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Customizer:WhiskeytangoFirst Made:Warpath
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Hades
Crowd Favorite:SabretoothTotal Customs:237
Current Projects:- Comic Bane
- Abdul Alhazred
- The Circus of The Strange
Honorable Mentions:featured on the "one of a kind workshop" podcast
Comments:Working on year three now, and hoping to try things more stuff i haven't done before.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:5First Places:0
User Voted Rating:4.08Second Places:1
   Third Places:1

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Feb 15, 2013 Alienated AnatomyWar1023.85 
Dec 30, 2012 Way of the BladeThe Green Ranger1264.20 
Apr 30, 2012 Fairy TalesThe Faun (Pans Labyrinth)1294.36 
Apr 20, 2012 Fairy TalesThe Pale Man (Pans Labyrinth)1223.73 
Apr 15, 2012 ShapeshiftersAlec Holland, the Swamp Thing1374.24 

All Customs by Whiskeytango
"What if?" Deadpool, Agent of H.a.M.M.E.R. (Marvel Legends)Aayla Secura (Star Wars)
Agent Venom (Marvel Legends)Agent Venom (Enraged) (Marvel Legends)
Agent X (Marvel Legends)Ai-Apaec (Marvel Legends)
AIM Agent (Marvel Legends)Albino Werewolf (Marvel Legends)
Alec Holland, the Swamp Thing (DC Universe)Alpha Trion (Classics) (Transformers)
Amora, the Enchantress (Marvel Legends)Angel (X-Force) (Marvel Legends)
April O'neil (NECA) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Archaon, the Everchosen (Warhammer)
Ares, God of War (Marvel Legends)Arthas Menethil, the Lich King (World of Warcraft)
Asgardian Castle Guards (Marvel Legends)Aveline De Grandpre (Assasian's Creed)
Bane (Secret Six) (DC Universe)Bane (Secret Six) (DC Universe)
Bat Warrior (Realm of the Claw)Batman (Arkham Asylum) (DC Universe)
Batman (Comicy Arkham City) (DC Universe)Batman (Dick Grayson) (DC Universe)
Batman and Robin (D. Grayson & Damian Wayne) (Marvel Legends)Beach Head (Marvel Legends)
Bishop (Marvel Legends)Blackheart (Marvel Legends)
Bob, Agent of Hydra (Marvel Legends)Boba Fett (ROTJ) (Star Wars)
Bor, Father of the Gods (Marvel Legends)Brun of the Disir (Thor Villain) (Marvel Legends)
Bungi-Armor Spartan (Halo)Cable (Marvel Legends)
Captain America (Bucky Barnes) (Marvel Legends)Captain America (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Catman (Secret Six) (DC Universe)Chaos Forsaken Marauder (Warhammer)
Citizen V (Marvel Legends)Classic Thor (V.2) (Marvel Legends)
Cobra Commander (Marvel Legends)Cobra Trooper (Marvel Legends)
Colossus (Modern) (Marvel Legends)Connor Kenway (Assasian's Creed)
Crossbones (Marvel Legends)Crossbones (Modern V2) (Marvel Legends)
Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)Cyclonus (Generations) (Transformers)
Cyclops (Classic) (Marvel Legends)Cyclops (Jim Lee Style) (Marvel Legends)
Cyclops (Modern) (Marvel Legends)Daken (Dark Wolverine Costume) (Marvel Legends)
Daredevil (Marvel Legends)Daredevil (Giusti Style) (Marvel Legends)
Daredevil Alternate Matt Murdock Head (Marvel Legends)Dark Elf Sorceress (Warhammer)
Dark Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)Dark Ms. Marvel (Moonstone) (Marvel Legends)
Dark of the Moon Megatron (Transformers - Movie)Darth Malgus (Star Wars)
Darth Maul (Marvel Legends)Darth Nihilus (Star Wars)
Darth Revan (Marvel Legends)Darth Vader (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (90's Art Style) (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Cable and Deadpool Era V2) (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (Cable and Deadpool Era) (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Classic/Deadpool Corps) (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (DCUC/Mvc2 Version) (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Gunslinger Style) (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (if He Were on Roids) (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Marvel Girl Costume) (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (Movie Concept) (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Punisher Costume) (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (Skottie Young/Animated) (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Symbiote) (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (Wolverine Costume) (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (X-Force) (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (X-Men Uniform) (Marvel Universe)
Deadpool: Animated (Marvel Legends)Deathstroke the Terminator (DC Universe)
Domino (Del Otto X-Force Style) (Marvel Legends)Domino (Modern) (Marvel Legends)
Donatello (NECA) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Dr. Doom (Marvel Legends)
Dr. Doom (Classic) (Marvel Legends)Earthworm Jim (Marvel Legends)
Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars)Fandral the Dashing (Marvel Legends)
Fantomex (Marvel Legends)Firefly (Marvel Legends)
Frost Giant (Marvel Legends)Galen Marek, Starkiller (Star Wars)
Galvatron (Generations) (Transformers)Genesis (Marvel Legends)
Ghost Rider (Classic Johnny Blaze) (Marvel Legends)Hades (God of War)
Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) (Star Wars)Hawkeye (Giusti Style) (Marvel Legends)
