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Customizer:argenta-2008First Made:Giganta
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Horde Prime
Crowd Favorite:MOTUC Horde TrooperTotal Customs:544
Current Projects:Finish the Those Who Sit Above in Shadow (I've made 3 out of 5).
Honorable Mentions:Featured in the blog nerd city for Horde Trooper & Inkshot, the jafaristew blog for Evil man-at-arms, the Doompuppet blog, and the honours here mentioned;

1# GI Joe best vehicle Crimson contest
3# GI Joe best group Crimson contest
1# Gender Bender 2 Figurealm contest 2010
2# Gender Bender 2 Figurealm contest 2010
2# Mirror Images Figurealm contest 2010
3# Mirror Images Figurealm contest 2010
2# Capcomical Figurealm contest 2011
3# Ultimate Custom Figure contest 2011
3# Best Cobra Recombination Crimson VI 2011
1# Best Cobra Repaint Crimson VI 2011
3# Best Cobra creation Crimson VI 2011
3# Best Cobra group Crimson VI 2011
1# Best GI Joe painted Recombination Crimson VI 2011
1# Best GI Joe creation Crimson VI 2011
1# Best Crossover figure Crimson VI 2011
1# Best MOTUC custom Grayskull contest 2009
2# Best MOTUC custom Grayskull contest 2009
3# Best MOTUC custom Grayskull contest 2009
1# Best MOTU Vintage figure custom Grayskull contest 2010
1# Best MOTU Repaint figure custom Grayskull contest 2010
1# Best MOTU 200X figure custom Grayskull contest 2010
2# Best MOTU 200X figure custom Grayskull contest 2010
1# Best MOTUC figure custom Grayskull contest 2010
3# Best MOTUC figure custom Grayskull contest 2010
Comments:I started in the world of the customs making Giganta, the DC character, although previously I made some GI Joe customs. Curiously, I have made few DC characters since then.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:14First Places:2
User Voted Rating:3.86Second Places:3
   Third Places:1

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jan 13, 2012 JapanimationDabura1124.49 
Mar 26, 2011 CapcomicalSeth - Street Fighter IV1534.20 
Mar 26, 2011 CapcomicalBilstein - Plasma Sword1504.23 
Mar 19, 2011 CapcomicalDormammu Marvel Vs Capcom1624.43 
Nov 29, 2010 Mirror ImagesDazzler1043.35 
Nov 28, 2010 Mirror ImagesDr. Dare (Dr. Doom Mirror Image)1124.04 
Nov 28, 2010 Mirror ImagesThe Dark Falcon1154.27 
Oct 29, 2010 Gender Bender 2Turbulence1384.35 
Oct 28, 2010 Gender Bender 2Lady Iron Fist1324.20 
Oct 28, 2010 Gender Bender 2She-Sphinx1173.15 
Jul 31, 2010 Way They Should BeMystique1323.39 
Jul 27, 2010 Way They Should BeDocrates, Knight of the Hydra1283.60 
Jul 23, 2010 Way They Should BeBlack Hole1262.99 
Mar 12, 2010 Star WarsCad Bane Clone Trooper Armour1123.33 

All Customs by argenta-2008
12 Inch Madjack (Marvel Icon)12 Inches Ultimo (Marvel Legends)
Abel (Myth Cloth)Adzar (Masters of the Universe)
Aegis - New Warriors (Marvel Legends)Aerion of the Winter (Myth Cloth)
Agent Brand (Marvel Legends)Agent Zero (Marvel Legends)
Aioria Leo Plain Cloth (Myth Cloth)Aioros Plain Cloth (Myth Cloth)
Ajak (Marvel Legends)Albiore Cepheus (Myth Cloth)
Alex Grimond (Marvel Legends)Alistair Smythe (Marvel Legends)
Alpha Flight Leader Wolverine (Marvel Legends)Amelia Voght (Marvel Legends)
Amenophis of Thot (Myth Cloth)Aminedi (Marvel Legends)
Ant Man III Night Ops (Marvel Legends)Ant-Arctic (Masters of the Universe)
Antalya, the Blue Goddess (Masters of the Universe)Anthro (Marvel Legends)
Anthro Definitive Version (Marvel Legends)Anti He-Man (Masters of the Universe)
