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Customizer:Yokai-JohnFirst Made:Glow in the Dark Frankenstein's Monster
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Ippondatara,One Leged Yokai Blacksmith
Crowd Favorite:Ax-Man from Furthest Rhun(LOTR,the Book)Total Customs:324
Current Projects:Moth-man Figurine,Franken-clown figurine,and Mummy-Clown.
Honorable Mentions:My work has been featured in many stores over the years including The Village Chess Shop LTD,Its A Mod Mod World,Earth-Sea,Morgana's Chamber,Zito Gallery,Trash & Vaudeville NY,Rudy's Hobby Queens,Riverstone in Connecticut,The Perfect Nothing Catalog in Brooklyn, and a few smaller shops.
My work has been featured in Time Out Magazine,and many smaller local mags and papers over the years.
Comments:I've been making and selling my little creations since 1996.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:6First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.63Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jun 27, 2011 Tabletop ClashZarak,the Half-Orc Assassin(AD&D)962.40 
Jun 22, 2011 Tabletop ClashMelf,Good Elf Fighter(AD&D)902.38 
Jun 11, 2011 Tabletop ClashStrongheart,Good Paladin(AD&D)963.07 
Feb 28, 2011 You've Been SlimedDorotabo892.70 
Jan 21, 2011 You've Been SlimedBetobeto-San(Mr.Gooey)982.80 
Sep 2, 2009 Four HorsemenGreen Oni772.43 

All Customs by Yokai-John
(Red) Oni (Mego)Abarasumashi (Mego)
Abominable Snowman & Yeti Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Akaname(Filth Licker) (Mego)
Alatar the Blue Wizard (of Far Harad) (Mego)Alatar,Blue Wizard of the South (Misc)
Almas & Yeren S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Alpha 7,the Man from Mars (Mego)
Amefuri-Kozou(Rain-Boy) (Mego)Amikiri(the Net-Cutter) (Mego)
Ao-Bouzu(Blue-Monk (Mego)Arctic Wolf-Man (Mego)
Astronautilus,the Man from Neptune (Mego)Ax-Man from Furthest Rhun(LOTR,the Book) (Mego)
Axe-Man from Far Rhun (Misc)Axe-Man of Far Rhun(No.2,No Helmet) (Misc)
Azuki-Arai,the Little Red-Bean Washing Man (Mego)Baby Gill-Man (Mego)
Bake-Neko and Obake-Katana Accessory (Mego)Bake-Zouri(Haunted Straw Sandal) (Mego)
Bake-Zouri002 (Mego)Balchoth Kataphraket(Rhun Heavy Calvary,LOTR) (Mego)
Betobeto-San(Mr.Gooey) (Mego)Big Head Dracula Sculpture (Misc)
Big Head Mummy (Misc)Big Head Sea-Monster Sculpture (Misc)
Big Head Werewolf Sculpture (Misc)Big-Head Monster Sculpture (Misc)
Biwa-Bokuboku(Haunted Asian Lute) (Mego)Black Oni (Mego)
Black Werewolf (Mego)Blue Dragon with Magic Wand (Misc)
Blue Oni (Mego)Blue Tengu (Mego)
Boxer with Made in America Band Logo (Misc)Chimp & Orangutan Salt and Pepper Saker Set (Mini Size) (Misc)
Chimpanzee & Gorilla Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Chouchin-Obake 002 (Mego)
Chouchin-Obake(Huanted Lantern) (Mego)Consulting the Palantir (Lord of the Rings)
Corsair of Umbar(LOTR) (Lord of the Rings)Count Clownula(Vampire-Clown II) Figurine (Original)
Creature #2 (Mego)Creature #3 (Mego)
Dai-Kaiju & Mecha-Dai-Kaiju Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.1 (Misc)Dai-Kaiju & Mecha-Dai-Kaiju Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.2 (Misc)
Daikaiju Vs Giant Ape Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.2 (Godzilla)Dodomeki(the Yokai with Eyes on Her Arms) (Mego)
Dorotabo (Mego)Dracula (Mego)
Dracula & the Wolfman Salt&Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Dracula #2 (Mego)
Dracula and Bride S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Drex,Evil Warrior(AD&D) (Mego)
Dunlending Warrior(LOTR,Book 2) (Mego)Electro (Mego)
