurr (Star Wars)
Grand Moff Nina Calixte (Star Wars)Graviton (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Green Granamyr (Alcala Mini Comic Style) (Masters of the Universe)Green Lantern WOL (Low's Arch Nemesis) (DC Universe)
Grey Hulk (Repaint) (Marvel Universe)Guardian (Alpha Flight) (Marvel Universe)
Han Solo Episode V (Black Series 6 Inch) (Star Wars)Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol Yellow Track Suit) (DC Universe)
He-Man Buster Iron Man (Avengers Crossover Figure) (Masters of the Universe)He-Man Green Lantern (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
He-Man Smiling Head (Based on the IOS Game) (Masters of the Universe)Hellcat (Defenders) (Marvel Universe)
Hellfire Club Soldier (Marvel Universe)Heroic Age Iron Man (Improved Repaint) (Marvel Legends)
High Octane Bumblebee (Screen Accurate) (Transformers - Movie)Holiday 2012 She-Ra (Santa Claus Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Holiday 2014 Teela (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Hope Summers (Marvel Universe)
Hope Summers (Marvel Legends)Hordak 200X Style Fully Articulated (Masters of the Universe)
Horde Apprentice Keldor/Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)Horde Trooper Commander (Motu Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Horde Trooper Commander V4 (Concept Armor Series) (Masters of the Universe)Hulk Hogan WWE Legends (Wrestling)
Huntara the Silaxian Bounty Hunter (She-Ra)Hydro-Man (Spider-Man 90's Animated Show) (Marvel Universe)
Ice (Justice League Unlimited Style) (DC Universe)Ice Armor He-Man (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Ice Armor She-Ra (Masters of the Universe)Ileena (from the Episode a Friend in Need) (Masters of the Universe)
Illumina (He-Man) (Masters of the Universe)Improved Clawful 200X Inspired (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Improved Extremis Iron Man (Marvel Legends)Improved Ultron (Marvel Legends)
Inca He-Man: Koy-Jor (Masters of the Universe)Iron Legion (Fully Articulated) (Avengers)
Iron Man Mark VII (Avengers Movie) (Marvel Legends)Iron Patriot (Marvel Legends)
Jack (Royal Flush Gang) (DC Universe)Jaina Solo (Jedi Outfit) (Star Wars)
Jaina Solo (Jedi Outfit) (Star Wars)Jaina Solo (Sacrifice) (Star Wars)
James Bond (Quantum of Solace/Casino Royale Daniel Craig) (James Bond)James Bond (Skyfall Version) (Marvel Universe)
Jean Grey (Marvel Legends)Jean Grey (Ponytail 90's Cartoon Style) (Marvel Universe)
Jean Grey (V 2.0 Jim Lee Style with 3 Alternate Heads) (Marvel Universe)Jean Grey (Version Ad Infinitum) (Marvel Legends)
Jean Grey 2.0 (Marvel Legends)Jean Grey 90's Ponytail Cartoon Version Jim Lee (Marvel Legends)
Jedi Count Dooku (Ver 2.0 Sculpted Robe) (Star Wars Clone Wars)Jedi Knight Count Dooku (Star Wars)
Jedi Master Bolla Ropal (Black Series) (Star Wars Clone Wars)Jedi Master Lesthar Darek (Star Wars Black Series) (Star Wars Clone Wars)
Jem from Jem and the Holograms (Marvel Universe)Jill Valentine (Battle Suit Resident Evil 5 ) (Marvel Universe)
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3) (Marvel Universe)Jin Kazama (Tekken)
Joe Higashi (Fatal Fury)John Stewart (Jlu Style) (DC Universe)
John Stewart Green Lantern V 2.0 (JLU Style) (DC Universe)Jor-El (Council Escape Man of Steel) (Movie Masters)
Jorg Sacul George Lucas (X-Wing Suit) (Star Wars)Jorg Sacul - Bounty Hunter (Star Wars)
Jorg Sacul - Sith Apprentice (Star Wars)Jorg Sacul (B-wing and Imperial Officer Outfit) (Star Wars)
Jorg Sacul (Snowspeeder Suit) (Star Wars)Jubilee (Generation X) (Marvel Universe)
Jubilee (Jim Lee Style Version 2) (Marvel Universe)Jubilee (Jim Lee Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Jubilee (V3) Jim Lee Style (Marvel Legends)Jubilee Vampire (Marvel Universe)
Julz Saywat (Pulp Fiction-Star Wars Crossover) (Star Wars)Ka-Zar and Zabu (V 2.0) (Marvel Universe)