Anti-Man (Marvel Legends)Aoa Magneto (Marvel Legends)
Aracne Tarantula (Myth Cloth)Aramesh (Masters of the Universe)
Araña (Marvel Legends)Ares God of War (Marvel)
Arkon the Great (Marvel Legends)Armada (Marvel Legends)
Arsenal (Marvel Legends)Asgardian Warrior (Saint Seiya)
Astro-Man (Masters of the Universe)Athena (Marvel Legends)
Auric (Marvel Legends)Balder the Brave (Marvel Legends)
Baron Karza (Marvel Legends)Basher (Masters of the Universe)
Bastila Shan (Star Wars)Beast (Marvel Legends)
Belia Darzu (Star Wars)Belia Darzu Dark Version (Star Wars)
Belzar (Masters of the Universe)Bilstein - Plasma Sword (Capcom)
Black Andromeda (Saint Seiya) (Myth Cloth)Black Hole (Kinnikuman)
Black Hole (Marvel Legends)Black Knight - Ahura Boltagon - Black Bolt and Medusa's Son (Marvel Legends)
Black Lantern Solovar (DC Universe)Blackbird (Masters of the Universe)
Bling (Marvel Legends)Blink as the in-Betweener (Marvel Legends)
Blood Rose (Marvel Legends)Bloodhawk (Marvel Legends)
Bog Dog (Masters of the Universe)Bogatyri - Mikula (Marvel Legends)
Bogatyri - Svyatogor (Marvel Legends)Bolt (Marvel Legends)
Bolt V2 (Marvel Legends)Bone Monster (Masters of the Universe)
Bone Monster (Masters of the Universe)Braggadoom (Marvel Legends)
Brainiac 13 (DC Universe)Bridge (Marvel Legends)
Brimstone (DC Superheroes)Brona - the Enchanters Three (Marvel Legends)
Brother Seven (Marvel Legends)Burst (Marvel Legends)
Byte (Marvel Legends)Cache (Marvel Legends)
Cad Bane Clone Trooper Armour (Star Wars)Cameron - Terminator (Terminator)
Camille Knight of Pictoris (Myth Cloth)Captain Forsa (Marvel Legends)
Captain Planet (Captain Planet)Captain Universe As Spiderman (Marvel Legends)
Carmille Unuscione (Marvel Legends)Cassios (Myth Cloth)
Celeste Morne (Star Wars)Celeste Morne (Star Wars)
Celeste Morne KOTOR Deluxe (Star Wars)Centurius (Marvel Legends)
Chadzar (Masters of the Universe)Chameleon - Animated Style (Marvel Legends)
Chemistro Avengers Cartoon (Marvel Legends)Chromartie / John Laszlo (Terminator)
Classic White Tiger (Marvel Universe)Clawful Neca Articulated (Masters of the Universe)
Colossal Boy (DC Superheroes)Count Dooku Jedi Master (Star Wars)
Crag (Marvel Legends)Crimson Commando (Marvel Legends)
Crimson Crusader (Marvel Legends)Crimson Dynamo (Marvel Legends)
Crucible (Marvel Legends)Crypto Man (Marvel Legends)
Cyclops Jim Lee Style (Marvel Legends)Dabura (Dragonball Z)
Dark Raider (Marvel Legends)Darkhawk (Marvel Legends)
Darkoth (Marvel Legends)Dazzler (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool Comic Version (Marvel Legends)Decibel (Marvel Legends)
Dee-Range (Masters of the Universe)Definitive Graviton (Marvel Legends)
Desann (Star Wars)Diamondback (Marvel Legends)
Digitek (Marvel Legends)Docrates V2 (Myth Cloth)
Docrates, Knight of the Hydra (Myth Cloth)Dohko Libra Broken Version (Myth Cloth)
Dolphin Knight (Myth Cloth)Dominus Rex (Marvel Legends)
Donovan ("V")Dormammu Marvel Vs Capcom (Marvel vs Capcom)
Dr. Asamori (Myth Cloth)Dr. Dare (Dr. Doom Mirror Image) (Marvel Legends)
Dr. Spectrum (Marvel Legends)Dr. Volkh (Marvel Legends)
Draaga (DC Direct)Dreadknight (Marvel Legends)
Dryad (Marvel Legends)Eden Orion Saint Seiya Omega (Myth Cloth)
Ekhorn AD&D (Dungeons and Dragons)Electro Marvel Icons (Marvel Icon)
Elektra (Marvel Legends)Enchantress (Marvel Select)
Enrakt -the Enchanters Three (Marvel Legends)Erik The Red (Marvel Legends)
