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Customizer:Eniam_RejFirst Made:Spider-Girl
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Zer0: as a NUMBER
Crowd Favorite:Colossus (Phoenix 5)Total Customs:438
Current Projects:Space heroes & sexy chicks!
Honorable Mentions:I was googling "The Spot" when I came across a pic of my work on a website called toycutter/com. In fact I saw several of my pieces there. I'd like to thank John (who posts them there) for showcasing my work on here!
Comments:Currently no longer taking commissions unless I feel like its something I want to do. Right now, just enjoying being able to work on things I want to whenever I have time.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:12First Places:1
User Voted Rating:3.38Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Feb 23, 2013 CartoonsRed Lantern Razer813.96 
Feb 9, 2013 CartoonsGizmo Duck834.10 
Jan 30, 2013 FPS FiestaZer0: as a NUMBER784.19 
Nov 30, 2010 Mirror ImagesThe Spider1133.77 
Nov 30, 2010 Mirror ImagesCyberdevil1063.59 
Aug 23, 2010 Legendary RidersAragorn982.86 
Jan 2, 2010 Me, Myself, and IEniam Rej872.66 
Nov 2, 2009 SteampunkSpider-Man Noir943.21 
Oct 11, 2009 Post-ApocalypticHellspawn Wolverine862.65 
Oct 10, 2009 Post-ApocalypticHellspawn Spider-Man892.46 
Sep 29, 2009 Four HorsemenFour Horsemen (Apocalypse)853.48 
Jul 26, 2009 Clown ContestSir Kussact (Circus Act)783.65 

All Customs by Eniam_Rej
1st Appearance Stealth Iron Man (Marvel Legends)8-Ball (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)
80's Hercules (Marvel Legends)A-Next: Earth Sentry (Marvel Legends)
A-Next: Stinger (Eternalcustoms7798) (Marvel Legends)Agent Coulson (Avengers)
Agony (Spider-Man)Amalgam: Captain Marvel (Amalgam)
Amalgam: Castle (Marvel Legends)Amalgam: Dr. Strangefate (Marvel Legends)
Amalgam: Hyena (Amalgam)Amalgam: Iron Lantern (Amalgam)
Amalgam: Iron Lantern (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Amora, the Enchantress (Marvel Legends)
Animated Carnage (Spider-Man)Animated Deadpool V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Animated Deadpool W/ Battle Van (Marvel Legends)Animated Deadpool W/ Mini-Bike (Marvel Legends)
Animated Deadpool X-Men Suit (Marvel Legends)AOA Caliban (Marvel Legends)
Aoa Colossus (Marvel Legends)Aoa Sunfire (Marvel Legends)
Aragorn (Marvel Legends)Araña - Anya CorazóN (Marvel Legends)
Arcade (Marvel Legends)Arcade V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Armadillo (Marvel Legends)Armored Daredevil (Marvel Legends)
Armored Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Armored Spider-Man (X-Men) (Spider-Man)
Aurora (Black Costume) (Marvel Legends)Avalanche (Marvel Legends)
Azazel (Marvel Legends)Baby Groot & Groot (Marvel Legends)
BAF Wasp - En'iam_Rej Series (Marvel Legends)Barnell "Beak" Bohusk (Xorn's Brotherhood) (Marvel Legends)
Barnell "Blackwing" Bohusk (Beak) (Marvel Legends)Baron Zemo (Modern) (Marvel Legends)
Baron Zemo II (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Bastion & Sentinel Army (Marvel Legends)
Batroc the Leaper (Marvel Legends)Beak (Marvel Legends)
Beetle MK-I (Marvel Legends)Beetle MK-I V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Beetle MK-II (Spider-Man)Beetle MK-II V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Big Time Spidey (Spider-Man)Black Cat (Marvel Legends)
Black Cat (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Black Cat (Spider-Man TAS Version) (Spider-Man)