Electron +,the Man from Pluto(Planet X) (Mego)Elkhorn,Good Fighter(AD&D) (Mego)
Emishi Warrior (Misc)Emishi Warrior Number Two (Misc)
Emperor Napoleon the 1st and Marengo (Misc)Fantasy Muscle Men Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Masters of the Universe)
Fantasy Musclemen Shakers Set No.2 (Masters of the Universe)Fat Mordor Uruk(orc) (Lord of the Rings)
Female Red Oni (Mego)Flatwoods Monster & Mothman Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)
Frakenstein's Monster No.8 (Pale Blue Frankenstein) (Mego)Frakenstien on Wheels Action Figure (Horror)
Franken-Clown (Original)Franken-Clown II (Original)
Franken-Pencil Holder Head Sculpt 002 (Misc)Frankenstein's Monster #4 (Mego)
Frankenstein's Monster #5 (Mego)Frankenstein's Monster #6 (Mego)
Frankenstein's Monster #7 (Mego)Frankenstein's Monster No.10 (Mego)
Frankenstein's Monster No.11 (Mego)Frankenstein(from the Monster Squad Movie) (Mego)
Frankensteins Monster No.9 (Glow in the Dark No.2) (Mego)General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas (Misc)
Genghis Khan(temujin) (Mego)Ghan Buri Ghan(Leader of the Wilde-Men,LOTR) (Lord of the Rings)
Gill-Man 004 (Mego)Gill-Man No.5 (Mego)
Gill-Woman (Mego)Gillman from the Creature Walks among Us (Mego)
Glow in the Dark Frankenstein's Monster (Mego)Goat-Man & Beast of Bray Road Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)
Goat-Man & Moth-Man S&P Saker Set No.1 (Misc)Goat-Man & Moth-Man S&P Shaker Set No.3 (Misc)
Goat-Man Vs the Chupacabara S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Goblin Archer of the White-hand (Lord of the Rings)
Goblin of the Evil-eye of Sauron (Lord of the Rings)Goblin-man in the Service of Saruman (Lord of the Rings)
Gollum (Lord of the Rings)Good Warrior of Far Rhun (Mego)
Graf Orlok (Mego)Green Oni (Mego)
Grim-Sword,the Evil Knight(AD&D) (Mego)Guilez the Ogre (Dragonriders Of The Styx)
Half-orc (saruman's Fighting Uruk-hai) (Lord of the Rings)Hanuman the Monkey God (Mego)
Haradrim Archer(LOTR,the Books) (Mego)Haradrim Warrior (Lord of the Rings)
Hellboy (Hellboy)Hitotsume-Kozou (Mego)
Honshu Emishi Warrior(Archer Kneeling) (Misc)Hunch-Back#2 (Mego)
Hunch-Back#3 (Mego)Hunch-Back#4 (Mego)
Hyakume,the Hundred Eyed Yokai (Mego)Ichigen-Issoku("One Eye and One Leg") (Mego)
Inugami (Mego)Ippon-Datara002 (Mego)
Ippondatara,One Leged Yokai Blacksmith (Mego)Ittan-Momen (Mego)
Jack and Sally Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Full Body Style) (Nightmare Before Christmas)Jenny Greenteeth (Mego)
Jersey Devil & Beast of Bray Road S&P Shaker Set No.2 (Misc)Jersey Devil & Sasquatch(Old Red-Eye) S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Jersey Devil and Beast of Bray Road S & P Shaker Set (Misc)Jersey Devil and Moth-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Kama-Nari(Living Cooking Pot) (Mego)Kameosa (Mego)
Kappa (Mego)Kappa No.2,with Cucumber Accessory (Mego)
Kappa No.3 (Mego)Kappa004 (Mego)
Kappa006 (Mego)Kara-Kasa(Kasa-Obake)007 (Mego)
Kasa-Obake (Umbrella Monster)Miniature No.4 (Monsters)Kasa-Obake 008 (Mego)
Kasa-Obake Miniature No.1 (Monsters)Kasa-Obake Miniature No.2 (Monsters)
Kasa-Obake(Kara-Kasa)002 (Mego)Kasa-Obake(Kara-Kasa)005 (Mego)
Kasa-Obake(Karakasa) (Mego)Kasa-Obake(the Umbrella Monster) Miniature No.3 (Monsters)
Kasa-Obake003 (Mego)Kasa-Obake004(Armless Version) (Mego)
Kasa-Obake006(White Arms & Legs) (Mego)Kelek,the Evil Sorcerer(AD&D) (Mego)
Kentucky Goat-Man and Big-Foot S&P Shaker Set No.2 (Misc)Kentucky Sasquatch & Kentucky Goat-Man S&P Shaker Set No.1 (Misc)