Eternity (Marvel Legends)EuríAle of Perseus (Myth Cloth)
Evil Man-at-Arms (Masters of the Universe)Evil Maris Brood Aka "Madgirl" (Star Wars)
Evil Robot (Masters of the Universe)Evilseed MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)
Executioner Specter (Myth Cloth)Exodus (Marvel Legends)
Exodus V2 (Marvel Legends)Ezekiel Stane (Marvel Legends)
Fabian Cortez (Marvel Legends)Fabian Cortez (Marvel Legends)
Falzon (Marvel Legends)Fandral (Marvel Legends)
Fangman MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)Felis Yami Silver Knight (Myth Cloth)
Firearms (Masters of the Universe)Firebrand (Marvel Legends)
Firefist (Marvel Legends)Flare (Saint Seiya)
Flashpoint (Marvel Legends)Frenzy (Marvel Legends)
Frightorb (Masters of the Universe)Future Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Gargan (Marvel Legends)Gargon (Masters of the Universe)
Geist Leader of the Ghost Saints (Myth Cloth)General Ael-Dann (Marvel Legends)
General Cheops (Marvel Legends)Genoshan Magistrate Elite Trooper (Marvel Legends)
Ghazi, Knight of the Summer (Myth Cloth)Ghost (Marvel Legends)
Ghost Rider with Hellbike Marvel Icons (Marvel Icon)Giant Red Terrorcotta Warrior (Masters of the Universe)
Giant Stone Sentries of Anwat Gar (Masters of the Universe)Giganta (DC Universe)
Giganto of Cyclops Definitive Version (Myth Cloth)Gigantus of Cyclops (Myth Cloth)
Gilgamesh (Marvel Legends)Githany (Star Wars)
Godstalker (Marvel Legends)Goldman (Kinnikuman)
Gortusk (Marvel Legends)Graviton (Marvel Legends)
Gravity (Marvel Legends)Grayskull Knight MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)
Great Power (Original)Green Goblin Marvel Icons (Marvel Icon)
Green Lantern Spiderman (Marvel Legends)Green Skull (Amalgam)
Grimsword (Dungeons and Dragons)Guardsman (Iron Man 2)
Guilty (Saint Seiya)Guilty V2 (Myth Cloth)
Gygor MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)Hades Skeleton (Saint Seiya)
Hal Jordan as Orange Lantern DCUC (DC Superheroes)Hatshepsut of Sekhmet (Myth Cloth)
Havok (Marvel Legends)He Who Sits above in Shadow - Leader (Marvel Legends)
Headsman (Marvel Legends)Heimdall (Marvel Legends)
Hela (Marvel Legends)Helspont (Wildcats)
High Evolutionary (Marvel Legends)High Priest Ghaur (Marvel Legends)
Hogun The Grim (Marvel Legends)Hogun the Grim (Marvel Legends)
Hollywood (Marvel Legends)Hordak's Throne (Masters of the Universe)
Horde Prime (Masters of the Universe)Horde Prime (Bootleg Version) (Masters of the Universe)
Horde Prime V2 with Horde Symbol (Masters of the Universe)Horde Twitch (Masters of the Universe)
Hrimhari - Wolf Prince (Marvel Legends)Humus Sapien (Marvel Legends)
Hunter (DC Superheroes)Hunter Prey (Star Wars)
Hyperion (Marvel Legends)Hypertron (Marvel Legends)
Icarus (Marvel Legends)Ice Sorceror (Masters of the Universe)
Icer MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)Ikaris (Marvel Legends)
Illumina MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)Immortus (Marvel Legends)
Imperfect Spiderman (Marvel Legends)Impulse (Marvel Legends)
Indigo Atom (DC Universe)Infinity (Marvel Legends)
Infinity (Marvel Legends)Inkshot (Masters of the Universe)
Intello (Marvel Legends)Iron Man Bleeding Edge (Marvel Select)
Ironclad (Marvel Legends)Isaac (Marvel Legends)
Jack of Hearts (Marvel Legends)James Ellison (Terminator)
Jan Ors (Star Wars)Jango (Myth Cloth)
Jean Grey (Marvel Legends)Jean Grey V2 (Marvel Legends)
