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Customizer:PatrawFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:212

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:55First Places:3
User Voted Rating:3.46Second Places:2
   Third Places:2

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jul 14, 2014 House of MouseAce of Spades843.70 
Dec 30, 2013 Comic Fusion IIChimera Lizard853.22 
Dec 21, 2013 Comic Fusion IIOstrelephant503.30 
Dec 14, 2013 Mythic MightMakara833.86 
Nov 15, 2013 Angels and DemonsCursed Demon633.29 
Oct 31, 2013 Bullseye!Centaur703.26 
Oct 14, 2013 Ninja IIMaster Ninja852.91 
Aug 28, 2013 Food for ThoughtThe Walking Bread904.29 
Aug 15, 2013 Trophy RoomReturn of the Harbinger603.62 
Jul 29, 2013 Gears & Gadgets IIMonitor743.50 
Jul 26, 2013 Gears & Gadgets IIUltron762.78 
Jun 28, 2013 Spaced OutAlien763.25 
Jun 14, 2013 Retro GamesSMT if... Lethal Ladies Wave783.78 
Jun 14, 2013 Retro GamesSpitball Blob & Neo Kaitonia733.62 
May 24, 2013 TV LandEleking713.17 
May 14, 2013 DC NationBatwing1053.15 
Mar 28, 2013 Museum Of CuriositiesUndead Kobold713.23 
Mar 12, 2013 Sight UnseenLesser Demon784.06 
Feb 27, 2013 CartoonsLumiere803.64 
Feb 11, 2013 Alienated AnatomyArachne953.59 
Dec 28, 2012 Way of the BladeDivebomb1033.25 
Dec 18, 2012 Way of the BladePhantom Fencer1093.35 
Dec 11, 2012 Turtle Power!Venom1153.34 
Oct 29, 2012 Patraw Master of MiniaturesTyrant 091763.78 
Jul 26, 2012 Sidekicks IIZigzag1033.19 
Jun 7, 2012 Grab BagRobin V (Damian Wayne)953.13 
Jun 5, 2012 Grab BagMorg1013.15 
May 23, 2012 Scales & TailsMantis1073.52 
Apr 30, 2012 Fairy TalesMokoi1082.83 
Apr 30, 2012 Fairy TalesMezuki1093.23 
Apr 13, 2012 ShapeshiftersSuccubus1163.02 
Apr 11, 2012 ShapeshiftersWerecraw1133.08 
Dec 15, 2011 Thundercats Ho!Captain Cracker1122.98 
Nov 14, 2011 MonochromaticXanafalgue743.38 
Sep 30, 2011 Golden OldiesStove Polish1084.16 
Jul 29, 2011 Tabletop ClashGoblin Soothsayer943.49 
May 24, 2011 Armor UpBark Skin Swamp Thing1303.42 
Mar 28, 2011 CapcomicalLisa Trevor1443.28 
Mar 28, 2011 CapcomicalJabberwock S31473.56 
Mar 26, 2011 CapcomicalPoison Ivy (Plant 43)1483.67 
Feb 24, 2011 You've Been SlimedSpike Blop953.42 
Feb 18, 2011 You've Been SlimedBloodman1084.01 
Jan 31, 2011 Just Bug Off!Psychedelic Caterpillar1093.05 
Jan 29, 2011 Just Bug Off!Insect Mutant Frank1153.50 
Aug 16, 2010 Legendary RidersHikaru1033.45 
May 28, 2010 Past Toys RebornWeed Killer893.60 
May 28, 2010 Past Toys RebornTerror Tank893.48 
Oct 31, 2009 Post-ApocalypticWorld of Ruin Mini Monster Medley823.00 
Sep 9, 2009 Four HorsemenFour Horsemen (Hexen II)813.74 
Aug 31, 2009 Clown ContestJoker834.58 
Jun 30, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!Chocobot904.19 
Jun 25, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!NapalmMan.EXE803.49 
Jun 22, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!Launch Octopus893.65 
May 29, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Sargasso, The Queen Of Kelp763.32 
Feb 27, 2009 Dioramas IThe House That Splatter Built1004.02 

