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 Sinister Customs 
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Customizer:Sinister CustomsFirst Made:Black Gambit
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Lobo with Space Hawg and Earth Base
Crowd Favorite:ApocalypseTotal Customs:59
Current Projects:Working on 9 figures at a time!
Honorable Mentions:Come see for yourself!
Comments:Come and see for yourself!

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by Sinister Customs
"Grant Morrison" Professor X (Marvel Universe)12 Inch X-Men Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Age of Apocalypse Set Magneto Nightcrawler Sunfire X-Man Decapitated Apocalypse Head (Marvel Universe)AOA Apocalypse (Marvel Universe)
AOA Mr. Sinister (Marvel Legends)Apocalypse (X-Men)
Apocalypse and Archangel (Marvel Universe)Archangel (Marvel Universe)
Archangel (Seperately Snap on/off Wings) (X-Force)Atom Indigo Lantern (DC Universe)
Banshee (Marvel Universe)Berserker Rage Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Black Gambit (X-Men)
Cable (Marvel Legends)Cable and Deadpool (Marvel Universe)
Cable Infonet Suit 12 Inch (Marvel Legends)Cyber (Marvel Universe)
Daimon Hellstrom "Hellstorm" (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Death Wolverine (X-Men)Fantomex (Marvel Universe)
Firestorm Black Lantern (DC Universe)Forge and Prof X with Blackbird (Marvel Universe)
Gambit and Rogue (Marvel Universe)Guy Gardner Green Lantern (DC Universe)
Havok (Marvel Universe)Hulk Wolverine She Rulk Madripoor Style (All Dressed up....) (DC Universe)
Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel Select)Joe Fixit Hulk (Marvel Universe)
Kato and the Green Hornet (DC Universe)Lex Luthor Orange Lantern Blackest Night (DC Universe)
Lobo with Space Hawg and Earth Base (DC Universe)Modern Beast (Marvel Legends)
Omega Red (Marvel Universe)Paralax (Marvel Legends)
Psylocke (Marvel Legends)Raphael Casey Jones TMNT (Marvel Legends)
Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Legends)Rover Sentinel (Marvel Legends)
Sentinel Bastion Nimrod Master Mold (Marvel Legends)Shadow King and Hound (Cyclops) (Marvel Universe)
Shatterstar (Marvel Legends)Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)
Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock (Marvel Legends)Sinestro the Greatest Green Lantern of Them All (Marvel Legends)
Sinestro White Lantern the Greatest LANTERN of Them ALL! (DC Universe)Superboy Prime Final Crisis (DC Universe)
Thanos Death Starfox (Marvel Legends)The New Fantastic Four (or Five) (Marvel Legends)
The Shredder TMNT (Marvel Legends)War HULK (X-Men)
War Machine (Marvel Legends)War Machine (Marvel Legends)
Warpath (Marvel Universe)Warpath (Old School) (Marvel Legends)
Warpath 2 X-Force NEW (Marvel Legends)Wonder Woman Star Sapphire (DC Universe)
X-Force Nightcraweler (Marvel Legends)