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 Mostly Harmless 
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Customizer:Mostly HarmlessFirst Made:Farenheit 451: Guy Montag
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:The Dastardly Dung Beetle
Crowd Favorite:Joker IITotal Customs:76
Current Projects:400% Be@rbricks. 18" Megga Munny.
Honorable Mentions:I have had urban vinyl art toys sold and displayed in boutiques and the FWMoA. Looking to add facebook friends as 'Mostly Harmless" and add fans to the fanpage "Mostly Harmless Vinyl Customs"
Comments:I've been doing custom stuff for as long as I can remember but nothing as involved as I am currently attempting...Old stuff was mostly repaints or gluing stuff to figures to make new creations...I am currently doing more heat and pop swapping of parts and learning the joys of Aves sculpting products...

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:4First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.85Second Places:1
   Third Places:2

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Nov 15, 2011 MonochromaticLucha Douch 001853.75 
Sep 26, 2011 Halloween Dress-UpStego-Clone1134.42 
Jan 30, 2011 Just Bug Off!The Dastardly Dung Beetle1194.21 
Dec 30, 2008 Gender BenderHellgirl953.02 

All Customs by Mostly Harmless
Astro Zombie (Marvel Legends)Bane (Batman)
Bishop (X-Men)Blackhearted Brawler (Original)
Brock Samson (Venture Bros.)Captain America (Marvel)
Chronic (Independent Comics)Daredevil (Marvel)
Daredevil II (Marvel)DCUC Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet! (DC Super Friends)
Death by Lucha MUNNY (Mummy)Farenheit 451: Guy Montag (Marvel Legends)
Frankenstein's BUD (Original)Frankenstien's Monster Be@Rbrick (Original)
Funko Pop Krang Android (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Funko Pop! Dinnertime Undeadpool (X-Men)
Funko POP! Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees (Movie Maniacs)Funko Pop! Undeadpool (X-Men)
Ghoul Android (Anime)Hellboy (G.I. Joe)
Hellgirl (Marvel Legends)Intergalactic ZOMUGG (Mighty Muggs)
Joker (Batman)Joker II (Batman)
Judge Dredd (Marvel Legends)Lucha Douch 001 (Original)
M.I.B. Agents J & K (Men in Black)Madman (Madman)
Madman II (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Monomek (Original)
Mouf (Original)Mr. Bixby Munny (Original)
Mummy Mighty Mugg 2 (Mighty Muggs)Mummy Mighty Mugg 3 (Mighty Muggs)
Mummy Mighty Mugg 4 (Mighty Muggs)Mummy Mighty Mugg 5 (Mighty Muggs)
Mummy Mugg 1 (Mighty Muggs)Professor Deplorable (Original)
Punisher (Marvel Legends)Punisher II (Marvel Legends)
Punisher IV (Marvel)Punsher III (Marvel Legends)
Riddler (Batman)Scarecrow (Batman)
Slash (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)
Stego-Clone (Star Wars Clone Wars)The Crow (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
The Dastardly Dung Beetle (Original)The Maxx (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Two-Face (Batman)Undead Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)
Undead Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)Undead Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)
Undead Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)Usofuct Nade (Original)
Venom (Spider-Man)Voo Duo Munnyworld Set (Original)
Witchblade (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Zom 12 (Mighty Muggs)
Zom 9 (Mighty Muggs)ZOM Eleven Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)
Zom13 (Mighty Muggs)ZOM5 Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)
Zombie Android (Original)Zombie Batman and Robin Funko Pop! (Batman)
Zombie Munny (Original)Zombir Be@Rbrick (Original)
ZOMERIC(8) and Sheila (Mighty Muggs)ZOMFOUR Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)
Zomone Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)Zomrob(7) (Mighty Muggs)
ZOMSIX Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)Zomten Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)
ZOMTHR33 Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)ZOMTWO Mighty Mugg (Mighty Muggs)

Custom Tutorials by Mostly Harmless
None Yet