Black Cat V.3 (Spider-Man)Black Queen V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Blacklash / Whiplash (Marvel Legends)Blastaar (Marvel Legends)
Blink (Marvel Legends)Blizzard (Marvel Legends)
Blue Ghost Rider Bike (Marvel Legends)Blue Lantern Flash (DC Universe)
Blue Lantern Razer (Green Lantern)Bobby "Iceman" Drake (Marvel Legends)
Box (Marvel Legends)Brotherhood: Avalanche (Marvel Legends)
Brotherhood: Mammomax (Marvel Legends)Brotherhood: Toad (Marvel Legends)
Bucky Cap (Marvel Legends)Build-a-Figure Kree Sentry (Marvel Legends)
Build-a-figure Shadow King (Marvel Legends)Build-a-figure Wasp Blue Variant (Marvel Legends)
Bulldozer (Marvel Legends)Caitlin Fairchild (Image)
Captain Marvel - Silver Genis Vell (Eternalcustoms7798) (Marvel Legends)Cardiac (Marvel Legends)
Cardiac V.2 (Marvel Legends)Carnage Cosmic (Spider-Man)
Chameleon (Spider-Man)Champion of the Universe (Marvel Legends)
Chemistro (Marvel Legends)Chemistro V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Citizen V (Helmut Zemo Version) (Avengers)Clea (Marvel Legends)
Colossus (Marvel Legends)Colossus (Marvel Legends)
Colossus (Phoenix 5) (Marvel Legends)Corsair of the Starjammers (Marvel Legends)
Cosmic Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Cosmic Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Cosmic Spider-Man (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Cosmic Spider-Man V.2 (Spider-Man)
Cyber (Marvel Legends)Cyber (Marvel Legends)
Cyberdevil (Marvel Legends)Cyclops (Earth 2128) (Marvel Legends)
Daisy "Quake" Johnson (Marvel Legends)Daken (Marvel Legends)
Daken (Marvel Universe)Daken (Masked & Unmasked) (Marvel Legends)
Daken (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Daken: Dark Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter)Danielle Moonstar (Marvel Legends)
Daredevil: Shadowland (Marvel Legends)Dark Beast (Marvel Legends)
Dark Beast V.2 (Marvel Legends)Dark Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)
Dark Supergirl (DC Universe)Dark X-Men Wolverine (Daken) (Marvel Legends)
Darth Malgus (Star Wars)Dazzler (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Deadpool #2 (Marvel Legends)
Deathbird (Marvel Legends)Deep Sea Iron-Man (Marvel Legends)
Destroyer (Marvel Legends)Doc Magus (Marvel Legends)
Doc Ock (Spider-Man)Doorman (Marvel Legends)
Doppelganger (Spider-Man)Doppelganger V.2 (Spider-Man)
Dormammu (Marvel Legends)Dr. Doom (Marvel Legends)
Dr. Hank Pym (Marvel Universe)Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Legends)
Drax the Destroyer (Marvel Legends)Dust (Marvel Legends)
Dust V.3 (Marvel Legends)Eightball (Marvel Legends)
Electro/Shock Proof Spidey (Marvel Legends)Elektra (Marvel Legends)
Emma Frost (Marvel Legends)Eniam Rej (Original)
Executioner (Marvel Legends)Exodus (Marvel Legends)
Firestar (Spider-Man)Flying Tiger (Marvel Legends)
Four Horsemen (Apocalypse) (Marvel Legends)Frankie "Nova" Raye (Marvel Legends)
Gamora (Marvel Legends)Gen 13: Caitlin Fairchild (Image)
General "Thunderbolt" Ross (Marvel Legends)General Thunderbolt Ross (Marvel Legends)
Ghostface Killer (SCREAM) (Marvel Legends)Gibbon (Legion of Losers) (Marvel Legends)
Gizmo Duck (Original)Gladiator (Marvel Legends)
Goblin Queen V.2 (Marvel Legends)Gold Goblin (Spider-Man)
Green Lantern Aya (Green Lantern)Green Lantern Hannu (DC Universe)
Green Lantern Symon Terrynce (Green Lantern)Green Lantern Vath Sarn (DC Universe)