Karg (Masters of the Universe Movie) (Masters of the Universe)Karnak (Marvel Legends)
Katana (Marvel Universe Scale) (DC Universe)Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Dairies) (Misc)
Katniss Everdeen (the Hunger Games) (G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary)Keldor / Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)
Keldor Great Unrest Armor (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Kenshi (Mortal Kombat)
Killer Frost (Classics JLU Style) (DC Universe)King Grayskull (Masters of the Universe)
King Hss 200X Style MYP Cartoon (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)King Micah of Brightmoon (Glimmer's Dad) (Masters of the Universe)
Kitana (Mortal Kombat)Kol Skywalker (Legacy) (Star Wars)
Kol Skywalker (Spirit) (Star Wars)Kratos (Motuc Style God of War) (Masters of the Universe)
Kryptonian Armor Superman (Man of Steel) (Movie Masters)Lara Croft (British Pride Union Jack T-Shirt) (Tomb Raider)
Lara Croft (Underworld) in Classic Colors (Tomb Raider)League of Shadows Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins)
Lesthar Darek Jedi Master Tm (Hkc's Original Character) (Star Wars)Lex Luthor (Business Suit) (DC Universe)
Light Spinner (Shadow Weaver Origins) (Masters of the Universe)Lilandra Neramani V 2.0 (Marvel Universe)
Lion-O with "Serene" Alternate Head (Thundercats)Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat)
Livewire (Superman Animated Style) (DC Universe)Lockdown (Screen Accurate) (Transformers - Movie)
Lois Lane and Clark Kent (Superman)Loki (Improved) (Marvel Universe)
Lord Masque (Ver 2.0) from House of Shokoti (Masters of the Universe)Lt. Colonel James Rhodes (Iron Man 2 Don Cheadle) (Marvel Universe)
Luke Cage (Modern) (Marvel Legends)Luke Cage & Iron Fist (Marvel Universe)
Luke Skywalker Spirit (Legacy) (Star Wars)Lyra Heartstrings (Show Accurate Hair) (Misc)
Madame Director Ysanne Isard (Star Wars)Madame Masque (Marvel Universe)
Maelstrom X-Force Psylocke (Marvel Universe)Maestro Hulk (Marvel Universe)
Magik (Marvel Universe)Magneto (V4) (Marvel Legends)
Magneto V3 (New Articulated Body) (Marvel Universe)Man Wolf (Spider-Man) (Marvel Universe)
Mara (the New Adventures of He-Man) (Masters of the Universe)Mara Jade (Star Wars)
Mara Jade (Allegiance) (Star Wars)Mara Jade (Animated Style) (Star Wars Clone Wars)
Mara Jade (Imperial Officer) (Star Wars)Mara Jade (Jedi Outfits) (Star Wars)
Marasiah Fel (Imperial Knight) (Star Wars)Maria Hill (Avengers) (Marvel Universe)
Marty Mcfly (Back to the Future Crossover Figure) (Marvel Legends)Marvel Legends Rogue (Version 2) (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Vs Capcom Hulk (Marvel Legends)Mask of the the Phantasm Andrea Beaumont (Batman Animated)
Mecha Horde Trooper (Ad Infinitum Toy Colors) (Masters of the Universe)Medieval He-Man (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Mega-Man (Classics Style) (Masters of the Universe)Melanie Walker - "Ten" (Batman Beyond)
Mephisto (Marvel Universe)Metal Head (Dic Cartoon Style) (G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary)
Metallo (Animated Style) (DC Universe)Mike Haggar (Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom) (Marvel Universe)
Mileena (Mortal Kombat 9) (DC Universe)Mockingbird (New Suit) (Marvel Universe)
Morbius (Rise of the Midnight Sons) (Marvel Universe)Morrigan Corde (Star Wars)
Mortal Kombat 9 Kitana (Removable Mask) (Mortal Kombat)Movie Goldbug (Transformers)
Movie He-Man Dolph Lundgren V1 (Masters of the Universe)Movie He-Man V 2.5 (Dolph Lundgren) (Masters of the Universe)
Movie Masters Bane (Sewer Fight, Sleeveless) (Dark Knight)Movie Tony Stark (Original Head Sculpt) (Iron Man 2)
Movie War Wachine (Iron Man)Munitia (DTC) (G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary)