Kijimuna(キジムナ) (Mego)Klaus Nomi Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Full Body Style) (Musicians)
Klaus Nomi Salt &Pepper Shaker Set(Slender Type) (My Heroes)Klaus Nomi-Jar Sculpture (Musicians)
Koboku-No-Kai (Mego)Konakijijii(子なきじじい,Oldman Crys like a Baby) (Mego)
Kong Statsh-Jar 002 (Misc)Kong-Jar 001 (Misc)
Kraken Made in America Band Logo Bust (Mythology Creatures)Kumaso Warrior (Mego)
Kung-Fu No.2 (Mego)Kuro-Bokko (Mego)
Kwai Chang Caine(2nd Season) (Martial Arts)Leather Duckie No.13 (Misc)
Light Blue Oni (Mego)Little Orc From Mordor(snaga) (Lord of the Rings)
LOTL Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Full Body Style) (Misc)Male Ningyo(Ningyo002) (Mego)
Marvelous Green Giant (Misc)Masked Guitar Player (Musicians)
Melf,Good Elf Fighter(AD&D) (Mego)Mercion,Good Cleric(AD&D) (Mego)
Mi Zaius (from Planete De Singes) (Misc)Minotaur & Medusa Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)
Minotaur and Medusa Salt and Pepper Shaker Set (Mythology Creatures)Mole-People S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Monster Hero (Misc)Moth-Man (Mego)
Moth-Man 002 (Mego)Moth-Man and Owl-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Mothman Figurine (Misc)Mr.Barlow No.1 (Mego)
Mr.Barlow No.2 (Mego)Mr.Hyde & Invisible-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Mr.Hyde #2 (Mego)Mr.hyed (Mego)
Mumakil Rider(Haradrim) (Lord of the Rings)Mummy #3 (Mego)
Mummy and Creature S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Mummy No.5 (Mego)
Mummy-Clown Figurine II (Original)Mummy&Vampire Salt & Pepper Shaker Sculpt (Misc)
Mutant From Beneath the Planet of the Apes (Mego)N.Carolina Lizard-Man & Maryland Goat-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Namahage (Mego)Napoleon the Coronation (Misc)
Ningyo(Japanese Mer-Ape) (Mego)Nosferatu (Mego)
Nuppeppo (Mego)Nuppeppo002 (Mego)
Nurarihyon,Yokai Leader (Mego)Nure-Onna(ぬれおんあ) (Mego)
Nuribotoke,the Animated Dancing Corpse (Mego)Nurikabe,the Living Wall (Mego)
Obake-Hyou (Animated Sack) (Misc)Ogre King,Evil Leader(AD&D Battle Master) (Mego)
Ohio Grass-Man Miniature (Misc)Olmec Head & Moai Head Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Standard Size) (Misc)
One Eyed,One Horned Purple Sea Monster (Original)Oni from the "Funny Little Woman" (Mego)
Orbitron,the Man from Uranus (Mego)Pale Orc of the Evil-eye with War-paint (Lord of the Rings)
Pallando the Blue Wizard of the East(LOTR,Books) (Mego)Pallando, the Blue Wizard of the East (Misc)
Pascagoula Alien (Mego)Rasputin,the Mad Monk (Mego)
Raw-Head Bloody-Bones (Mego)Raw-Head Bloody-Bones No.2 (Mego)
Red Oni 003 (Mego)Red Oni No2 (Mego)
Red Tengu 002 (Mego)Ringlerun,Good Wizard(AD&D) (Mego)
Rohirrim,Rider of the Mark(LOTR) (Mego)Rokurokubi(ろくろくび) (Mego)
Samurai Warrior (Mego)Saruman the White (Lord of the Rings)
Sasquatch & Nessie Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Sasquatch & Yeti S&P Saker Set No.1 (Misc)
Sasquatch & Yeti S&P Shaker Set No.2 (Misc)Sasquatch & Yeti S&P Shaker Set No.5 (Misc)
Sasquatch & Yeti Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.3 (Misc)Sasquatch & Yeti Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.4 (Misc)
Sasquatch & Yowie S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Sasquatch and Ohio Grass-Man Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)
Sasquatch and Yeti Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.6 (Misc)Sasquatch Jar 002 (Misc)
