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Customizer:silayjokerFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:57
Current Projects:Some Avengers and X-men for my friends and for myself.
Comments:I'm a Biology grad and a Financial Adviser by profession based here in Negros Occidental, Philippines. I'm into sketching and collecting action figures way back the late 90's. Because of my medical background, I customize action figure since it's the nearest thing in dissecting a human anatomy(joke), and making one action figure anatomically correct. I can finish 3 customs a week or 5 if my schedule permits. It's been a pleasure being a part of this awesome site.

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All Customs by silayjoker
Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight)Ares - God of War (Marvel Legends)
Bane (Batman)Battle Damaged Thor (Marvel)
Black Widow (Marvel)Cable (X-Men)
Cannonball (X-Force)Crossbones (Marvel)
Cyber (Marvel)Cyborg Superman (Superman)
Cyclops (X-Men)Darkseid (DC Universe)
Doomsday (Superman)Galius Zed (Green Lantern)
Gleek (DC Universe)Green Lantern Arisia Rrab (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern Corps Kilowog (Green Lantern)Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)
HULK (Marvel)Iron Man (Marvel Legends)
Iron Man (Marvel)Josh Walker- The All American Boy (DC Universe)
Juggernaut (X-Men)Juggernaut (Marvel)
Juggernaut Version 2 (X-Men)Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
Lara Croft Version 2 (Tomb Raider)Manny ''PAC-MAN'' Pacquiao (Boxing)
Maverick (X-Men)Movie Judge Dredd (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)
Nick Fury (S.H.I.E.L.D)Quicksilver (Marvel)
Rogue (X-Men)Sabretooth (X-Men)
Scarlet Witch (Avengers)Sentry (Marvel)
She Ra (She-Ra)Sif (Marvel)
Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four)Stealth Armor Iron Man (Iron Man)
Stryfe (X-Men)The Three Ass-Whoppin Chicks (Incredible Hulk)
Thor (Marvel Legends)Thundra (Marvel Legends)
Titanium Man (Iron Man)Tony Stark Pre-armor Suit. (Iron Man)
Ultimate Giant Man (Avengers)Ultimate Giantman (Marvel)
Ultimate Giantman version 2 (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Thor (Marvel)
Ultimate Wasp (Ultimate Marvel)US Agent (Marvel)
Venom (Model Kit) (Marvel)Warpath (X-Men)
Warpath (X-Men)Wroth (Pitt)
Young Aquaman (DC Universe)

Custom Tutorials by silayjoker
None Yet