Mutant Leader (the Dark Knight Returns) (DC Universe)Nemesis Prime (Bot Shots) (Transformers)
Nemesis Prime (Transformers Prime) (Transformers)New 52 Green Arrow (Marvel Universe Style 3.75 Scale) (DC Universe)
New 52 He-Man Brand New Armor (Masters of the Universe)New 52 Martian Manhunter (Marvel Universe ) (DC Superheroes)
Nick Fury (Avengers Cartoon) (Marvel Universe)Nikolas Powers (Faceless One Human Form) (Masters of the Universe)
Nikolas Powers V2 (Faceless One) (Masters of the Universe)Ninja Force Scarlett (G.I. Joe)
Ninja Force Scarlett (30th Anniversary) (G.I. Joe)Noob Saibot (Game Accurate) (Mortal Kombat)
Norman Osborne (Hammer Suit) (Marvel Universe)Odin (Thor the Movie) (Marvel Legends)
Oliver Queen (Green Arrow Dark Knight Returns) (DC Universe)Omega Red (Marvel Universe)
One-Winged Angel Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)Oracle (Batman)
Pepper Potts in Rescue Armor (Comic Series) (Marvel Universe)Perfuma (Classics Toy Version) (Masters of the Universe)
Pet Cub Cringer Version 2 (Masters of the Universe)Pet Cub Panthor (Armored) (Masters of the Universe)
Philip the Kid Palace Guard (from the Ice Age Cometh) (Masters of the Universe)Phoenix (Green Outfit) (Marvel Universe)
Pink Sorceress (Mini Comics Version) (Masters of the Universe)Pink Teela Mini-Comics (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Pinkie Pie with Show Accurate Hair (Misc)Poison Ivy ( Classics Batman Animated) (DC Universe)
Prince Adam (200X/MYP Version) (Masters of the Universe)Prince Valiant (Motuc Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Prince Zed (Peril of the Whispering Woods) (Masters of the Universe)Princess Cadance ( My Little Pony Funko Vinyl Style) (Misc)
Princess Marasiah Fel (Star Wars)Professor X Green Suit (Savage Land) (Marvel Universe)
Psylocke (Marvel Universe)Purveyor (Original Character) (DC Universe)
Pyro (Marvel Universe)Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat 9 Style) (Mortal Kombat)
Queen Angella (She-Ra)Queen Marlena (Filmation with 200X Style Colors) (Masters of the Universe)
Queen Marlena 2011 Holiday Exclusive (Masters of the Universe)Quinlan Vos (Black Series 6 Inch) (Star Wars)
Rachel Grey (Deathmark) (Marvel Legends)Raiden (Bear) (Fatal Fury)
Rain (Mortal Kombat)Rain (HKC Version/ MK9) (Mortal Kombat)
Rain (Klassics) (Mortal Kombat)Rain (MK 3) (Mortal Kombat)
Ram Man Head with Open Eyes (Masters of the Universe)Range Viper 3 "Evy" (G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary)
Ras Al Ghul (Animated/Comic Book) (DC Universe)Ras' Al Ghul (Marvel Universe Inch Scale) (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)
Raven (White) (Teen Titans)Red Eye (Kowl's Evil Cousin) from the Episode "Birds of a Feather" (Masters of the Universe)
Red Hulk (Avengers Movie Style) (Marvel Universe)Red Lantern Hal Jordan (Movie Mini Figure) (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Kratos (Neca) (God of War)Red Lantern Ran-Orr (Original HKC Character) (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Raphael (DC Crossovers) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Red Lantern Teela (Action Figure Tales Part 4) (Masters of the Universe)
Red She-Hulk (Marvel Universe)Renee Montoya (Batman Animated Series) (Batman Animated)
Robin Concept Figure (the Dark Knight Rises) (Batman)Rogue (Justice League Unlimited)
Rogue (Modern) (Marvel Universe)Rogue V2 (Jim Lee) (Marvel Universe)
Rolent (Mists of Pandaria) (World of Warcraft)Scarecrow (Marvel Universe Scale) (Batman Begins)
Scareglow Black Lantern (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Scarlet Witch (Marvel Universe)
Scorn (Age of Extinction) (Transformers - Movie)Scorpia (Classics, Battle Armor/200X Version) (Masters of the Universe)
Scorpia (Masters of the Universe Classics ) (She-Ra)Scorpion Repaint (MK 9) (Mortal Kombat)