All Customs by Patraw
"Pinky" Demon (Doom)"Who Ate All Of My TMNT Cereal?" (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Ace of Spades (Alice In Wonderland)Afrodite (Misc)
Albinoid (Resident Evil)Alien (Misc)
Amoeba (Sa·Ga)Annelid (Phantasy Star)
Antlion Larva (Wizardry)Arachne (Misc)
Armon or Nix (Final Fantasy)Autom (Metroid)
Bahba Velamyu (Final Fantasy VII)Bandersnatch (Resident Evil)
Barbara (Misc)Bark Skin Swamp Thing (Swamp Thing)
Batwing (Batman)Biggy Man (Splatterhouse)
Billy Kane '95 (King of Fighters)Black Dragon (Wizardry)
Black Mage (Final Fantasy)Blade Master (Castlevania)
Bloober Family (Nintendo)Blood Skeleton Whipper (Castlevania)
Bloodman (Dungeons and Dragons)Brains (Quake)
Butterfly (Misc)Buzzrok (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Cacatac (Metroid)Caller (Wizardry)
Cancer (Misc)Captain Cracker (Thundercats)
Castlevania Legends Mini Monster Trio (Castlevania)Cathode Miner (Original)
Cave Needle (Misc)Centaur (Misc)
Cham Cham & Paku Paku (Misc)Cherub (Doom)
Child #3/Demon Child/Mumbler (Silent Hill)Chimera Lizard (Wizardry)
Chloe: Aviator for Hire (Misc)Chocobot (Final Fantasy)
Chuck D. Head (Misc)Clawfinger/Mumbler (Silent Hill)
Clodhopper (Misc)Closer (Silent Hill)
Cook/Atomic Chicken (Megaman)Cursed Demon (Misc)
Death Knight (Quake)Death Serpent (Misc)
Demon Candle (Dragon Quest)Divebomb (Transformers)
Domingo (Misc)Dr. Deemo (Swamp Thing)
Dragon Fossil (Sa·Ga)Dread Knight (Fantasy)
Ducker 2 (Misc)Eiffelyte (Misc)
Elefount (Original)Eleking (Ultraman)
Elkenrod, Mistress of Spectres (Misc)Evil Clown (Dragon Quest)
Evil Eye (Wizardry)Experimental Squid Lice Mandiabla (Misc)
Fairy Kitten (Misc)Fastitocalon-F (Final Fantasy)
Fire Precision (Misc)Flowering Cactoid (Final Fantasy)
Foot Bomballoon (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Four Horsemen (Hexen II) (Hexen)
Frankenstein's Monster & Hunchbacked Man (Castlevania)Fransowors (Misc)
Funny Bunny Cindy Lennox (Resident Evil)Gizmo & Executioner ("Gizmocute") (Misc)
Glacier Basher (Dragon Quest)Goblin Soothsayer (Misc)
Golem (Castlevania)Granitor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Guilty (Wizardry)Hakenleft (Phantasy Star)
Handyman (TimeSplitters)Harpy (Misc)
Head Cook (Misc)Hell Hound (Splatterhouse)
Hikaru (Misc)Hippou (Megami Tensei)
Human Female (Sa·Ga)Insane Cancer (Silent Hill)
Insect Mutant Frank (TimeSplitters)Jabberwock S3 (Resident Evil)
Jagwar (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Joker (Final Fantasy VII)
Judge Mortis (Judge Dredd)Kuchisake Onna (Slit-Mouthed Woman) (Urban Legends)
Lady Stinger (Wizardry)Laluhn (Megami Tensei)
Launch Octopus (Megaman)Leafer/Leaf Bunny (Final Fantasy)
Lesser Demon (Wizardry)Lisa Trevor (Resident Evil)
Lizard Priest (Wizardry)Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast)
Mad Snatcher (Castlevania)Magissa (Final Fantasy)
Makara (Megami Tensei)Mammon (Final Fantasy)
Man Eater (Megami Tensei)Mandragora (Final Fantasy)
Manhole (Final Fantasy VII)Mantis (Independent Comics)