Sasquatch(Bigfoot) (Mego)Sasquatch(Blond & Dark) S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Satori(the Mind-Reading Yeti-like Yokai) (Mego)Serpent Lord,Leader of the Haradrim(LOTR,BOOK) (Mego)
Shirime (Mego)Skeleton Couple Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)
Soldier Orc (Uruk of Mordor) (Lord of the Rings)Spring-Heeled Jack (Mego)
Strongheart,Good Paladin(AD&D) (Mego)Submariner (Mego)
Superfly G(Mini) (Misc)Tenome(Eyes in Hands) (Mego)
The Bride (Mego)The Bride No.2 (Mego)
The Creature From the Black Lagoon (Mego)The Gill-Clown Figurine (Original)
The Gill-Clown II Figurine (Original)The Goat-Man (Mego)
The Green Knight (Mego)The Grim Reaper (Horror)
The Hunch-back (Mego)The Hunch-Back & the Phantom S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
The Invisible-Man (Mego)The Monkey King(Sun Wukong) (Mego)
The Monster & the Bride S&P Shaker Set (Misc)The Monster & the Creature S&P Shaker Set No.1 (Misc)
The Monster and the Creature Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 2 (Misc)The Monster Meets the Wolf-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
The Mummy (Mego)The Mummy # 2 (Mego)
The Mummy 004 (Mego)The Mummy-Clown (Original)
The New Jersey Devil (Mego)The Phantom of the Opera No.2 (Mego)
The Were-Rat (Mego)The Wicked Witch of the West (Mego)
The Witch-King(leader of the Nazgul) (Lord of the Rings)The Wolf-Clown (Werewolf-Clown II)Figurine (Original)
The Wolf-man (Mego)The Wolf-Woman (Mego)
Tracker Orc of the Evil-eye (Lord of the Rings)Troll-Man from Far-Harad(LOTR) (Lord of the Rings)
Uruk-hai of the Evil Eye of Sauron (Lord of the Rings)Uruk-hai(half-orc) of the White Hand (Lord of the Rings)
Vampire Hunter General (Mego)Vampire-Clown Figurine (Monsters)
Variag of Khand(LOTR,the Book) (Mego)Vermont Sasquatch(Genoskwa) & Vermont Pig-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Vlad Dracula(Vlad Tepes) (Mego)Wanyuudou (Mego)
Warduke,Evil Fighter(AD&D) (Mego)Warg Rider No.3 (Fantasy)
Warrior of Far-Harad(LOTR,the Book) (Mego)Warrior of Rhun (LOTR,the Book) (Mego)
Were-bear (Mego)Were-Boar (Mego)
Were-Crocodile (Mego)Were-Hyena (Mego)
Were-Lion (Mego)Were-tiger (Mego)
Were-Tiger No.2 (Mego)Were-Wolf Clown (Misc)
White Oni (Mego)Witch King (Lord of the Rings)
Wizards Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Slender Type,Full Body Style) (Misc)Wolf Riding Goblin of the Evil Eye(Mordor Cavalry) (Lord of the Rings)
Wolf-Man & Creature S&P Set No.2 (Misc)Wolf-Man & Mummy S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Wolf-Man #3 (Mego)Wolf-Man #5 (Mego)
Wolf-Man No.6 (Mego)Wolf-Man No.7 (Mego)
Wolf-Man#4 (Mego)Wolf-Woman Number 2 (Mego)
Xiongnu(Hun) Warrior Circa 2nd Century Northern China & Central Asia (Mego)Yamabiko(the Echo in the Mountains (Mego)
Yamajijii(やまじじい) (Mego)Yamanba(や万場,or Yamauba) (Mego)
Yamato Warrior (Misc)Yamawarawa,the Kappa in Winter (Mego)
Yellow Oni (Mego)Yeti and Nessie Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)
Young Napoleon with Sabre (Misc)Yuezhi Warrior(2nd Centuary B.c.,xinjiang,china) (Mego)
Zach Kong(or Zacherley Goes Ape & Climbs the Empire State) Miniature (My Heroes)Zacherley No.2 (My Heroes)
Zacherley No.3 (Zach & Friends) (My Heroes)Zacherley the Cool Ghoul Meets the 6 Fingered Chiller Hand (Misc)
Zana the Alma(Almas,Almastay.Kaptar) (Mego)Zarak,the Half-Orc Assassin(AD&D) (Mego)
Zeta-Reticulan(Gray Alien) (Mego)Zombie Bride & Groom Shaker Set No.1 (Misc)
Zombie Dudes Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Zorgar the Evil Barbarian(AD&D) (Mego)

Custom Tutorials by Yokai-John
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