Scorpion V 2.0 (Mortal Kombat)Screen Accurate Captain America from the Avengers (Marvel Legends)
Screen Accurate Thor (Avengers Movie) (Marvel Legends)Sea Hawk (Anchors Aloft Version) (She-Ra)
Sea Hawk (Classics) Mastercrafts Series (She-Ra)Sea Hawk V3 Classics (Reissue) (Masters of the Universe)
Seahawk (Masters of the Universe)Sebastian Shaw (Marvel Universe)
Sentry (Bearded) (Marvel Universe)Serra Keto (Star Wars Episode III)
Sgt. Slaughter Version 3 (G.I. Joe)Shaam Green Lantern (Maash's Arch Nemesis) (DC Universe)
Shadow Weaver (Masters of the Universe)Shadow Weaver (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Shadow Weaver (Eternity War Dc Comics) (Masters of the Universe)Shadow Weaver V 3.0 (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Shadowbeast (Filmation Colors) (Masters of the Universe)Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) (Marvel Universe)
Shae Vizla ( Kotor Clone Wars Style) (Star Wars)Shanna the She-Devil (V 2.0) (Marvel Universe)
Shanna the She-Devil V 3.0 (Marvel Universe)Shao Khan V 1.0 (Mortal Kombat)
Shaolin Monks Scorpion with Alternate Head and Spear (Mortal Kombat)Shard (Bishop's Sister) (Marvel Universe)
Shayera Hol (Justice League Unlimited)Sheriff Woody Punk (WWE Toy Story Crossover) (Toy Story)
Shining Knight (Jlu Style) (DC Universe)Silver Sable (V 2.0) (Marvel Universe)
Silver Savage (Marvel Universe)Sir Laser Lot (Geoff Jhons Comic Book Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Skarlet (Mortal Kombat)Skeletor (Masters of the Universe Vs Dc Universe New 52 Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Skeletor Filmation Head (Masters of the Universe)Skeletor Punisher Evil Lord of Payback (Motu Classics Crossovers) (Masters of the Universe)
Slash (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Slime Pit He-Man (Mini-Comics) (Masters of the Universe)
Slop Chop (the Horde Executioner) (Masters of the Universe)Snake Armor Eldor (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Snake Armor He-Man (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Snake Armor King Grayskull (Masters of the Universe)
Snake Armor King Grayskull V2 (Cartoon Accurate) (Masters of the Universe)Snake Armor She-Ra (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Snake Armor She-Ra V 2.0 (She-Ra)Snake Eyes V4 (DIC/ Arcade Game) (G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary)
Snake Hunter Horde Trooper (Motu Classics) (She-Ra)Snowflake from the Episode "the Region of Ice" (Masters of the Universe)
Sonya Blade (MK 3) (Mortal Kombat)Sonya Blade (Mk Vs DC) (Mortal Kombat)
Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat 9) (Mortal Kombat)Soundblaster (Transformers - Animated)
Soundblaster and Buzzsaw (Transformers Prime Style) (Transformers)Spirit (Princess of Power) (Masters of the Universe)
Starfox (Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Series) (Marvel Legends)Storm (Justice League Unlimited)
Storm with Typhoon Base (Marvel Universe)Strafe (Age of Extinction Screen Accurate) (Transformers - Movie)
Stratos (Vintage Mini Comic Style) (Masters of the Universe)Street Clothes Logan with Metallic Claws (Marvel Universe)
Sun Man (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Sunstreaker (Age of Extinction Concept Series) (Transformers - Movie)
Superman (He-Man Style and Scale) (Masters of the Universe)Superman (Universe Style) (Marvel Universe)
Superman DKR (Dc Universe Classics/ Masters of the Universe ) (Masters of the Universe)Swiftwind (My Little Pony-She-Ra Princess of Power Crossover Figure) (She-Ra)
Symbiote Spider-Man (Movie Concept Series) (Marvel Legends)Tala (Justice League Unlimited) (DC Universe)
Talia Al Ghul (Mixed Media) (DC Universe)Teela (Dc Comics Contemporary Style) (Masters of the Universe)
Teela Filmation Style (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)Teela'na (Masters of the Universe)