Hogun the Grim (Marvel Legends)Iron Man (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Iron Man (Extremis Silver Centurion) (Marvel Legends)Iron Man (Ultimate Mk VI) (Marvel Legends)
Iron Patriot (Marvel Legends)Iron Patriot (Marvel Legends)
Iron Patriot (Arez Pattern) (Marvel Legends)Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn Head) (Marvel Legends)
Ironhide (Generations) (Transformers)Jack O' Lantern (Marvel Legends)
Jazz (IDW Style) (Transformers)Jedi Knight of the Old Republic (Star Wars)
Jhiaxus (Classics) (Transformers)Juggernaut (Marvel Legends)
Juggernaut (V2) (Marvel Legends)Karl Danner (Marvel Legends)
Kenji (Marvel Legends)Kidpool, Dogpool, and Headpool (Marvel Legends)
Kit Fisto (Star Wars)Klaw (Marvel Legends)
Lady Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Lady Sif (Modern, Pre-Mini) (Marvel Legends)
Leonardo (Marvel Legends Style) (Marvel Legends)Leonardo (NECA) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Loki, God of Mischief (Marvel Legends)Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 (Snowspeeder Pilot) (Star Wars)
Mace Windu (Okami)Magneto (Marvel Legends)
Master Chief (Operator Armor) (Halo)Maverick (Marvel Legends)
Megatron (Transformers)Michelangelo (NECA) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Modern Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Modern Deadpool (Alt. Head & Arsenal) (Marvel Legends)
Modern Deadpool (Meat Armor) (Marvel Legends)Mr. Toad (DC Universe)
Ms. Marvel (Marvel Legends)Ms. Marvel (Marvel Legends)
Myth Wars Grimlock (Transformers)Natalia Romanova Aka: Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
Nemsis Prime (Classics) (Transformers)Night Goblin (Warhammer)
Nightcrawler (Modern Costume) (Marvel Legends)Nightcrawler (X-Force) (Marvel Legends)
Odin (Classic) (Marvel Legends)Omega Red (Marvel Legends)
Orc Warboss (Warhammer)Paladin (World of Warcraft)
Phosphorus Rex (DC Universe)Piledriver (Marvel Legends)
Plaguebearer of Nurgle (Warhammer)Psylocke (X-Force Dark Angel Saga) (Marvel Legends)
Qui-Gon Jinn (Star Wars)Raphael (NECA) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Raziel (Game Accurate) (Soul Reaver)Rebel Endor Commando (Star Wars)
Red Lantern Veon (DC Universe)Red Skull (Classic Costume) (Marvel Legends)
Red Skull (SS Uniform) (Marvel Legends)Reed Richards (Marvel Legends)
Reptile (Marvel Legends)Reptile V2 (Mortal Kombat)
Rhino (Marvel Legends)Roadbuster (Generations) (Transformers)
Robin (Damien Wayne) (DC Universe)Rotorstorm (Last Stand of the Wreckers) (Transformers)
Sabretooth (Marvel Legends)Sabretooth (90's Style) (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Spider (Marvel Legends)Scarlet Spider (Marvel Legends)
Scorponok (Generations) (Transformers)Scourge (Thunderbolts) (Marvel Legends)
Sentinel (Man-Sized) (Marvel Legends)Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (WFC Style) (Transformers)
Shockwave (Transformers - Movie)Slash (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Slash (Neca) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Snake Eyes (Marvel Legends)
Snow Leopard Warrior (Realm of the Claw)Solomon Kane (Marvel Legends)
Spider Brood Executioner (Realm of the Claw)Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) (Marvel Legends)
Spiderman (Marvel Legends)Stealth Mk VI Iron Man (Marvel Legends)
Storm Shadow (Marvel Legends)Surtur (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Taskmaster (Marvel Legends)Taskmaster V2 (Marvel Legends)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)The Batman (DC Universe)
The Faun (Pans Labyrinth) (Marvel Legends)The Green Ranger (Power Rangers)
The Halls of Loki (Marvel Legends)The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Legends)
The Joker (DC Universe)The Joker (DC Universe)
The Joker (Arkham Asylum) (DC Universe)The Joker (W/ Coat) (DC Universe)
The Pale Man (Pans Labyrinth) (Marvel Legends)The Punisher ("Whiskey-Verse") (Marvel Legends)
The Punisher (Bradstreet V2) (Marvel Legends)The Punisher (Modern) (Marvel Legends)
The Riddler (Classic) (DC Universe)The Scarecrow (DC Universe)
The Sentry (Marvel Legends)The Sentry (Marvel Legends)
The Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)The Shredder (TMNT 2014) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
The Ventriloquist (DC Universe)The Wolverine (Whiskey-Verse) (Marvel Legends)
Thor (Classic) (Marvel Legends)Thor (Loki's Deception) (Marvel Legends)
Thor (Modern Blue Variant) (Marvel Legends)Thor (Modern V2) (Marvel Legends)
Thor (Modern) (Marvel Legends)Thunderball (Marvel Legends)
Toad (Marvel Legends)Two-Face (DC Universe)
Tyr of Battles, Asgardian God of War (Marvel Legends)Ulik the Troll (Marvel Legends)
Ultron (Classic) (Marvel Legends)Vermin (Marvel Legends)
Volstagg the Voluminous (Marvel Legends)War (Marvel Legends)
War Machine (Iron Man 2) (Marvel Legends)Warpath (Marvel Legends)
Warrior Priest of Sigmar (Warhammer)Warthog Reaver (Marvel Legends)
Weapon X, Heir of Apocalypse (Marvel Legends)WFC Galvatron (V2) (Transformers)
Whiplash (Iron Man 2 Final Battle Concept) (Marvel Legends)Wolverine (Brown Costume) (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine (Crazy Buff) (Marvel Legends)Wolverine (Modern) (Marvel Legends)
World War Hulk (Marvel Legends)X-Force Deadpool (V2) (Marvel Legends)
X-Force Wolverine (Marvel Legends)