Marsh Man (Final Fantasy)Massimiliano Frezzato's T.M.N.T. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Master Ninja (Wizardry)Mecaturtle (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Megatron-Ratchet Fusion (Transformers)Membrane Man (Misc)
Mesmerize (Final Fantasy)Metroplex (Transformers)
Mezuki (Megami Tensei)Mikey Fought the Ball (and the Ball Won) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Mokoi (Megami Tensei)Moldy Corpse (Castlevania)
Monitor (Sa·Ga)Monkey (Misc)
Morg (Marvel)Mothman (Castlevania)
Mud Man (Castlevania)Muttshroom (Misc)
Myconid (Challenge Custom) (Dungeons and Dragons)NapalmMan.EXE (Megaman)
Needler (Silent Hill)Ostrelephant (Nintendo)
Ouija Table/Poltergeist (Castlevania)Phantom (Megami Tensei)
Phantom Fencer (Dragon Quest)Poison Ivy (Plant 43) (Resident Evil)
Polkir (Castlevania)Psychedelic Caterpillar (Metroid)
Quano's Axe (Misc)Raccoon Raider (Original)
Raptor Mech (Turok)Regis Licker (Resident Evil)
Remora (Final Fantasy)Reo (Metroid)
Return of the Harbinger (Misc)Revenant (Doom)
Roadkill Rodney (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Robin V (Damian Wayne) (Batman & Robin)
Roc the House (Misc)Rolento F. Schugerg (Capcom)
Ruler Sword (Castlevania)S-Knight (Misc)
Samael/Incubus (Silent Hill)Sargasso, The Queen Of Kelp (Misc)
Scare-Case (Misc)Schildgeist (Capcom)
Schism (Silent Hill)Scratch (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Shadow Man II (Mike LeRoi) (Valiant)Shadow Tower Monster Assortment #1 (Fantasy)
Shadow Tower Monster Assortment #2 (Fantasy)Shambler (Quake)
Shogun Showdown (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Shogun's Cyber Shinobi (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Shub-Niggurath (Quake)Sister of Despair (Turok)
Sisyphus (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Skeletal Tomb Guardian (Dungeons and Dragons)
Skeleton Joe (Megaman)Skull Lord (Dungeons and Dragons)
SMT if... Lethal Ladies Wave (Megami Tensei)Sonia Belmont (Castlevania)
Spear Guard (Castlevania)Specter (Castlevania)
Spike Blop (Nintendo)Spitball Blob & Neo Kaitonia (Misc)
Stix (Phantasy Star)Stove Polish (Misc)
Succubus (Castlevania)Super-Deformed Interchangeable Monster Figure Set (Castlevania)
Tenaga (Megami Tensei)Terror Tank (Misc)
The Drdek (Yugioh)The Forgotten One (Doom)
The House That Splatter Built (Splatterhouse)The Walking Bread (Misc)
Tiphon (Megami Tensei)Toad (Final Fantasy)
Tree Ogre (Fantasy)Tsukumogami Ono (Mythology Creatures)
Tsunami (Megami Tensei)Twigtall (Phantasy Star)
Twin Feelers & Corpse (Silent Hill)Tyrant 091 (Resident Evil)
Ultron (Marvel)Undead Kobold (Wizardry)
Vacillator (Spawn)Vagary (Doom)
Venom (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Viera Red Mage (Final Fantasy)
Vorpal Bunny (Wizardry)Wall Widow (Castlevania)
Weed Killer (Swamp Thing)Werebat (Castlevania)
Werecraw (Wizardry)Weretiger (Wizardry)
Wood Golem (TimeSplitters)World of Ruin Mini Monster Medley (Final Fantasy)
Xanafalgue (Phantasy Star)Zariche (Misc)
Zigzag (Transformers)Zombie Miner (Fantasy)