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Customizer:Yokai-JohnFirst Made:Glow in the Dark Frankenstein's Monster
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Ippondatara,One Leged Yokai Blacksmith
Crowd Favorite:Ax-Man from Furthest Rhun(LOTR,the Book)Total Customs:336
Current Projects:Mr.Hyde-clown figurine,The Invisible-clown figurine,Azog On Warg Miniature.
Honorable Mentions:My work has been featured in many stores over the years including The Village Chess Shop LTD,Its A Mod Mod World,Earth-Sea,Morgana's Chamber,Zito Gallery,Trash & Vaudeville NY,Rudy's Hobby Queens,Riverstone in Connecticut,The Perfect Nothing Catalog in Brooklyn, and a few smaller shops.
My work has been featured in Time Out Magazine NYC(NYC 1998 Christmas Gift Guide edition,my Bill & Monica S&P Shaker Sets ),The Village Voice(some works featured in article on Its Mod,Mod World)and many smaller local(NYC area) mags and papers over the years.
Comments:I've been making and selling my little creations since 1996.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:6First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.63Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jun 27, 2011 Tabletop ClashZarak,the Half-Orc Assassin(AD&D)962.40 
Jun 22, 2011 Tabletop ClashMelf,Good Elf Fighter(AD&D)902.38 
Jun 11, 2011 Tabletop ClashStrongheart,Good Paladin(AD&D)963.07 
Feb 28, 2011 You've Been SlimedDorotabo892.70 
Jan 21, 2011 You've Been SlimedBetobeto-San(Mr.Gooey)982.80 
Sep 2, 2009 Four HorsemenGreen Oni772.43 

All Customs by Yokai-John
(Red) Oni (Mego)Abarasumashi (Mego)
Abominable Snowman & Yeti Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Akaname(Filth Licker) (Mego)
Alatar the Blue Wizard (of Far Harad) (Mego)Alatar,Blue Wizard of the South (Misc)
Almas & Yeren S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Alpha 7,the Man from Mars (Mego)
Amefuri-Kozou(Rain-Boy) (Mego)Amikiri(the Net-Cutter) (Mego)
Ao-Bouzu(Blue-Monk (Mego)Arctic Wolf-Man (Mego)
Astronautilus,the Man from Neptune (Mego)Ax-Man from Furthest Rhun(LOTR,the Book) (Mego)
Axe-Man from Far Rhun (Misc)Axe-Man of Far Rhun(No.2,No Helmet) (Misc)
Azuki-Arai,the Little Red-Bean Washing Man (Mego)Baby Gill-Man (Mego)
Bake-Neko and Obake-Katana Accessory (Mego)Bake-Zouri(Haunted Straw Sandal) (Mego)
Bake-Zouri002 (Mego)Balchoth Kataphraket(Rhun Heavy Calvary,LOTR) (Mego)
Betobeto-San(Mr.Gooey) (Mego)Big Head Dracula Sculpture (Misc)
Big Head Mummy (Misc)Big Head Sea-Monster Sculpture (Misc)
Big Head Werewolf Sculpture (Misc)Big-Head Monster Sculpture (Misc)
Biwa-Bokuboku(Haunted Asian Lute) (Mego)Black Oni (Mego)
Black Werewolf (Mego)Blue Dragon with Magic Wand (Misc)
Blue Oni (Mego)Blue Tengu (Mego)
Boxer with Made in America Band Logo (Misc)Chimp & Orangutan Salt and Pepper Saker Set (Mini Size) (Misc)
Chimpanzee & Gorilla Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Chouchin-Obake 002 (Mego)
Chouchin-Obake(Huanted Lantern) (Mego)Consulting the Palantir (Lord of the Rings)
Corsair of Umbar(LOTR) (Lord of the Rings)Count Clownula(Vampire-Clown II) Figurine (Original)
Creature #2 (Mego)Creature #3 (Mego)
Dai-Kaiju & Mecha-Dai-Kaiju Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.1 (Misc)Dai-Kaiju & Mecha-Dai-Kaiju Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.2 (Misc)
Daikaiju Vs Giant Ape Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.2 (Godzilla)Dodomeki(the Yokai with Eyes on Her Arms) (Mego)
Dorotabo (Mego)Dracula (Mego)
Dracula & the Wolfman Salt&Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Dracula #2 (Mego)
Dracula and Bride S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Drex,Evil Warrior(AD&D) (Mego)
Dunlending Warrior(LOTR,Book 2) (Mego)Electro (Mego)