Jellyfish Ghost Saint (Myth Cloth)Jetstream - Hellions (Marvel Legends)
Jitsu MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)John Connor (Terminator)
Jorfar (Original)Jubilee Jim Lee (Marvel Legends)
Juggernaut (New Helmet) (Marvel Legends)Kaine (Marvel Legends)
Kamal (Marvel Legends)Kamal V2 (Marvel Legends)
Karg (Masters of the Universe)Karkinos (Masters of the Universe)
Kendra, Apprentice of She-Ra (Masters of the Universe)Kevin Mask Kinnikuman (Kinnikuman)
Khonshu (Marvel Legends)King Helios (Masters of the Universe)
King Randor 200X (Masters of the Universe)Kinnikuman the Great (Kinnikuman)
Kismet (Marvel Legends)Kobra Khan Camuflado (Masters of the Universe)
Kol Dar (Masters of the Universe)Kolomaq (Marvel Legends)
Kolossor (Masters of the Universe)Komodo the Initiative (Marvel Legends)
Kraven the Hunter (Marvel Legends)Kraven the Hunter Marvel Icons (Marvel Icon)
Kronos (Marvel Legends)Krystalline (Marvel Legends)
Kulatak Elder MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)Kurse (Marvel Legends)
Lady Chaos (Marvel Legends)Lady Iron Fist (Marvel Legends)
Laura (Pathway) (Marvel Legends)Lava Skeletor Vintage (Masters of the Universe)
Libra (Marvel Legends)Lightning Lad (DC Superheroes)
Lightspeed (Marvel Legends)Living Laser (Marvel Legends)
Living Lightning (Marvel Legends)Lizard Man (Masters of the Universe)
Lockdown (Marvel Legends)Lodar, the Slave Master (Masters of the Universe)
Lodar, the Slavemaster (Masters of the Universe)Lord Masque (Masters of the Universe)
Lord Tantalus (Marvel Legends)Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)
Machine Man (DC Superheroes)Magg-Rot (Masters of the Universe)
Magnir - the Enchanters Three (Marvel Legends)Magnum PI in Commando Suit (G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary)
Makkari (Marvel Legends)Malekith the Accursed (Marvel Legends)
Man-O-Taur Delodoss (Masters of the Universe)Man-O-War (Masters of the Universe)
Man-Slayer (Marvel Legends)Manphibian MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)
Mean-O-Tor (Masters of the Universe)Meanstreak (Marvel Legends)
Mechamage (Marvel Legends)Medieval Daredevil (Marvel Legends)
Megaman (Marvel Legends)Megator (Masters of the Universe)
Megator Classic Style (Masters of the Universe)Melf / Peralay AD&D (Masters of the Universe)
Melpomene, Muse of Apollo (Myth Cloth)Meltdown (Marvel Legends)
Menak of Osiris (Myth Cloth)Mentor (Marvel Legends)
Metal Cooler - My 500th Custom (Dragonball Z)Metalhead (Marvel Legends)
Metanira, Knight of Autumn (Myth Cloth)Meteorite (Marvel Legends)
Mitsumasa Kido in Suit (Myth Cloth)Mocking Bird Heroic Age (Marvel Legends)
Moira Mc Taggart (Marvel Legends)Mojo II (Marvel Legends)
Molten Man Marvel Icons (Marvel Icon)Monarch (DC Direct)
Monarch V2 (Marvel Legends)Moonstone Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)
Morag the Witch (Star Wars)Morbius 12 Inch (Marvel Icon)
Morningstar / Zvezda Dennitsa (Marvel Legends)Morph Exiles (Marvel Legends)
MOTUC Goatman (Masters of the Universe)MOTUC Horde Trooper (Masters of the Universe)
MOTUC Mosquitor (Masters of the Universe)MOTUC Negator (Masters of the Universe)
MOTUC Strongarm (Masters of the Universe)MOTUC Uniquor (Masters of the Universe)
MOTUC Zilora (Masters of the Universe)Movie Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)
Mr. Donovan (Marvel Legends)Mr. Justice (Marvel Legends)
Multiplex (DC Superheroes)My 300th Custom; Manhunter Highmaster (DC Universe)
