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Customizer:mega_star_androFirst Made:Jeff Hardy (Wrestlemania 2000)
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Mega's Captain America Concept
Crowd Favorite:Ultimate GraverobberTotal Customs:70
Current Projects:making wrestling customs of new, special attire or never before made characters. Also trying to finish up my Repo! project, there just isn't enough time! lol
Honorable Mentions:None Yet
Comments:I'm an indy wrestling referee/Sped Teacher that likes to do customs of the indy wrestlers that I have the honor of working with. I also make rare WWE characters. I sell some of my stuff on ebay and I'm working on making video tutorials also.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:11First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.79Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Sep 30, 2012 Power of GrayskullReptill-Man (Original MOTU Character)893.28 
Sep 30, 2012 Power of GrayskullSamurai Faker He-Man862.93 
Jun 15, 2012 Grab BagDeadpool Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2972.90 
Apr 29, 2012 Fairy TalesMud Golem (Jewish Folklore)1122.26 
Sep 27, 2011 Golden OldiesRetro the Phantasmic Spider-Man943.04 
Mar 31, 2011 CapcomicalMaximum Zangief1382.43 
Feb 28, 2011 You've Been SlimedZombie Killer Adri!892.81 
Oct 28, 2010 Gender Bender 2Mr. Storm1233.02 
Sep 30, 2010 Ostentatious Originals #3Titan Grey852.60 
Sep 30, 2010 Ostentatious Originals #3The Dark Passenger863.07 
Jul 29, 2010 Way They Should BeUltimate Graverobber1262.33 

All Customs by mega_star_andro
"The Cornerstone" Ruthless Ryan Davidson (Wrestling)Adrian Jones (Wrestling)
Andro6657 Mondo Gecko Repaint (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Austin Aries Mattel by Andro6657 (Wrestling)
Austin Aries TNA Rumbler (Wrestling)AWA Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza (Wrestling)
Brock Lesnar Rumbler (Wrestling)Brock Lesnar UFC Style Rumbler (Wrestling)
Chris Benoit Rumbler (Wrestling)Crow Sting Rumbler (Wrestling)
Custom Jeff Hardy Rumbler V2 (Wrestling)Custom Ryback Rumbler (Wrestling)
Custom Zack Ryder Rumbler (Wrestling)Custom Zombie Clone Trooper by Andro6657 (Star Wars Clone Wars)
Deadpool Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Ultimate Marvel)Demolition Ax & Smash Rumblers (Wrestling)
Eddie Guerreo Rumbler (Wrestling)Eddie Guerrero Rumbler (Green Attire) (Wrestling)
Fourth Reich Superman (Superman)Hal Jordan 3.3/4 in Movie Green Lantern Comic Book Style (Green Lantern)
Handful of Heroes Wolverine Painted (X-Men)Iron Patriot Batman (Batman)
Jeff Hardy (Wrestlemania 2000) (Wrestling)Jeff Hardy No Shirt No Face Paint WWE Rumbler (Wrestling)
JLU Black Flash Costume (Justice League Unlimited)John Cena Rumbler ARMY Attire (Wrestling)
John Cena Rumbler RED Attire (Wrestling)Kelly Kevin (Wrestling)
Lionheart Chris Jericho Rumbler (Wrestling)Luigi Largo (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
Macho Man Custom Rumbler by Andro6657 #2 (Wrestling)Macho Man Randy Savage Wrestlemania 5 Attire Mattel (Wrestling)
Maximum Zangief (Street Fighter)Mega's Captain America Concept (Captain America)
Mega's Comic Style Green Lantern Movie Figure (Green Lantern)Mega's GL Iron Man Concept (Crossover)
Mega's Human Torch Repaint (Fantastic Four)Movie Style Red Lantern (Green Lantern)
Movie Style Sinestro Corp Yellow Lantern (Sinestro Corps)Mr. Storm (Marvel Legends)
Mud Golem (Jewish Folklore) (Mythology Creatures)Mysterious Q (Wrestling)
Neico (Wrestling)Pop'n Lock (Wrestling)
Reptill-Man (Original MOTU Character) (Masters of the Universe)Retro the Phantasmic Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
Ric Flair Rumbler (Wrestling)Rob Van Dam Rumbler (Wrestling)
Rockstar Robbie Gilmore (Wrestling)Rockstar Robbie Gilmore (Pink Zebra) (Wrestling)
Rowdy Roddy Piper Wrestlemania VI Attire (Wrestling)Ryback Rumbler #2 (Wrestling)
Sabu (Barbwire Match Style) (Wrestling)Samurai Faker He-Man (Masters of the Universe)
Scarlet Spider Kaine by Andro6657 (Spider-Man)Sexy Steve De Marco (Wrestling)
Sin Cara (Mistico) Mattel (Wrestling)Sin Cara Rumbler (Wrestling)
The Crusader (Mark Von Erich (Wrestling)The Dark Passenger (Original)
Titan Grey (Original)Tommy Dreamer Rumbler (Wrestling)
Tygra Concept (Challenge Custom) (Thundercats)Ultimate Graverobber (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
Ultimate Warrior Wrestlemania VI Rumbler (Wrestling)WCCW Missing Link (Wrestling)
WWE Owen Hart Rumbler (Wrestling)WWE Ultimate Warrior Rumbler (Wrestling)
Zack Ryder Mighty Mugg (Wrestling)Zombie Killer Adri! (Zombies)

Custom Tutorials by mega_star_andro
None Yet