Electron +,the Man from Pluto(Planet X) (Mego)Elkhorn,Good Fighter(AD&D) (Mego)
Elven Warrior (Female) Figurine (Hobbit)Emishi Warrior (Misc)
Emishi Warrior Number Two (Misc)Emperor Napoleon the 1st and Marengo (Misc)
Fantasy Muscle Men Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Masters of the Universe)Fantasy Musclemen Shakers Set No.2 (Masters of the Universe)
Fat Mordor Uruk(orc) (Lord of the Rings)Female Red Oni (Mego)
Flatwoods Monster & Mothman Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Frakenstein's Monster No.8 (Pale Blue Frankenstein) (Mego)
Frakenstien on Wheels Action Figure (Horror)Franken-Clown (Original)
Franken-Clown II (Original)Franken-Pencil Holder Head Sculpt 002 (Misc)
Frankenstein's Monster #4 (Mego)Frankenstein's Monster #5 (Mego)
Frankenstein's Monster #6 (Mego)Frankenstein's Monster #7 (Mego)
Frankenstein's Monster No.10 (Mego)Frankenstein's Monster No.11 (Mego)
Frankenstein(from the Monster Squad Movie) (Mego)Frankensteins Monster No.9 (Glow in the Dark No.2) (Mego)
General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas (Misc)Genghis Khan(temujin) (Mego)
Ghan Buri Ghan(Leader of the Wilde-Men,LOTR) (Lord of the Rings)Gill-Man 004 (Mego)
Gill-Man No.5 (Mego)Gill-Woman (Mego)
Gillman from the Creature Walks among Us (Mego)Glow in the Dark Frankenstein's Monster (Mego)
Goat-Man & Beast of Bray Road Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Goat-Man & Moth-Man S&P Saker Set No.1 (Misc)
Goat-Man & Moth-Man S&P Shaker Set No.3 (Misc)Goat-Man Vs the Chupacabara S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Goblin Archer of the White-hand (Lord of the Rings)Goblin of the Evil-eye of Sauron (Lord of the Rings)
Goblin-man in the Service of Saruman (Lord of the Rings)Gollum (Lord of the Rings)
Good Warrior of Far Rhun (Mego)Graf Orlok (Mego)
Green Oni (Mego)Grim-Sword,the Evil Knight(AD&D) (Mego)
Guilez the Ogre (Dragonriders Of The Styx)Half-orc (saruman's Fighting Uruk-hai) (Lord of the Rings)
Hanuman the Monkey God (Mego)Haradrim Archer(LOTR,the Books) (Mego)
Haradrim Warrior (Lord of the Rings)Hellboy (Hellboy)
Hitotsume-Kozou (Mego)Honshu Emishi Warrior(Archer Kneeling) (Misc)
Hunch-Back#2 (Mego)Hunch-Back#3 (Mego)
Hunch-Back#4 (Mego)Hyakume,the Hundred Eyed Yokai (Mego)
Ichigen-Issoku("One Eye and One Leg") (Mego)Inugami (Mego)
Ippon-Datara002 (Mego)Ippondatara,One Leged Yokai Blacksmith (Mego)
Ittan-Momen (Mego)Jack and Sally Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Full Body Style) (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Jenny Greenteeth (Mego)Jersey Devil & Beast of Bray Road S&P Shaker Set No.2 (Misc)
Jersey Devil & Sasquatch(Old Red-Eye) S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Jersey Devil and Beast of Bray Road S & P Shaker Set (Misc)
Jersey Devil and Moth-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Kama-Nari(Living Cooking Pot) (Mego)
Kameosa (Mego)Kappa (Mego)
Kappa No.2,with Cucumber Accessory (Mego)Kappa No.3 (Mego)
Kappa004 (Mego)Kappa006 (Mego)
Kara-Kasa(Kasa-Obake)007 (Mego)Kasa-Obake (Umbrella Monster)Miniature No.4 (Monsters)
Kasa-Obake 008 (Mego)Kasa-Obake Miniature No.1 (Monsters)
Kasa-Obake Miniature No.2 (Monsters)Kasa-Obake(Kara-Kasa)002 (Mego)
Kasa-Obake(Kara-Kasa)005 (Mego)Kasa-Obake(Karakasa) (Mego)
Kasa-Obake(the Umbrella Monster) Miniature No.3 (Monsters)Kasa-Obake003 (Mego)
Kasa-Obake004(Armless Version) (Mego)Kasa-Obake006(White Arms & Legs) (Mego)
Kelek,the Evil Sorcerer(AD&D) (Mego)Kentucky Goat-Man and Big-Foot S&P Shaker Set No.2 (Misc)
Kentucky Sasquatch & Kentucky Goat-Man S&P Shaker Set No.1 (Misc)Kijimuna(キジムナ) (Mego)
Klaus Nomi Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Full Body Style) (Musicians)Klaus Nomi Salt &Pepper Shaker Set(Slender Type) (My Heroes)