My 400th Custom - Kang's Throne Room with Princess Ravonna (Marvel Legends)Mystique (Marvel Legends)
Namorita Prentiss (Marvel Legends)Nebula (Marvel Legends)
Network, of Alpha Squadron (Marvel Legends)Nightcrawler (Marvel Legends)
Nighttra (Thundercats)Ninjor 200X (Masters of the Universe)
Nova - New Warriors Style (Marvel Legends)Nova Omega (Marvel Legends)
Ocean (Saint Seiya)Okko (Myth Cloth)
Omega Sentinel (Marvel Legends)One above All (Marvel Legends)
Oort the Living Comet (Marvel Legends)Opa Luna Saturnyne (DC Direct)
Oracle (Marvel Legends)Orion (Myth Cloth)
Orka (Marvel Legends)Orphanmaker / the Protector (Marvel Legends)
Overmind (Marvel Legends)Pagan (Marvel Legends)
Paladin (Marvel Legends)Parasite JLU Style (DC Universe)
Pavel Rasputin (Marvel Legends)Penance (Marvel Legends)
Pentagon Man (Kinnikuman)Perun, Slav God of Thunder (Marvel Legends)
Phantom Girl (DC Superheroes)Phoenix (Marvel Legends)
Photon (Marvel Legends)Phylaí of Hathor (Myth Cloth)
Piscis Australis Knight (Saint Seiya)Plasma (Marvel Legends)
Portal (Marvel Legends)Power Crazy Genis Vell (Marvel Legends)
Prahvus (Masters of the Universe)Prester John (Marvel Legends)
Professor Xavier Astral Plane Armour (Marvel Legends)Prometheus (Myth Cloth)
Psylocke (Marvel Legends)Puck (Marvel Legends)
Puma Marvel Icons (Marvel Icon)Purge (Marvel Legends)
Purple Girl (Marvel Legends)Qnax (Amphibion) (Marvel Legends)
Queen Eleyn (Marvel Legends)Rain-Boy (Marvel Legends)
Ramenman Kinnikuman (Kinnikuman)Rat King Cartoon Version (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Ravage 2099 (Marvel Legends)Rebelmeister (G.I. Joe)
Red Knight (Masters of the Universe)Reda Knight of Andromeda Island (Saint Seiya)
Ricardo Disguised Lord of Darkness (Kinnikuman)Riddle (Masters of the Universe)
Rom of Galador (Marvel)Rom of Galador (Marvel Legends)
Rosetta Stone (Marvel Legends)Rubbermaid (Marvel Legends)
S.H.O.C. (Marvel Legends)Sabra (Marvel Legends)
Sabutor (Masters of the Universe)Sage (Marvel Legends)
Sagittarius (Marvel Legends)Sandman (Marvel Legends)
Sandstorm (Marvel Legends)Sarah Connor (Terminator)
Saturn Girl (DC Superheroes)Saturn Knight ("V")
Sawnado (Masters of the Universe)Scarlet Spider (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends)Scorpio (Marvel Legends)
Screamor (Masters of the Universe)Scrollos 200X (Masters of the Universe)
Scrollos the Observer (Masters of the Universe)Sculptor Kiki (Myth Cloth)
Sea Hawk 200x (Masters of the Universe)Sea Serpent Ghost Saints (Myth Cloth)
Sean Matsuda (Street Fighter)Senyaka (Marvel Legends)
Senyaka V2 (Marvel Legends)Seth (Marvel Legends)
Seth - Street Fighter IV (Street Fighter)Shademaster (G.I. Joe)
Shadi (Yugioh)Shadow Weaver 200x Style (Masters of the Universe)
Shadraq (Marvel Legends)Shaina Gold Cloth (Myth Cloth)
Shalla Bal (Marvel Legends)Sharkskin (Marvel Legends)
She-Sphinx (Marvel Select)Shion Aries (Myth Cloth)
Shokoti 200X Style (Masters of the Universe)Siena Blaze (Marvel Legends)
Sif (Marvel Select)Silver (Marvel Legends)
Sirocco (Marvel Legends)Skaldor MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)
Skeletron (Marvel Legends)Skullbuster (Marvel Legends)
Skybolt (Marvel Legends)Slipstream (Marvel Legends)
Smart Alec (Marvel Legends)Smuggler (Marvel Legends)
Snake Clan Soldier (Masters of the Universe)Solarr (Marvel Legends)
Songbird Modern Version (Marvel Legends)Sonic (Marvel Legends)
