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Customizer:tommyxFirst Made:Boomerang
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:210
Current Projects:Masters of Evil members, X-team members...
Honorable Mentions:I had a request from a guy who wanted me to make customs of his original comic book characters, to be presented at SDCC. In the end, though, it didn't work out, as we couldn't work out a mutually-beneficial compensation...
Comments: Customizing...Now that takes me back! I remember 'customizing' my Star Wars figures back in the seventies. I think my first one was a Ben Kenobi head glued onto a Darth Vader body. Then I threw on another cape, and made a helmet from a chapstick (?) cap covered with masking tape. I can't remember if he was good or evil :) A couple years later, I got the 12 inch Barbie-sized Star Wars figures, Luke,Han,Chewie,Vader,etc. I made a Jawa out of a shin-less, forearm-less, original GI Joe (the ones with the fuzzy hair)! I fashioned the costume out of a brown sock. I wish I'd've taken photos... I took a looooong break, then started again with the X-Men figures of the nineties. My first was a Colossus made from a Gladiator. Made a boatload of figures, then gave up cold turkey when I moved to Asia. Then in 2004, I bought a Marvel Legends S.C. Iron Man. It was practically begging me to turn it into War Machine! And, I was back...

Contest Entries
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User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by tommyx
Alistair Smythe, the Spider-Slayer (Marvel Legends)Alpha Flight (Marvel Legends)
Anaconda (Marvel Legends)Ant-Man (Scott Lang) (Marvel Legends)
Arabian Knight (Marvel Knights)Arkon the Magnificent (Marvel Legends)
Baron Helmut Zemo (Marvel Legends)Battlestar (Marvel Legends)
Beetle (Marvel Legends)Bill Foster Aka Goliath: the Gun Show (Marvel Legends)
Black Knight (Dane Whitman) (Marvel Legends)Black Knight (Nathan Garrett) (Marvel Legends)
Black Mamba (Marvel Legends)Black Spectre (Marvel Legends)
Blackout (Marvel Legends)Blitzkrieger (Marvel Legends)
Blue Shield (Marvel Legends)Boom-Boom (Marvel Legends)
Boomerang (Marvel Legends)Bulldozer (Marvel Legends)
Bushmaster (Marvel Legends)Caliban (Marvel Legends)
Cannonball (Marvel Legends)Captain Britain (Marvel Legends)
Captain Britain (Version 2) (Marvel Legends)Captain Midlands (Marvel Legends)
Cardiac (Marvel Legends)Cardiac Redux (Marvel Legends)
Chance (Marvel Legends)Chance Redux (Marvel Legends)
Citizen V (Marvel Legends)Cloak & Dagger (Marvel Legends)
Coachwhip (Marvel Legends)Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine (Marvel Legends)
Cottonmouth (Marvel Legends)Crimson Cowl (Marvel Legends)
Crossbones (Marvel Legends)D-Man (Marvel Legends)
Daimon Hellstrom aka Son of Satan (Marvel Legends)Dazzler (Marvel Legends)
Death Adder (Marvel Legends)Deathlok Prime (Marvel Legends)
Diamond Lil (Marvel Legends)Diamondback (Marvel Legends)
Dominic Fortune (Marvel Legends)Domino Revamp (Marvel Legends)
Dormammu (Marvel Legends)Dr. Druid (Marvel Legends)
Dragonfly (Marvel Legends)Dum Dum Dugan and SHIELD Agents (Marvel Legends)
Dust (Marvel Legends)Egghead (Marvel Legends)
El Guapo (Marvel Legends)Enchantress (Marvel Legends)
Enchantress: New and Improved! (Marvel Legends)Erik Josten as Goliath (Marvel Legends)
Ethan Edwards AKA Virtue (Marvel Legends)Firestar (Marvel Legends)
Fixer (Marvel Legends)Flying Tiger (Marvel Legends)
Frog-Man (Marvel Legends)Gargoyle (Marvel Legends)
Genis-Vell (Marvel Legends)Golden-Age Sub-Mariner (Marvel Legends)
Gravity (Marvel Legends)Grey Gargoyle (Marvel Legends)
Grim Reaper (Marvel Legends)Guardian (Marvel Legends)
Hail HYDRA! (Marvel Legends)Hail HYDRA! Again! (Marvel Legends)
Hand Ninja in Black Costume (Marvel Legends)Hauptmann Deutschland Aka Vormund (Marvel Legends)
Havok (Marvel Legends)Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) (Marvel Legends)Heather And James "Mac" Hudson (Marvel Legends)