Grizzly (Legion of Losers) (Marvel Legends)Groot (Marvel Universe)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel Legends)Guardsman (Marvel Legends)
Gwen Stacy (Spider-Man)Halo Kitty "Meowster Chief" (Halo)
Havok: Modern (Marvel Legends)Headpool (Marvel Legends)
Hellspawn Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Hellspawn Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Hip Hop Trooper (Star Wars)Hogun the Grim (Marvel Legends)
House of M: Iron Wolverine (Marvel Legends)Husk (Marvel Legends)
Hydro-Man (Marvel Legends)Iceman (Marvel Legends)
Imperfect Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Impossible Man (Marvel Legends)
Inverted FF Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Invincible (Image)
Iron Lantern V.2 (Amalgam)Iron Patriot (Marvel Legends)
Iron Patriot (Marvel Legends)Jack of Hearts (Marvel Legends)
Jason Todd "Gatman" Batman (DC Universe)Johnathan "The Spot" Ohnn (Spider-Man)
Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee (Marvel Legends)Jubilation "Wondra" Lee (Marvel Legends)
Jubilee (Marvel Legends)Jubilee V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Justice (Marvel Legends)Kaine (Spider-Man)
KalOnline G50 Knight (Original)Kangaroo II (Spider-Man)
Katu Kath (Marvel Legends)Klaw (Marvel Legends)
Klaw V.2 (Marvel Legends)Kletus "Carnage" Casady (Spider-Man)
Kree Colonel (Marvel Legends)Kree General (Marvel Legends)
Kree Ranks (Colonel) (Marvel Legends)Kree Ranks (General) (Marvel Legends)
Kree Ranks (Lieutenant) (Marvel Legends)Kree Ranks (Major) (Marvel Legends)
Kree Ranks (Private) (Marvel Legends)Kulan Venom (Marvel Legends)
Lady Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Lady Deathstrike (Marvel Legends)
Lady Deathstrike (Repaint) (Marvel Legends)Lady Sif (Marvel Legends)
Lockjaw (Marvel Legends)Logan: Party Suit (Marvel Legends)
Mach-IV (Marvel Legends)Machete (Marvel Legends)
Machine Man (Marvel Legends)Mad Jack (Spider-Man)
Madame Masque (Marvel Legends)Madelyne "Goblin Queen" Pryor (Marvel Legends)
Maelstrom (Marvel Legends)Magik (Marvel Legends)
Magus (Marvel Legends)Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man)
Maverick (Marvel Legends)Maverick V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Medusa (Queen of the Inhumans) (Marvel Legends)Metamorpho "The Element Man" (DC Direct)
Mockingbird (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Modern Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)
Modern Luke Cage V.2 (Marvel Legends)Moondragon (Marvel Select)
Movie Six-Armed Spidey (Spider-Man)Multiple Man (Marvel Legends)
Mvc2 Armor Spidey (Spider-Man)MvC2 Spidey (Marvel vs Capcom)
Mystique (Marvel Legends)Namorita (Marvel Legends)
Namorita V.2 (Marvel Legends)Negative Zone Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Negative Zone Spider-Man (MU Style) (Spider-Man)Neo-Nazi Red Skull (Marvel Legends)
New Adam Warlock (Marvel Legends)New Adam Warlock (Marvel Legends)
New Captain America (Marvel Legends)New Goblin (Spider-Man)
Night Thrasher (Marvel Legends)Nightmare (Marvel Legends)
Ninja (MGS) (Metal Gear Solid)Nocturne (Marvel Legends)
Nocturne V.2 (Marvel Legends)Norman Osborn (Spider-Man)
Norman Osborn (Prison) (Marvel Legends)Northstar (Black Costume) (Marvel Legends)
Nova (Frankie Raye) (Marvel Legends)Nova Prime (Marvel Legends)
Nova: Annihilation (Marvel Legends)Octo-Spidey (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)
