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Customizer:adi.bataraFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:185

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:6First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.73Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Apr 5, 2013 DC NationDC Classic Lex Luthor1153.50 
Mar 13, 2012 Digital BeatdownPoison1133.93 
Mar 13, 2012 Digital BeatdownFelicia1103.64 
Mar 31, 2011 CapcomicalGinzu the Ninja (Capcom Captain Commando)1403.36 
Mar 30, 2011 CapcomicalCaptain Commando1463.97 
Mar 28, 2011 CapcomicalCapcom Street Fighter Dee Jay1523.98 

All Customs by adi.batara
Abel-Street Fighter IV (Street Fighter)Andy Bogard (King of Fighters) (King of Fighters)
Aquanus (Misc)Ares (Marvel)
Batwoman (Justice League Unlimited)Black Flash (DC Direct)
Bouncing Boy (DC Direct)Capcom Final Fight Cody (Final Fight)
Capcom Final Fight Guy (Final Fight)Capcom Final Fight Guy Ver. 2 (Final Fight)
Capcom Final Fight Hugo (Final Fight)Capcom Final Fight Maki (Final Fight)
Capcom Frank West (Capcom)Capcom Street Fighter 3 Alex (Street Fighter)
Capcom Street Fighter 4 Crimson Viper (Street Fighter)Capcom Street Fighter 4 Rose (DC Direct)
Capcom Street Fighter Alex Ver. 2 (Street Fighter)Capcom Street Fighter Alpha 3 Cody (Street Fighter)
Capcom Street Fighter Alpha Charlie Nash (Street Fighter)Capcom Street Fighter Dee Jay (Street Fighter)
Capcom Street Fighter Dudley (Street Fighter)Capcom Street Fighter Karin (Street Fighter)
Capcom Street Fighter Makoto (Street Fighter)Captain America (Justice League Unlimited)
Captain Commando (Capcom)Carok (Misc)
Chun Li (Street Fighter)Chun Li Street Fighter Alpha (Street Fighter)
Cosmic Boy (DC Direct)Crime Syndicate Superwoman (DC Universe)
DC Batman Incorporated Nightrunner (DC Universe)DC Catwoman (DC Universe)
DC Classic Lex Luthor (DC Direct)DC Comic Amalak (DC Direct)
DC Comic Aztek (DC Superheroes)DC Comic Female Furies Mad Harriet (DC Universe)
DC Comic New 52 Green Lantern Simon Baz (DC Universe)DC Comic Sinestro Corps Lyssa Drak (DC Universe)
DC Comic the Prankster (DC Universe)DC Comics Female Furies Lashina (DC Universe)
DC Comics Kar-Brak (DC Direct)DC Crime Syndicate Johnny Quick (DC Universe)
DC Crime Syndicate Power Ring (DC Universe)DC Direct Superman Cyborg (DC Direct)
DC Faora (DC Universe)DC Faora (DC Universe)
DC Fatal Five Emerald Empress (DC Direct)DC Kar-Brak (DC Direct)
DC Legion of Superheroes Andromeda (DC Direct)DC Legion of Superheroes Cosmic Boy (Legion of Superheroes)
DC Legion of Superheroes Dawnstar (DC Direct)DC Legion of Superheroes Duo Damsel (DC Direct)
DC Legion of Superheroes Fatal Five Mano (DC Universe)DC Legion of Superheroes Fatal Five Persuader (DC Direct)
DC Legion of Superheroes Fatal Five Tharok (DC Universe)DC Legion of Superheroes Lightning Lass (DC Direct)
DC Legion of Superheroes Mon El (Legion of Superheroes)DC Legion of Superheroes Princess Projectra (DC Direct)
DC Legion of Superheroes Shadow Lass (DC Direct)DC Legion of Superheroes Shadow Lass (Legion of Superheroes)
DC Legion of Superheroes Shrinking Violet (Legion of Superheroes)DC Legion of Superheroes Timber Wolf (Legion of Superheroes)
DC Legion of Superheroes Tyroc (Legion of Superheroes)DC Legion of Superheroes Ultra Boy (Legion of Superheroes)
DC Lois Lane (DC Universe)DC LOSH Invisible Kid (DC Direct)
DC New 52 Starfire (DC Universe)DC Red Lantern Corps Bleez (DC Universe)
DC Superboy Prime Sinestro Corps (DC Direct)DC Superman Movie Ursa (DC Direct)
DC Terra Man (DC Direct)DC Universe Katana (DC Superheroes)
DC Universe Vartox (DC Universe)DC Universe Weather Wizard (DC Universe)
DC Yellow Lantern Amon Sur (DC Universe)DC Young Justice Animated Cheshire (DC Universe)
DC Young Justice Riddler (DC Universe)DC Young Justice Superboy (DC Universe)
DC Young Justice Tigress (DC Superheroes)Deadpool (Marvel)
Deejay Ver. 2 (Street Fighter) (Street Fighter)Digimon Strikedramon (Anime)
Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Legends)Fandral (Marvel Legends)
Fatal Fury Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury)Felicia (Marvel vs Capcom)
Female Colossus (Marvel)Flash Unmasked (DC Direct)
G.I. JOE Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Ver.2 (G.I. Joe)
Gen 13 Fairchild (Image)Ginzu the Ninja (Capcom Captain Commando) (Capcom)
Gundala (Misc)Han Juri (Street Fighter 4) (Street Fighter)
Hogun (Marvel Legends)Image Marvel Universe Spawn (Spawn)
Iron Man (Avengers)Jay Garrick Flash (DC Direct)
Jhun Hoon (King of Fighters) (King of Fighters)Jill Valentine Resident Evil 5 (Capcom)
Johny Quick (DC Direct)Karate Kid (DC Direct)
King Hulk (Marvel)King of Fighters Andy Bogard (King of Fighters)
Lady Punisher (Marvel)Legion of Superheroes Night Girl (DC Direct)
Legion of Superheroes Sun Boy (Legion of Superheroes)Lightning Lad (DC Direct)
M.a.S.K. Matt Trakker (M.A.S.K.)Manchester Black (DC Universe)
Marvel Avenger Wasp (Marvel Legends)Marvel Avengers Movie Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Captain America (Marvel Select)Marvel Dormammu (Marvel vs Capcom)
Marvel Elloe (Planet Hulk) (Marvel Legends)Marvel Gladiator (Melvin Potter) (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula (Marvel Legends)Marvel Hawkeye Modern Costume (Marvel Select)
Marvel Lady Punisher (Marvel Legends)Marvel Lady Sif (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Legend Blastaar (Marvel Legends)Marvel Legend Eric Savin Extremis (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Legend Namor (Marvel Legends)Marvel Legend Tigra (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Legends Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)Marvel Living Tribunal (Marvel)
Marvel Miek (Planet Hulk) (Marvel Legends)Marvel Mighty Thor (Marvel)
Marvel Nova (Marvel Legends)Marvel Now! Angela (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Phoenix Force Magik (Marvel Legends)Marvel Planet Hulk Hiroim (Marvel)
Marvel Psylocke (Marvel Legends)Marvel Punisher (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Savage Land Rogue (Marvel)Marvel Select Punisher (Marvel Select)
Marvel Select Punisher Micro (Marvel Select)Marvel Songbird (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Stranger (Marvel Legends)Marvel the Collector (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Vs Capcom Strider Hiryu (Marvel vs Capcom)Marvel X-Men Sunfire (X-Men)
Max Mercury (DC Direct)Phantom (Phantom)
Phantom Girl (DC Direct)Phoenix Jean Grey (Marvel Legends)
Poison (Marvel vs Capcom)Powergirl (Justice League Unlimited)
Red Hulk (Marvel Legends)Saturn Girl (DC Direct)
Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly (Spider-Man)SNK Buriki One Gai Tendo (King of Fighters)
SNK Joe Higashi (King of Fighters)SNK Kim Kaphwan (King of Fighters)
SNK King (King of Fighters)SNK Lee Pai Long (King of Fighters)
SNK Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)SNK Robert Garcia (King of Fighters)
SNK Ryo Sakazaki (King of Fighters)Spiderman Ben Reilly Ver. 2 (Spider-Man)
Star Wars Darth Maul (Star Wars)Starjammers Corsair (Marvel Legends)
Storm (X-Men)Street Fighter Alpha Juli (Street Fighter)
Street Fighter Alpha Juni (Street Fighter)Street Fighter Elena (Street Fighter)
Supergirl (Justice League Unlimited)Superman Black Costume (DC Direct)
Superman Blue Lantern (DC Direct)Superman Christopher Reeves (Superman)
Superman Classic (DC Direct)Superman Cyborg (DC Direct)
Superman Cyborg Black Lantern (DC Direct)Superman Green Lantern (DC Direct)
Superman Movie II Non (DC Direct)Superwoman (Justice League Unlimited)
The Wizard (Marvel Legends)Transformers Movie Optimus Prime (Transformers - Movie)
US Agent (Marvel)Volstagg (Marvel Legends)
Warriors Three (Marvel Legends)White Queen (Marvel)
X-23 (Marvel Vs Capcom) (Marvel vs Capcom)X-Men Rogue (Marvel Legends)
ZOOM (DC Direct)