Soulmask (Myth Cloth)Southern Cross Silver Knight (Myth Cloth)
Speed (Marvel Legends)Speed Demon (Marvel Legends)
Speedball - New Warriors (Marvel Legends)Spider Slayer Mk12 (Marvel Legends)
Spider Slayer V (Marvel Legends)Spidercide (Marvel Legends)
Spiritum (Masters of the Universe)Staghorn MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)
Stature (Marvel Legends)Steel Brigade New Style (G.I. Joe)
Stereo (Kinnikuman)Stingray (Galaxy Rangers)
Stripmine (Marvel Legends)Strongarm (Marvel Legends)
Strongheart MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)Suikyo CráTeris (Myth Cloth)
Sunfire (Marvel Legends)Sunstroke (Marvel Legends)
Super Adaptoid (Marvel Legends)Super Sabre (Marvel Legends)
Super Snout Spout (Masters of the Universe)Supernaut (Marvel Legends)
Surge (Marvel Legends)Surge V2 (Marvel Legends)
Surge V3 (Marvel Legends)Sy-Ko (Masters of the Universe)
Syrin Deadpool Comic Version (Marvel Legends)T-Ray (Marvel Legends)
Tatsumi (Mylock) (Myth Cloth)Tatsumi in Suit (Myth Cloth)
Tavion Axmis (Star Wars)Tech-Noir (Marvel Legends)
Tefral the Surveyor (Marvel Legends)Temis, Knight of the Spring (Myth Cloth)
Tempus (Marvel Legends)Terrorcotta (Gray Version) (Masters of the Universe)
Thalos ("V")The Beastmaster (Marvel Legends)
The Beetle (Marvel Legends)The Bengal (Marvel Legends)
The Beyonder (Marvel Legends)The Conqueror of the Microverse (Marvel Legends)
The Crusader (Marvel Legends)The Dark Falcon (Marvel Legends)
The Destroyer of Souls (Marvel Legends)The Extant (DC Direct)
The Faceless One MOTUC (Masters of the Universe)The Game Master (Masters of the Universe)
The High Evolutionary (Marvel Legends)The in-Betweener (Marvel Legends)
The Living Tribunal (Marvel Legends)The Masked Marauder (Marvel Legends)
The Master (Marvel Legends)The Melter (Marvel Legends)
The Monster of the Badoon (Marvel Legends)The Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)
The Sphinx (Marvel Legends)The Spirit of Times, Tempos (Marvel Legends)
The Swordsman (Marvel Legends)The Third that Sits above in Shadow (Marvel Legends)
The Unspoken (Marvel Legends)The Wizard (Marvel Legends)
Thena (Marvel Legends)Thetys Mermaid (Myth Cloth)
Time Bot (Marvel Legends)Tombstone (Marvel Legends)
Torgo (Marvel Legends)Torpedo (Marvel Legends)
Toth Amon (Conan)Tultak (Masters of the Universe)
Tung Lashor (Masters of the Universe)Turbo (Marvel Legends)
Turbulence (Marvel Legends)Tyrak the Treacherous (Marvel Legends)
Tytus (Masters of the Universe)Tytus (Masters of the Universe)
Ulhild Specter of the Worm (Myth Cloth)Ultron Annihilation Conquest (Marvel Legends)
Urania, Muse of Astronomy (Myth Cloth)V Visitor Shock Trooper ("V")
Verminouss Skumm (Captain Planet)Visas Marr (Star Wars)
Visas Marr (Star Wars)Vortex (Marvel Legends)
Vulcano (Masters of the Universe)Wallflower (Marvel Legends)
Warbird (Marvel Legends)Warduke AD&D Classics (Masters of the Universe)
Warmask (Masters of the Universe)Waverider (DC Superheroes)
Whirlwind (Masters of the Universe)Whirlwind (Marvel Legends)
Wildfire (DC Direct)Wildfire (DC Superheroes)
Will O' the Wisp (Marvel Legends)Wind Dancer (Marvel Legends)
Wire (Marvel Legends)Yngvar the Blacksmith (Masters of the Universe)
Yurij of the Sextant (Myth Cloth)Zaran, Master of Arms (Marvel Legends)
Zatanna (DC Direct)Ziron (Masters of the Universe)

Custom Tutorials by argenta-2008
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