Octo-Spidey V.1 (Spider-Man)Octo-Spidey V.2 (Spider-Man)
Panthro (Youtube Edition) (Masters of the Universe)Payback (Marvel Legends)
Payback V.2 (Marvel Legends)Penance (Marvel Legends)
Penance (Marvel Legends)Penance V.3 (Marvel Legends)
Percival Edmund "Grunge" Chang (Image)Phalanx (Marvel Legends)
Phalanx (Marvel Legends)Polaris (Marvel Legends)
Polaris V.2 (Marvel Legends)Prime Sentinel: Eniam_rej Version (Marvel Legends)
Prime Sentinel: Marvel Version (Marvel Legends)Prime Sentinel: Wings Version (Marvel Legends)
Prowler (Spider-Man)Puck (Marvel Legends)
Puck (Alpha Flight Suit) (Marvel Legends)Puck (Blue/Orange) (Marvel Legends)
Puck (Dark Blue/Gold) (Marvel Legends)Puck V.3 (Marvel Legends)
Punisher Car (Marvel Legends)Punk Storm (Marvel Legends)
Puppet Master (Marvel Legends)Quasar (Marvel Legends)
Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)Rage (Marvel Legends)
Red Hulk (Marvel Legends)Red Lantern Bo'enzz (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Fury-6 (Green Lantern)Red Lantern Kwaad (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Razer (Green Lantern)Red Lantern Rohstak Rham (Green Lantern)
Red Robin (ML Style) (Marvel Legends)Red She-Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Red Sonja (Marvel Legends)Reptil (Marvel Legends)
Ricochet (Marvel Legends)Robin (Stephanie Brown) (Batman)
Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Legends)Rockslide (Marvel Legends)
Rogue (Marvel Legends)Rogue (Marvel Legends)
Roxanne "Freefall" Spaulding (Image)Royal Flush Gang: 10 (DC Universe)
Royal Flush Gang: Ace (DC Universe)Royal Flush Gang: Jack (DC Universe)
Royal Flush Gang: King (DC Universe)Royal Flush Gang: Queen (DC Universe)
Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)Sauron (Marvel Legends)
Savage Land Professor X (Marvel Legends)Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man)
Scarlet Spider (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Scarlet Spider Kaine (Spider-Man)
Scarlet Spider V.2 (Spider-Man)Scarlet Spider V.3 (Spider-Man)
Scarlet Spider V.4 (Marvel Legends)Scarlet Spider V.5 (Spider-Man)
Scarlet Spider V.6 (Spider-Man)Selene "Black Queen" Gallio (Marvel Legends)
Sentinel (Marvel Legends)Sentinel (Light-Up) (Marvel Legends)
Sersi (Marvel Legends)Shatterstar (Marvel Legends)
Shatterstar V.2 (Marvel Legends)Silk (Marvel Legends)
Silver Sable (Spider-Man)Silver Sable V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)Silver Samurai (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)
Silvermane (Spider-Man)Sin Cara (Wrestling)
Sin Eater (Marvel Legends)Sinclair "Wolfsbane" Rahne (Marvel Legends)
Sinestro Corp. Bur'gunza (DC Universe)Sinestro Corps. Lyssa Drak (Green Lantern)
Sinestro Corps. Tri-Eye (Green Lantern)Sir Kussact (Circus Act) (Original)
Siryn (Marvel Legends)Siryn V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Skrull (Marvel Legends)Skylanders (Gryphon) Sonic Boom (Original)
Spawn (Image)Speed (Marvel Legends)
Speed Demon (Marvel Legends)Speedball (Marvel Legends)
Spider-Carnage (Spider-Man)Spider-Carnage (Spider-Man)
Spider-Girl (Spider-Man)Spider-Girl V.2 (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man India (Spider-Man)Spider-Man Noir (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man Unlimited (Spider-Man)Spider-Man Unlimited (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man Unlimited V.2 (Marvel Legends)Spider-Phoenix (Spider-Man)
