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 bootleg buster toys 
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Customizer:bootleg buster toysFirst Made:Emo Rangers
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Alien Ninja TurtlesTotal Customs:71
Current Projects:Doing my own customized toys and toys that are based on comic book characters and cartoons.
Honorable Mentions:I wish my stuff could be on Toyfare magazine and I wish to sale toys like SUCKLORD !!!
Comments:Please check me out on deviantart and tumblr by the name ZTENZILA

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:7First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.58Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
May 17, 2014 Cheapskate ChallengeSpider-Rangers692.74 
May 16, 2014 Cheapskate ChallengeMini Batman Sonia Suit (BATMAN FOREVER)712.70 
May 6, 2014 Cheapskate ChallengeAnimated Dark Knight773.47 
Sep 30, 2013 ShenanigansPillman Action Manikin632.48 
Aug 24, 2013 ShenanigansMAN-Boob Man671.99 
Jun 25, 2013 Trophy RoomSpace Ghost572.47 
May 24, 2009 Ostentatious Originals #2Emo Rangers722.18 

All Customs by bootleg buster toys
Alien Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Animated Dark Knight (Dark Knight)
Bananaman (Misc)Bat-Lee (Bruce Lee)
Batman 1989 Figure (Batman)Birdman (Adult Swim)
Black Simpson (Original)Blackman Action Manikin (Misc)
BLACKMAN Mini Action Manikin (Original)Blue Blaster Beetleborg (Power Rangers)
Buzz Fett (Star Wars)Clone Spider-Bat (Amalgam)
Creepy Cyclops (Edward Scissorhands)Daft Punk (Musicians)
DRAGON FLY from Superhero Movie (Misc)Dreed-Full Judge (2000 AD)
Emo Rangers (Power Rangers)Emotional Wolverine (Edward Scissorhands)
Fatman (Original)FATMAN the Movie Version (Self Customs)
Green Hunter Beetle Borg (Power Rangers)Hempman 5 Inch Action Figure (Original)
Hempman Action Manikin (Original)HULK Is GOLD and SILVER (Marvel Legends)
Iron Lightyear (Amalgam)Japanese Captain America (Self Customs)
Jean Grey Tim Burton Style (Misc)KICK-ASS Justice Forever Suit (Kick-Ass)
Kill-Ass (Kick-Ass)Madman (Madman)
Major Glory (Dexter's Lab)MAN-Boob Man (Original)
Meet the KICK-ASSES (Kick-Ass)Metal Man (Music)
Migthy Trio Batsentai Rangers (Power Rangers)Mini Batman Sonia Suit (BATMAN FOREVER) (Batman - Movie Style)
Mini Emo Rangers (Power Rangers)Night Crawler (Misc)
Phoenix Jones (Misc)Pillman Action Manikin (Original)
PUNKMAN 5 Inch Action Figure (Original)PUNKMAN Action Manikin (Original)
Red Striker Beetleborg (Power Rangers)Religion Rangers (Power Rangers)
Robert Cop (Robocop)Robertcop in GOLD (Robocop)
Space Ghost (Adult Swim)Spider-Bat (Amalgam)
Spider-Bat 02 (Amalgam)Spider-Bat 03 (Amalgam)
Spider-Bat beyond (Amalgam)Spider-Boy 2099 (Amalgam)
Spider-Hemp (Misc)Spider-Rangers (Power Rangers)
Spidey 2-D (Tank-Girl)Super Bat Ninja Turtles (Amalgam)
Super Spider-Man (Amalgam)Superbat Men (Amalgam)
Superhero Returns (Misc)The Blue Falcon (Dexter's Lab)
The Emerald Knight (Amalgam)The F-MEN (Finger & Fist) (Original)
The Guyver (Guyver)The Patriotic Bat Guardian (a JAMIE HEWLETT ART TRIBUTE) (Tank-Girl)
The Spike Wonder (Original)The Spike Wonder 5 Inch Action Figure (Original)
The Tick (Tick)The White Tigher Knight (Amalgam)
Vampireman (Original)Vampireman 5 Inch Action Figure (Original)
Zetman (Manga Heroes)