Klaus Nomi-Jar Sculpture (Musicians)Koboku-No-Kai (Mego)
Konakijijii(子なきじじい,Oldman Crys like a Baby) (Mego)Kong Statsh-Jar 002 (Misc)
Kong-Jar 001 (Misc)Kraken Made in America Band Logo Bust (Mythology Creatures)
Kumaso Warrior (Mego)Kung-Fu No.2 (Mego)
Kuro-Bokko (Mego)Kwai Chang Caine(2nd Season) (Martial Arts)
Leather Duckie No.13 (Misc)Light Blue Oni (Mego)
Little Orc From Mordor(snaga) (Lord of the Rings)LOTL Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Full Body Style) (Misc)
Male Ningyo(Ningyo002) (Mego)Marvelous Green Giant (Misc)
Masked Guitar Player (Musicians)Melf,Good Elf Fighter(AD&D) (Mego)
Mercion,Good Cleric(AD&D) (Mego)Mi Zaius (from Planete De Singes) (Misc)
Minotaur & Medusa Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Minotaur and Medusa Salt and Pepper Shaker Set (Mythology Creatures)
Mister Hyde-Clown Figurine(MC 9,No.1) (Original)Mole-People S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Monster Hero (Misc)Moth-Man (Mego)
Moth-Man 002 (Mego)Moth-Man and Owl-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Mothman Figurine (Misc)Mr.Barlow No.1 (Mego)
Mr.Barlow No.2 (Mego)Mr.Hyde & Invisible-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Mr.Hyde #2 (Mego)Mr.hyed (Mego)
Mumakil Rider(Haradrim) (Lord of the Rings)Mummy #3 (Mego)
Mummy and Creature S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Mummy No.5 (Mego)
Mummy-Clown Figurine II (Original)Mummy&Vampire Salt & Pepper Shaker Sculpt (Misc)
Mutant From Beneath the Planet of the Apes (Mego)N.Carolina Lizard-Man & Maryland Goat-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Namahage (Mego)Napoleon the Coronation (Misc)
Ningyo(Japanese Mer-Ape) (Mego)Nosferatu (Mego)
Nuppeppo (Mego)Nuppeppo002 (Mego)
Nurarihyon,Yokai Leader (Mego)Nure-Onna(ぬれおんあ) (Mego)
Nuribotoke,the Animated Dancing Corpse (Mego)Nurikabe,the Living Wall (Mego)
Obake-Hyou (Animated Sack) (Misc)Ogre King,Evil Leader(AD&D Battle Master) (Mego)
Ohio Grass-Man Miniature (Misc)Olmec Head & Moai Head Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Standard Size) (Misc)
One Eyed,One Horned Purple Sea Monster (Original)Oni from the "Funny Little Woman" (Mego)
Orbitron,the Man from Uranus (Mego)Pale Orc of the Evil-eye with War-paint (Lord of the Rings)
Pallando the Blue Wizard of the East(LOTR,Books) (Mego)Pallando, the Blue Wizard of the East (Misc)
Pascagoula Alien (Mego)Phantom of the Opera Clown Figurine No.II (Original)
Phantom-Clown of the Opera Figurine (MC 8) (Original)Rasputin,the Mad Monk (Mego)
Raw-Head Bloody-Bones (Mego)Raw-Head Bloody-Bones No.2 (Mego)
Red Oni 003 (Mego)Red Oni No2 (Mego)
Red Tengu 002 (Mego)Ringlerun,Good Wizard(AD&D) (Mego)
Rohirrim,Rider of the Mark(LOTR) (Mego)Rokurokubi(ろくろくび) (Mego)
Samurai Warrior (Mego)Saruman the White (Lord of the Rings)
Sasquatch & Nessie Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Sasquatch & Yeti S&P Saker Set No.1 (Misc)
Sasquatch & Yeti S&P Shaker Set No.2 (Misc)Sasquatch & Yeti S&P Shaker Set No.5 (Misc)
Sasquatch & Yeti Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.3 (Misc)Sasquatch & Yeti Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.4 (Misc)
Sasquatch & Yowie S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Sasquatch and Ohio Grass-Man Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)
Sasquatch and Yeti Salt & Pepper Shaker Set No.6 (Misc)Sasquatch Jar 002 (Misc)
Sasquatch(Bigfoot) (Mego)Sasquatch(Blond & Dark) S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
Satori(the Mind-Reading Yeti-like Yokai) (Mego)Serpent Lord,Leader of the Haradrim(LOTR,BOOK) (Mego)
Shirime (Mego)Skeleton Couple Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)
