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Customizer Profile
Customizer:EmmettFirst Made:Angel
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Phantom Reporter
Crowd Favorite:Warrior JesusTotal Customs:186
Current Projects:With having a new son, I have not been able to work on customs like I used to. Really miss it!
Honorable Mentions:If you google Rockman U.S.A., the picture of my custom is the first to come up.
Comments:Thought I was done with my angelic army, but I was wrong. It feels good to know just how many people like the Angels.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:4First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.23Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Nov 8, 2013 Angels and DemonsWarrior Angel Xanthaniel693.49 
Sep 30, 2013 Angels and DemonsEsh Okklah703.27 
Sep 1, 2011 Golden OldiesInvisible Man962.95 
Aug 28, 2011 Golden OldiesMajor Liberty1003.21 

All Customs by Emmett
3-D Man (Marvel Legends)Al and Janet Huber (My Heroes)
Amora the Enchantress (Marvel Legends)Angel (Marvel Legends)
Angel (Marvel Legends)Angel Display (My Heroes)
Angel Of Death (My Heroes)Archangel Raphael (My Heroes)
Archangel Barachiel (My Heroes)Archangel Gabriel (My Heroes)
Archangel Jegudiel (My Heroes)Archangel Selaphiel (My Heroes)
Archangel Uriel (My Heroes)Ayin of Ha Yigal (My Heroes)
Black Fox (Marvel Legends)Black Marvel (Marvel Legends)
Black Widow #1 (Marvel Legends)Blazing Skull (Marvel Legends)
Blonde Phantom (Marvel Legends)Blue Blade (Marvel Legends)
Blue Blaze (Marvel Legends)Blue Diamond (Marvel Legends)
Blue Marvel (Marvel Legends)Captain America #1 (Marvel Legends)
Captain Strong (Marvel Legends)Captain Wings (Marvel Legends)
Captain Wonder ("V")Challenger (Marvel Legends)
Citizen V (Marvel Legends)Cloak (Marvel Legends)
Cloak (Marvel Legends)Comander Steve Rogers (Marvel Legends)
Crimson Comando (Marvel Legends)Daken or Dark Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Defender (Marvel Legends)Doc Savage (Marvel Legends)
Doc Savage (Marvel Legends)Dominic Fortune (Marvel Legends)
Dyna-Mite (Marvel Legends)Dyna-Mite V2 (Marvel Legends)
Dynaman (Marvel Legends)Dynamic Man (Marvel Legends)
Emmett Brown Sr. (My Heroes)Esh Okklah (My Heroes)
Executioner (Marvel Legends)Falcon (Marvel Legends)
Father Time (Marvel Legends)Fiery Mask (Marvel Legends)
Gilgamesh (Marvel Legends)Golden Age Vision V2 (Marvel Legends)
Golem (Marvel Legends)Ha Yigal (My Heroes)
Hei of the Hayigal (My Heroes)Human Meteor (Marvel Legends)
Human Meteor (Marvel Legends)Human Top (Marvel Legends)
Human Top #2 David Mitchell (Marvel Legends)Human Torch (Marvel Legends)
Human Torch (Jim Hammond) V2 (Marvel Legends)Hurricane (Marvel Legends)
Invisible Man (Marvel Legends)Jack Frost (Marvel Legends)
Jack Frost V2 (Marvel Legends)Jesus (My Heroes)
John and Stephanie (My Heroes)John Carter Warlord of Mars (Marvel Legends)
John Steele (Marvel Legends)Joshua and Kathryn Scheid (My Heroes)
Joy, Love, Peace (My Heroes)Justice or Josiah X (Marvel Legends)
Kirk and Kelly (My Heroes)Kull (Marvel Legends)
Laughing Mask (Marvel Legends)Louis and Wife (My Heroes)
Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)Major Liberty (Marvel Legends)
Malakh the Messenger Angel (Marvel Legends)Marcell and Cindy (My Heroes)
Marvex the Super Robot (Marvel Legends)Mastermind Excello (Marvel Legends)
Messenger Angel Mahir (My Heroes)Messenger Angel Mehirut (My Heroes)
Messenger Angel Meorah (My Heroes)Messenger Angel Ya'ar Forest (My Heroes)
Messenger Angels Badchen and Qalal (My Heroes)Miss America (Marvel Legends)
Miss Fury (Marvel Legends)Monako (Marvel Legends)
Moon Man (Marvel Legends)Mr. E (Marvel Legends)
Pei of Ha Yigal (My Heroes)Phantom Bullet (Marvel Legends)
Phantom Reporter (Marvel Legends)Puck (Marvel Legends)
Red Norvell (Marvel Legends)Red Raven (Marvel Legends)
Red She-Hulk (Marvel Legends)Rockman U.S.A. (Marvel Legends)
Rockman U.S.a. V2 (Marvel Legends)Roko the Amazing (Marvel Legends)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (Marvel Legends)Sa'ar (My Heroes)
Santa Claus (My Heroes)Seraphim Angel Ha Shomer (My Heroes)
Shem-Tov (My Heroes)Spitfire (Marvel Legends)
Strongman (Marvel Legends)Sun-Girl (Marvel Legends)
Super Slave (Marvel Legends)Tehiyya (My Heroes)
Terrax (Marvel Legends)Terror (Marvel Legends)
The Angel Eliora (Marvel Legends)The Archangel Michael (My Heroes)
The Cherub (My Heroes)The Destroyer (Marvel Legends)
The Fin (Marvel Legends)The Thunderer (Marvel Legends)
Thin Man (Marvel Legends)Thing (Marvel Legends)
Thunderfist (Marvel Legends)Tommy Lightning (Marvel Legends)
Tony Stark (Marvel Legends)Toro (Marvel Legends)
Ultron (Marvel Legends)Vav of the Ha Yigal (My Heroes)
Vision #1 (Marvel Legends)Volton (Marvel Legends)
Warrior Angel Abdiel (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Adi (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Adir (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Adiva (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Aish (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Aluf (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Amnon (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Azrael (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Betach (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Chazak Zroa (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Chen (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Dunamis (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Eyal (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Gevurah (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Go'el (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Ha Rishon (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Herut (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Hila (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Ithuriel (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Jedidah (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Karath (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Katan Lokhem (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Keshet (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Lahav Knanafyim (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Magen (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Mashmidan (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Meshullam (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Mizpah (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Nasi (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Nesich Loheam (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel on (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Or'el (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Oz (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Rahamim (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Sela (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Sha'vit (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Shekinah (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Shoer (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Sir Montague Rothbury (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Stiggy Stigmata Nelson (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Tav (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Tikvah (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Tzion (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Uri (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Uzziel (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Xanthaniel (Original)
Warrior Angel Yigal (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Zadok (My Heroes)
Warrior Angel Zephon (My Heroes)Warrior Angel Zophiel (My Heroes)
Warrior Jesus (My Heroes)Wedding Cake Topper (My Heroes)
Wedding Cake Topper (DC Superheroes)Whizzer (Marvel Legends)
Witness (Marvel Legends)WWII Hercules (Marvel Legends)
Yankee Clipper (Marvel Legends)Young Avenger (Marvel Legends)

Custom Tutorials by Emmett
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