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First Figure:mego hulk or was it the fisher price space men?Favorite Series:Toy Biz Marvel Legends!!!
Currently Collecting:Nothing really... well my customs... they are my precious!
Want List:M.O.T.U. Classics, and for sure some sideshow/hot toys 12" goodies: Origins Wolverine, Iron Man 2 Mickey Rourke Whiplash, and most of all Heath Ledger police uniform Joker with the 2 costume versions, and those crazy balanced eyes!

Reviews by pulpyfiction
Captain America (Wal-Mart) (Captain America - The First Avenger) - 3.00 StarsCity Hunter Predator (Predators) - 3.50 Stars
Hulk (Marvel Select) - 4.00 StarsIron Man MK42 (Marvel Select) - 2.50 Stars
Nick Fury (Wal-Mart) (Captain America - The First Avenger) - 3.00 StarsThor (Movie Series) (Wal-Mart) (Thor - The Mighty Avenger) - 3.50 Stars

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None Yet

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