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Customizer:TROXDFOXFirst Made:PUNISHER Death Warrant
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:THOR GOD of THUNDER Death Warrant
Crowd Favorite:DAKEN Death WarrantTotal Customs:10
Current Projects:I got some new line coming up It's called DEATH WISH. It's the female version of DEATH WARRANT.
Comments:In customizing, one of my favorite things to do is sculpting the details, every single little piece helps create a unique signature to every single one of the characters that i build, a subtle slight rise of the eye brow could create an intense feel or a dramatic effect to the situation. I focus so much on this since I'm not more of an articulation Guy, So I get the freedom to stick complex and profound details without sacrificing breakage or chopping off of paints.. Figure Realm opened my eyes with countless possibilities,Ideas,Inspiration and Good people. My goal was simple to start with. It was to Inspire and be Inspired, I'm very much happy that I have found it here. Like I always say just keep on customizing cause at the end of the day It's all about practice and experience(you got to love what you do)...You'll would be surprise the transition of technique you learn from challenging yourself on complex characters, the experience is beyond.... I say do not be afraid to cross that line! Just do it! if you can imagine it happening. Then that's that! Give yourself some credit I'm pretty sure It got somethings you never thought you had in you.... Believe is a very powerful tool I suggest you use it a lot especially in making this little magics...... And for those who appreciate good quality customs I applause your sacrifice and dedication on your works... remember patience is a virtue one does not find in a rush....

And Remember It's always about having fun!!!!

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User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
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