Hellcat (Marvel Legends)Hellion (Marvel Legends)
Hercules (Marvel Legends)Hydro-Man (Marvel Legends)
Iron Fist (Marvel Legends)Ironclad (Marvel Legends)
Jack O' Lantern (Marvel Legends)Jack of Hearts (Marvel Legends)
Joseph (Marvel Legends)Jubilee (Marvel Legends)
Justice (Marvel Legends)Kangaroo (Marvel Legends)
Kasper Cole, The 3rd White Tiger (Marvel Legends)King Cobra (Marvel Legends)
Klaw (Marvel Legends)Klaw 2.0: Complete Overhaul (Marvel Legends)
Living Lightning (Marvel Legends)Loki (Marvel Legends)
Machine Man (Marvel Legends)Mad Thinker (Marvel Legends)
Madison Jeffries as Box (Marvel Legends)Magik (Marvel Legends)
Marrina (Marvel Legends)Master Man (Marvel Legends)
MASTERS of EVIL III (Marvel Legends)Match (Marvel Legends)
Meggan (Marvel Legends)Mercury (Marvel Legends)
Mockingbird (Marvel Legends)Mole Man (Marvel Legends)
Moon Knight (Marvel Legends)Moondragon (Marvel Legends)
Moonstone (Marvel Legends)Mr. & Mrs. Creel: Absorbing Man & Titania (Marvel Legends)
Mr. Hyde (Marvel Legends)Namorita (Marvel Legends)
New Warriors (Marvel Legends)Night Thrasher (Marvel Legends)
Nighthawk (Marvel Legends)Nitro (Marvel Legends)
Nomad (Marvel Legends)Northstar and Aurora (Marvel Legends)
Nova (Marvel Legends)Ogun (Marvel Legends)
Orphan (Marvel Legends)Orson Randall: Iron Fist (Marvel Legends)
Peter Parker's Spider-Sense (Marvel Legends)Phat (Marvel Legends)
Photon (Marvel Legends)Piledriver (Marvel Legends)
Piledriver Revamp (Marvel Legends)Pixie (Marvel Legends)
Polaris (Marvel Legends)Power Man - Luke Cage 70's Style (Marvel Legends)
Prowler (Marvel Legends)Puck (Marvel Legends)
Puff Adder (Marvel Legends)Puma (Marvel Legends)
Purple Man (Marvel Legends)Quasar (Marvel Legends)
Quicksilver (Marvel Legends)Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)
Rage (Marvel Legends)Red Guardian (Marvel Legends)
Red Norvell (Marvel Legends)Red Skull (Marvel Legends)
Rockslide (Marvel Legends)Sabra (Marvel Legends)
Sage Aka Tessa of the Hellfire Club (Marvel Legends)Scarlet Witch Version 1 (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Witch Version 2 (Marvel Legends)Sentry (Marvel Legends)
Sersi (Marvel Legends)Shaman (Marvel Legends)
Shang-Chi (Marvel Legends)Shatterstar (Marvel Legends)
SHIELD Agent (Marvel Legends)SHIELD Agent #2 (Marvel Legends)
Shroud (Marvel Legends)Silver Sable (Marvel Legends)
Siryn (Marvel Legends)Skurge the Executioner (Marvel Legends)
Snowbird (Marvel Legends)Softman, the Neo Planet Mascot (Original)
Solo (Marvel Legends)Speed (Marvel Legends)
Speed Demon (Marvel Legends)Speedball (Marvel Legends)
Spider-Woman (Marvel Legends)Starfox (Marvel Legends)
Stature (Marvel Legends)Steel Spider (Marvel Legends)
Sunfire (Marvel Legends)Sunspot (Marvel Legends)
Surge (Marvel Legends)Tarantula (Marvel Legends)
Texas Twister (Marvel Legends)The Anarchist (Marvel Legends)
The Captain (Marvel Legends)The Hood (Marvel Legends)
Thunderball (Marvel Legends)Thunderball Revamp (Marvel Legends)
Thunderbird (Marvel Legends)Thunderstrike (Marvel Legends)
Tiger Shark (Marvel Legends)Tigra: Hair Club for Women! (Marvel Legends)
Toad (Marvel Legends)Triathlon (Marvel Legends)
U-Go Girl (Marvel Legends)U.S.Agent (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Johnny Storm (Marvel Legends)Ultragirl (Marvel Legends)
Ultron as Crimson Cowl (Marvel Legends)Union Jack (Marvel Legends)
Valkyrie (Marvel Legends)Vapor (Marvel Legends)
Vector (Marvel Legends)Vindicator (Marvel Legends)
Viper Aka Madame Hydra (Marvel Legends)Vivisector (Marvel Legends)
War Machine (Marvel Legends)Warpath (Marvel Legends)
Whirlwind (Marvel Legends)White Wolf (Marvel Legends)
Wild Child (first appearance) (Marvel Legends)Will O' the Wisp (Marvel Legends)
Winter Soldier (Marvel Legends)Wizard (Marvel Legends)
Wrecker (Marvel Legends)X-23 (Marvel Legends)
X-Ray (Marvel Legends)X-Statix (Marvel Legends)
Yellowjacket (Giant-Sized) (Marvel Legends)Yellowjacket (Rita Demara) (Marvel Legends)