Terraxia (Thanos's Girlfriend) (Marvel Universe)Terry Mcginnis (Batman Beyond)
Terry Mcginnis (Animated Style) (Batman Beyond)The Bug from the Videogame BRINK (Original)
The Clock King (JLU Style, Dc Universe Classics) (Batman Animated)The Gray Ghost (Batman Animated) (DC Universe)
The Hood (Classics New 52) (DC Universe)The Horde Mummy (Motu Classics Tomart's Concept) (Masters of the Universe)
The Lorax (Masters of the Universe)The Red Knight (She-Ra Princess of Power) (Masters of the Universe)
The Shredder (Movie Style) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)The Thing (Future Foundation) (Marvel Universe)
Thor (Lord of Asgard Repaint) (Marvel Legends)Tigra (Marvel Universe)
Tim Drake (Batman Animated)Time Traveler Movie He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) (Masters of the Universe)
Toad (Marvel Universe)Tombstone (Spider-Man 90's Series) (Marvel Universe)
Tony Stark (Movie Style) (Marvel Universe)Tony Stark in Iron Man Mark 6 Armor (Iron Man 2)
Trenchcoat Joker (Mask of the Phantasm) (DC Universe)Tri-Klops (Mini-Comis Style Inspired by Mark Texeira) (Masters of the Universe)
Triple H (Evolution Returns) (Wrestling)Two Face (Comic Book Style) (Batman Animated)
Uatu the Watcher (Marvel Universe)Ultimate Blade (3.75 Inch) (Marvel Universe)
Ultimate Cyclops (Marvel Universe)Ultimate Filmation Teela (Masters of the Universe)
Ultimate Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Vulture (Marvel Universe)
Undertaker Busted up and Blank Eyes Heads (Wrestling)Unicorn Twilight Sparkle (Funko Vinyl 6 Inch) (Misc)
Unmasked Harley Quinn (Batman Animated) (DC Universe)Unmasked Mighty Spector Head (Masters of the Universe)
Unmasked Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)Unmasked Sub Zero (Shaolin Monks) (Mortal Kombat)
US Agent (Avengers Movie Style) (Marvel Legends)US Agent (Captain America Movie) (Marvel Legends)
Us Agent (with Magnetic Shield) (Marvel Legends)Valkyrie (Marvel Universe)
Vandar Tokare (Knights of the Old Republic) (Star Wars)Venom (Mcfarlane Style) (Marvel Legends)
Vic Rattlehead (Marvel Legends)Vic Rattlehead V2 (Black Label Edition) (DC Universe)
Vigilante (JLU Style) (DC Universe)Vintage Catra (Filmation Style) (She-Ra)
Vintage Force Captain Adora (She-Ra)Vintage He-Man Head for Classics Figures (Masters of the Universe)
Vixen (Jlu Style) (DC Universe)Vultak (from "Zoo Story" ) (Masters of the Universe)
Wasp (Marvel Select)Wasp (Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes) (Marvel Universe)
Wasp (Modern) (Marvel Universe)Wind Raider Pilot (Eternian Maverick) (Masters of the Universe)
Winter (Frosta's Horse) (Masters of the Universe)Wolverine (X-Force) W Alt Head & Real Metallic Claws (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine as Brett Favre (Marvel Legends)Wolverine, Deadpool and Warpath 3 Pack Repaint (Marvel Universe)
Wonderbolts Cadet Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) (Misc)X-23 (Battle Damaged) (Marvel Universe)
X-23 (Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Style) (Marvel Legends)X-23 (X-Force, Metallic Claws, Character Themed Base) (Marvel Universe)
X-23 Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Style (Marvel Universe)X-Force Archangel (Blood Splattered) (Marvel Universe)
X-Force Magneto (What if?) (Marvel Legends)X-Force Style Nightcrawler (Marvel Universe)
X-Force X-23 (New Buck ) (Marvel Legends)Yellow Lantern Skeletor (Classics) (Masters of the Universe)
Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley (Final Fantasy VII)Zarana (G.I. Joe)
Zarathos (Marvel Universe)Zeehlara V2 (Zodak Female Cosmic Enforcer) (Masters of the Universe)
Zombie 501st Legion Stormtrooper (Star Wars)Zombie Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat)
Zorro V 2.0 (Marvel Universe)