Soldier Orc (Uruk of Mordor) (Lord of the Rings)Son of Pale Orc on Warg Miniature (Hobbit)
Spring-Heeled Jack (Mego)Strongheart,Good Paladin(AD&D) (Mego)
Submariner (Mego)Superfly G(Mini) (Misc)
Tenome(Eyes in Hands) (Mego)The Bride (Mego)
The Bride No.2 (Mego)The Brown Wizard (Hobbit)
The Clownaluna Mutant Figurine(MC11) (Original)The Creature From the Black Lagoon (Mego)
The Gill-Clown Figurine (Original)The Gill-Clown II Figurine (Original)
The Goat-Man (Mego)The Green Knight (Mego)
The Grey Wizard (Lord of the Rings)The Grim Reaper (Horror)
The Hunch-back (Mego)The Hunch-Back & the Phantom S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
The Invisible-Clown Figurine(MC10,No.1) (Original)The Invisible-Man (Mego)
The Monkey King(Sun Wukong) (Mego)The Monster & the Bride S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
The Monster & the Creature S&P Shaker Set No.1 (Misc)The Monster and the Creature Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 2 (Misc)
The Monster Figurine (Monsters)The Monster Meets the Wolf-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)
The Mummy (Mego)The Mummy # 2 (Mego)
The Mummy 004 (Mego)The Mummy-Clown (Original)
The New Jersey Devil (Mego)The Phantom of the Opera No.2 (Mego)
The Were-Rat (Mego)The White Wizard Figurine (Lord of the Rings)
The Wicked Witch of the West (Mego)The Witch-King(leader of the Nazgul) (Lord of the Rings)
The Wolf-Clown (Werewolf-Clown II)Figurine (Original)The Wolf-man (Mego)
The Wolf-Woman (Mego)Tracker Orc of the Evil-eye (Lord of the Rings)
Troll-Man from Far-Harad(LOTR) (Lord of the Rings)Uruk-hai of the Evil Eye of Sauron (Lord of the Rings)
Uruk-hai(half-orc) of the White Hand (Lord of the Rings)Vampire Hunter General (Mego)
Vampire-Clown Figurine (Monsters)Variag of Khand(LOTR,the Book) (Mego)
Vermont Sasquatch(Genoskwa) & Vermont Pig-Man S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Vlad Dracula(Vlad Tepes) (Mego)
Wanyuudou (Mego)Warduke,Evil Fighter(AD&D) (Mego)
Warg Rider No.3 (Fantasy)Warrior of Far-Harad(LOTR,the Book) (Mego)
Warrior of Rhun (LOTR,the Book) (Mego)Were-bear (Mego)
Were-Boar (Mego)Were-Crocodile (Mego)
Were-Hyena (Mego)Were-Lion (Mego)
Were-tiger (Mego)Were-Tiger No.2 (Mego)
Were-Wolf Clown (Misc)White Oni (Mego)
Witch King (Lord of the Rings)Wizards Salt & Pepper Shaker Set(Slender Type,Full Body Style) (Misc)
Wolf Riding Goblin of the Evil Eye(Mordor Cavalry) (Lord of the Rings)Wolf-Man & Creature S&P Set No.2 (Misc)
Wolf-Man & Mummy S&P Shaker Set (Misc)Wolf-Man #3 (Mego)
Wolf-Man #5 (Mego)Wolf-Man No.6 (Mego)
Wolf-Man No.7 (Mego)Wolf-Man#4 (Mego)
Wolf-Woman Number 2 (Mego)Xiongnu(Hun) Warrior Circa 2nd Century Northern China & Central Asia (Mego)
Yamabiko(the Echo in the Mountains (Mego)Yamajijii(やまじじい) (Mego)
Yamanba(や万場,or Yamauba) (Mego)Yamato Warrior (Misc)
Yamawarawa,the Kappa in Winter (Mego)Yellow Oni (Mego)
Yeti and Nessie Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Young Napoleon with Sabre (Misc)
Yuezhi Warrior(2nd Centuary B.c.,xinjiang,china) (Mego)Zach Kong(or Zacherley Goes Ape & Climbs the Empire State) Miniature (My Heroes)
Zacherley 1961(Zach Miniature Scene 6 and Zach Sculpt 7) (My Heroes)Zacherley No.2 (My Heroes)
Zacherley No.3 (Zach & Friends) (My Heroes)Zacherley the Cool Ghoul Meets the 6 Fingered Chiller Hand (Misc)
Zana the Alma(Almas,Almastay.Kaptar) (Mego)Zarak,the Half-Orc Assassin(AD&D) (Mego)
Zeta-Reticulan(Gray Alien) (Mego)Zombie Bride & Groom Shaker Set No.1 (Misc)
Zombie Dudes Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (Misc)Zorgar the Evil Barbarian(AD&D) (Mego)

Custom Tutorials by Yokai-John
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