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Customizer:CapSoldierFirst Made:Original Human Torch
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Winter Soldier
Crowd Favorite:Union Jack & SpitfireTotal Customs:138

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:1First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.31Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Oct 14, 2012 80s Style IISuper-Patriot863.31 

All Customs by CapSoldier
Ace Frehley (Musicians)Ace Frehley V2 (Musicians)
Adam Warlock (Infinity Watch)Ant Man (Ultimates) (Avengers)
Arsenal (DC Superheroes)Banshee (X-Men)
Baron Blood (Invaders)Baron Von Strucker (WWII Version) (Invaders)
Baron Zemo (Marvel Legends)Baron Zemo (Helmut) (Captain America)
Baron Zemo V2 (Captain America)Black Adam (DC Universe)
Black Adam / Mighty Adam (DC Universe)Black Jack (My Heroes)
Black Knight (Dane) (Avengers)Black Knight V2 (Avengers)
Black Panther (Avengers)Black Panther V2 (Avengers)
Black Widow (Marvel)Bloodstone (My Heroes)
Bucky (Marvel Legends)Bucky (Movie Version) (Captain America)
Bucky Cap Black Uniform (Captain America)Captain America (Bucky's Alternate Costume) (Captain America)
Captain America (Steve) (Captain America)Captain America Reborn (Captain America)
Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty (Captain America)Captain Britain (Avengers)
Captain Britain (70's Outfit) (Avengers)Captain Cold (New 52) (DC Universe)
Captain Marvel (Shazam) (Captain Marvel)Citizen Steel (DC Superheroes)
Classic Marvel Winter Soldier (Captain America)Cold War Warriors (Captain America)
Colossus (X-Men)Commandant Stink Bug (My Heroes)
Commander Freedom (My Heroes)Commander Freedom (New) (My Heroes)
Condor (My Heroes)Count Nefaria (Avengers)
Crossbones (Captain America)Custom Bucky Cap Sheild (Captain America)
Damage (DC Universe)Darkfire (Figure Realm)
Darkfire V2 (My Heroes)Disintegration (My Heroes)
Dr. Fate (Classic) (DC Universe)Dr. Midnite (DC Superheroes)
Dr. Strange (Avengers)Dr. Strange ( New Defenders Outfit) (Avengers)
Falcon (Captain America)Falcon in Flight (Avengers)
Flash (Barry Allen) (DC Superheroes)Flash (Injustice Version) (Injustice)
Flash (Jay Garrick) (DC Superheroes)FLASH (Original Barry) (Justice League)
Flash (Wally West) (Justice League)Flashpoint Aquaman (DC Universe)
Flashpoint Batman (Batman)Greyhawk (My Heroes)
Guardian (Alpha Flight) (Alpha Flight)Harley Quinn (Batman)
Hawkeye (Movie/Ultimates) (Avengers)Hawkman (DC Universe)
Hercules (Avengers)Human Torch V2 (Avengers)
Ice Star (My Heroes)Ironfist (Avengers)
Johnny Quick (DC Universe)Kaptain Midnite (My Heroes)
Kid Flash (Wally West) (DC Superheroes)Lionheart (Avengers)
Lord Anzarth (Dungeons and Dragons)Luke Cage / Powerman (Avengers)
Master Man (Invaders)Mighty Destroyer (Invaders)
Moon Knight (Avengers)Movie / Brown Costume (X-Men)
Movie/Comic Winter Soldier (Captain America)Ms Marvel (Avengers)
Namor (Marvel)Namor (V2) (Invaders)
New Captain America (Marvel)Nick Fury W/ Jet Pack (S.H.I.E.L.D)
Nightwing (New 52) (DC Universe)Nomad (Captain America)
Nomad ( Jack )V2 (Captain America)Nomad (Jack Monroe) (Captain America)
Nomad V2 (Captain America)Nova Prime (Avengers)
Original Human Torch (Invaders)Original Winter Soldier (Captain America)
Professor Zoom (DC Universe)Professor Zoom (DC Universe)
Quasar (Avengers)Red Guardian (Avengers)
Red Robin (Batman & Robin)Red Skull (Marvel)
Scarlet Witch (Avengers)Shaman (Alpha Flight)
Sharon Carter (Captain America)She Hulk (Avengers)
Siphon (My Heroes)Soaring Eagle (My Heroes)
Spike (My Heroes)Spitfire (Invaders)
Steve Rogers, Super Soldier (Captain America)Super-Patriot (Captain America)
Taskmaster (Avengers)The Invaders (Invaders)
The Ray (DC Universe)The Shadow (Pulp Characters)
The Sheild (DC Universe)Thor (Avengers)
Thunderbird (X-Men)Thunderstrike (Avengers)
Toro (Invaders)Transition of Bucky Barnes (Captain America)
U.S. Agent (Captain America)U.S. Agent V2 (Avengers)
Ultimate WW2 Captain America (Marvel Legends)Ultron (Avengers)
Union Jack (Marvel Legends)Union Jack (Joey Chapman) (Invaders)
Union Jack & Spitfire (Invaders)Vision (Avengers)
War Machine (Avengers)Winter Soldier (Marvel)
Winter Soldier Sniper Nest (Captain America)Winter Soldier V2 (Captain America)
Winter Soldier, Sniper (Captain America)Wolverine (Avengers Outfit) (Avengers)
Wolverine (Brown Costume) (X-Men)Wonder Man (Avengers)
Wulf (Dungeons and Dragons)WW2 Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Yellowjacket (Avengers)Zyra, the Sorcerous (Fantasy)

Custom Tutorials by CapSoldier
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