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Customizer:JBDCustomsFirst Made:Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:X-23 (v2)
Crowd Favorite:EnchantressTotal Customs:72
Current Projects:Most of our customs are x-related. Right now we are working on a female version of Loki, the X-Men in Sh'iar space, and modern X-Factor.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by JBDCustoms
Angel (Marvel Universe)Anole (Marvel Legends)
Baron Zemo (Marvel Legends)Bengali (Thundercats)
Cannonball (Marvel Legends)Cheetara (Thundercats)
Cougara (Thundercats)Daken (Marvel Legends)
Darwin (Marvel Legends)Dazzler (Marvel Legends)
Deathbird (Marvel Legends)Destiny (Marvel Legends)
Dust (Marvel Legends)Enchantress (Marvel Legends)
Firestar (Marvel Legends)Gladiator (Marvel Legends)
Havok (Modern) (Marvel Legends)Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) (Marvel Legends)
Hellion (Marvel Legends)Jaga (Thundercats)
Jean Grey (Jim Lee) (Marvel Legends)Jewel (Marvel Legends)
Layla Miller (Marvel Legends)Leoparda (Thundercats)
Lila Cheney (Marvel Legends)Lilandra (Marvel Legends)
Lion-O (Thundercats)Lionessa (Thundercats)
Loki (Female) (Marvel Legends)Lynx-O (Thundercats)
M (Marvel Legends)Madelyn Pryor (Marvel Legends)
Match (Marvel Legends)Meggan (Marvel Legends)
Mercury (Marvel Legends)Moonstone (Marvel Legends)
Multiple Man (Marvel Legends)Mumm-Ra (Thundercats)
Nightcrawler (Modern) (Marvel Legends)Norman Osborne (Marvel Legends)
Panthro (Thundercats)Penance (Marvel Legends)
Pixie (Marvel Legends)Polaris (Marvel Legends)
Pumyra (Thundercats)Rictor (Marvel Legends)
Rockslide (Marvel Legends)Siryn (Marvel Legends)
Songbird (Marvel Legends)Songbird V2 (Marvel Legends)
Speed (Marvel Legends)Stature (Marvel Legends)
Stature 12" (Marvel Legends)Strong Guy (Marvel Legends)
Superboy (DC Superheroes)Surge (Marvel Legends)
Swordsman (Marvel Legends)Tygra (Thundercats)
Vulcan (Marvel Legends)Warpath (Modern) (Marvel Legends)
White Queen (Marvel Legends)Wilykat (Thundercats)
Wilykit (Thundercats)X-23 (v2) (Marvel Legends)
X-Force Archangel (Marvel Legends)X-Force Domino (Marvel Legends)
X-Force Elixir (Marvel Legends)X-Force Warpath (Marvel Legends)
X-Force Wolfsbane (Marvel Legends)X-Force Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
X-Force X-23 (Marvel Legends)X-Man (Marvel Legends)