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Customizer:fujimiya.gokunagaFirst Made:Jackie Estacado
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Wonder Woman (Michael Turner Version)
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:109
Current Projects:Ironman Sigma 6, JLU characters, Bat&Sup family

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Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by fujimiya.gokunaga
Amalgam Super Soldier (DC Universe)Animated Batman & Catwoman in Wedding Suits (Justice League Unlimited)
Anti-Venom (Spider-Man)Artfx New52 Cyborg Superman (Superman)
Azrael No Man's Land Costume (DC Universe)Azrael The Batman Show (Batman)
Batgirl Classic Costume Animated (Batman Animated)Batman (Batman)
Batman Damian Wayne (DC Universe)Batman SIC version (Batman)
Batman the Brave & the Bold (Batman)Black Mary Marvel (DC Universe)
Black Suit Supergirl (DC Universe)Bruce Wayne (Batman)
Caroq (DC Universe)Catwoman (DC Direct)
Cheetara (Thundercats)Darth Maul (ML Version) (Marvel Legends)
DC Collectibles New52 Earth-2 Bizarro (DC Direct)DC Collectibles New52 Earth-2 Superman Val Zod (DC Direct)
DC Collectibles Superman Kingdom Come (DC Direct)DC Direct Catwoman V.2 (DC Direct)
DCD Maxima (DC Direct)DCUC 90's Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Metallic Green Version (DC Universe)
DCUC All Star Squadron Johnny Quick (DC Universe)DCUC Arisia (DC Universe)
DCUC Batman Dick Grayson (DC Universe)DCUC Batwoman (DC Universe)
DCUC Captain America (DC Universe)DCUC Catwoman Animated (DC Universe)
DCUC Catwoman Jim Balent Style (DC Universe)DCUC Cir-El, Daughter of Superman (DC Universe)
DCUC Colossal Boy (6inch) (DC Universe)DCUC Dark Flash (DC Universe)
DCUC Deadpool, Video Game Costume Style (DC Universe)DCUC Green Hornet & Kato (DC Universe)
DCUC Green Lantern Kyle Rayner V.2 (DC Universe)DCUC Impulse (DC Universe)
DCUC Lightning Lass (Legion of Superheroes) (DC Universe)DCUC Max Mercury (DC Universe)
DCUC Modern Crime Syndicate of Amerika Boxset (DC Universe)DCUC Mon-El, Legion of Superheroes (Classic Costume) (DC Universe)
DCUC Nightwing Animated Style (DC Universe)DCUC Parallax Hal Jordan (DC Universe)
DCUC Parallax Kyle Rayner (DC Universe)DCUC Phantom Girl, Legion of Superheroes (DC Universe)
DCUC Red Hood Animated Movie Style (DC Universe)DCUC Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange Lantern Hal Jordan (DC Universe)
DCUC Superboy Connor Kent (DC Universe)DCUC Superman (from the Multiversity : Mastermen #1) (DC Universe)
DCUC Superman Prime (DC Universe)DCUC the Ray (DC Universe)
DCUC the Shadow (DC Universe)DCUC Vixen (DC Universe)
DCUC Warhawk (Justice League beyond) (DC Universe)DCUC Winter Soldier,Bowen Statue Style (DC Universe)
DCUC Young Justice Miss Martian (6inch) (Young Justice)Doomsday (DC Universe)
Eradicator (DC Universe)Godfall Superman (Superman)
Green Lantern - Michael Turner Version (DC Direct)Gundala (DC Universe)
Hal Jordan JLU Animated (Justice League Unlimited)Hyoma Aoi of Combattler V (Mecha)
Iron-Man SIC (Iron Man)Iron-Man Sigma 6 (Iron Man)
Jackie Estacado (Darkness)JLU Atom Smasher 10 Inch (Justice League Unlimited)
JLU Batwoman (Justice League Unlimited)JLU Kilowog (Justice League Unlimited)
Kyle Rayner Green Lantern (DC Universe)Lion-O (Thundercats)
Macan Putih (DC Universe)ML Udon Taskmaster (Marvel Legends)
Modern Johnny Quick Crime Syndicate of Amerika (DC Universe)Modern Power Ring (DC Universe)
Nightwing - Young Justice Invasion V.2 (Legion of Superheroes)Nightwing Young Justice Invasion (Young Justice)
Panthro (Thundercats)Punisher Olivetti Style (Batman)
Red Hood Comic Version (DC Universe)Red Sonja (Michael Turner Style) (DC Universe)
Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man)Scorpion Mortal Kombat, Based on Sideshow Statue (DC Universe)
Solar Suit Superman JLU (Justice League Unlimited)Spoiler DCUC (DC Universe)
Superman beyond (DC Superheroes)Superman Christopher Reeves (DC Direct)
Superman the Brave & the Bold (Batman)Superman X, Kell-El (Legion of Super-Heroes) (Legion of Superheroes)
The Dark Knight Returns Armor (DC Universe)The Darkness (Darkness)
The Gray Ghost, Based on the Batman Animated (DC Direct)The Pitt (Pitt)
Thundercats (Thundercats)Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Two-face (Batman Animated)Tygra (Thundercats)
Vampirella, Amecomi Style (DC Direct)Venom (Marvel Legends)
Volt (DC Universe)Witchblade Statue, Glow in the Dark Armor Repaint (Witchblade)
Wonder Woman (Michael Turner Version) (DC Direct)Wonder Woman Michael Turner version-2 (DC Direct)
Young Justice Arsenal (Young Justice)Young Justice Invasion Superboy (Young Justice)
Young Justice Speedy (Young Justice)Young Justice Superman (Young Justice)
Zod from Superman II Movie (DC Direct)

Custom Tutorials by fujimiya.gokunaga
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