Spidercide (Spider-Man)Spidercide V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Spidoc (Marvel Legends)Squirrel Girl (Marvel Legends)
Squirrel Girl V.2 & V.3 (Marvel Legends)Squirrel Girl V.4 (Marvel Legends)
Star Sapphire Abraham Pointe (DC Universe)Star Sapphire Fatality (DC Universe)
Star Sapphire Miss Bloss (DC Universe)Starlord (Marvel Legends)
Starlord (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Stature (Marvel Legends)
Stature V.2 (Marvel Legends)Stature V.3 (Marvel Legends)
Stature V.4 (Marvel Legends)Steampunk Iron Man (Marvel Legends)
Steel Spider (Marvel Legends)Stryfe (Marvel Legends)
Sunfire (Marvel Legends)Sunfire V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Sunspot (Marvel Legends)Sunspot V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Super Adaptoid (Marvel Legends)Super Soldier Steve Rogers (Marvel Legends)
Super Spider (Amalgam)Superman (ML Style) (DC Universe)
Superman/Cyborg Diorama (DC Direct)Swarm (Spider-Man)
Swarm V.2 (Marvel Legends)Symbiote Deadpool - Mercury Team (Marvel Legends)
Symbiote: Blue (Iceman?) (Spider-Man)Symbiote: Green (Lizard?) (Spider-Man)
Symbiote: Lasher (Spider-Man)Symbiote: Phage (Spider-Man)
Symbiote: Red (Human Torch?) (Spider-Man)Symbiote: Riot (Spider-Man)
Tabitha "Boom Boom" Smith (Marvel Legends)Tabitha "Boomer" Smith (Marvel Legends)
Terrax (Marvel Legends)Terrax the Tamer (Marvel Legends)
The Bombastic Bag-Man (Spider-Man)The Looter (Spider-Man)
The Silver Spider (Spider-Man)The Spider (Marvel Legends)
The Spot (Amazing Spider-Man 589) (Spider-Man)The Spot (Marko Djurdjevic Style) (Spider-Man)
The Spot (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)The Spot (Spider-Man: TAS Version) (Spider-Man)
The Spot V.2 (Spider-Man)The Trapster (Marvel Legends)
The Wrecking Crew (Marvel Legends)The Wrecking Crew: Bulldozer (Marvel Legends)
The Wrecking Crew: Piledriver (Marvel Legends)The Wrecking Crew: Thunderball (Marvel Legends)
The Wrecking Crew: Wrecker (Marvel Legends)Thunderbolts: Ghost (Marvel Legends)
Tigershark (Spider-Man)Titania (Marvel Legends)
Toad (Marvel Legends)Tombstone (Spider-Man)
Tombstone V.2 (Marvel Legends)Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Toxin (Spider-Man)Typhoid Mary (Marvel Legends)
U.S. Agent (Marvel Legends)Udon Taskmaster (Marvel Universe)
Ultimate Giant-Man (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Kitty Pryde (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Spider-Girl (Spider-Man)Ultimate Tarantula (Spider-Man)
Ultimate Thor (Ultimate Marvel)Ultron Army Builder (Marvel Legends)
Unmasked Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Usagi Yojimbo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Venom: Flash Thompson (MU Style) (Marvel Universe)Vision (Young Avengers) (Marvel Legends)
Vulturian: Pigeon (Marvel Legends)Warpath (X-Force: Black & Silver) (Marvel Legends)
Warpath (X-Force: Red & Blue) (Marvel Legends)Wasp: Growth Manipulation (Marvel Legends)
Whirlwind (Marvel Legends)Winter Soldier (Marvel Legends)
Wizard (Marvel Legends)Wizard V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Wolfsbane (Marvel Legends)Wolfsbane V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine: Steel Claws (Marvel)Wrecker (Marvel Legends)
X-Force (Black & Silver) (Marvel Legends)X-Force X-23 (Marvel Legends)
Young Vulture (Marvel Legends)Zaran (Marvel Legends)
Zer0: as a NUMBER (Borderlands)Zombie Colossus (Marvel Legends)