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Customizer:6700curtisFirst Made:T-Rexx
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:ARSENAL
Crowd Favorite:Life Sized DeadpoolTotal Customs:60
Current Projects:From My Life Sized Heroes Series I am now working on a Galactus figure with his heralds. He will have working lights and a hovering Silver Surfer in on hand with Fire Lord and Air Walker over his shoulders and Terrax on an asteroid hoveering in front of him.
Honorable Mentions:Featured Customizer at Chicago Comic Con 2009
Comments:Would love to see a Customizer hall of fame and a true convention for customizers.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:7First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.29Second Places:1
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Mar 19, 2012 ShapeshiftersWerewolf by Night- Jack Russel1283.62 
Nov 4, 2011 Frigid FestivitiesSanta Claws1003.69 
Jun 26, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!ARSENAL914.19 
Jun 11, 2009 Rockem' Sockem' Robots!Jupiter One391.56 
May 18, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Russian Ram833.18 
May 11, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Triceritops813.28 
May 11, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2T-Rexx813.51 

All Customs by 6700curtis
1060's TV Batgirl (Marvel Legends)Adam Warlock (Marvel Legends)
Adam Warlock (Marvel Legends)Anklyosaurus (Marvel Legends)
ARSENAL (Marvel Select)Baymax From Big Hero 6 (Marvel Legends)
Birdman (DC Universe)Brontosaur (Marvel Legends)
Brother Voodoo (Marvel Legends)Brutacus (Marvel Legends)
Crusader (Marvel Legends)Doc Savage (Marvel Legends)
Doomsday in Captive Outfit (Marvel Select)Doomsday Part 2 (Marvel Select)
Dormannu (Marvel Select)Ego the Living Planet (Marvel Legends)
Erogelle (Dungeons and Dragons)Eternity (Marvel Legends)
Eternity Life Sized (Marvel Fan-Fic Films)Eternity/Infinity (Marvel Legends)
Galacta (Marvel Icon)Galactus (Original)
Gladiator (Marvel Legends)Grizzly (Marvel Legends)
Groot (Marvel Icon)Jupiter One (Star Wars)
Killraven (Marvel Legends)Krakoa the Living Island (Marvel Icon)
Lady Death (Marvel Fan-Fic Films)Life Sized Deadpool (Marvel)
Life Sized Half Storm (Marvel Legends)Mephisto Hell Ride (Marvel Select)
Morbius (DC Universe)Namor (Marvel Legends)
Porcupine (Marvel Legends)Raptor (Marvel Legends)
Rawhide Kid (Marvel Legends)Red She Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Russian Ram (Marvel Legends)Sandman (Marvel Legends)
Santa Claws (Original)Santa Claws (Marvel Legends)
Sentinal LARGE (Marvel Legends)Stiltman (DC Universe)
T-Rexx (Marvel Legends)T-Rexx (Marvel Legends)
Talisman (Marvel Legends)The Shroud (DC Universe)
Thorrn (Marvel Legends)Tiger Man (DC Universe)
Tiger Shark (DC Universe)Triceritops (Marvel Legends)
Triceritops (Marvel Legends)Trigon (Marvel Icon)
Tyrak (DC Universe)Ultimate Abomination (Marvel Legends)
Ultraman (Marvel Icon)Vampirella (Marvel Icon)
Werewolf by Night- Jack Russel (DC Direct)White Dragon (Marvel Legends)