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Customizer:Collectabletoyz305First Made:Electronic
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Electronic Custom Sentinel 3000 Remote Control
Crowd Favorite:Iron Man Electric Legacy Hall of ArmorTotal Customs:72
Current Projects:sentinel 3000 iron man mark VI armor, war machine, death lock, mecha hulk, orb, ghost rider, and lot others all are electric
Honorable Mentions:none so far hopefully soon though!
Comments:we are customizer that love this hobby. Even though we were raised in totally separate countries we some how enjoyed this since we were little, up until we meet, and since always have had passion with these. We try our best and love doing the best not only for us but also for our fans which are #1. We specialize in electronics, molding, some painting, hopefully we will master all like many customizers which we are fans of :)

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:1First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.25Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Jul 9, 2010 Way They Should BeElectric Cyclops Jim Lee1383.25 

All Customs by Collectabletoyz305
Aegis (Lady of All Sorrows) (Marvel Legends)Ant Man Iii Erick O'grady (Marvel Legends)
Bane (Marvel Legends)Beemer (Marvel Legends)
Callisto (Marvel Legends)Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Conan the Barberian (Marvel Legends)Crimson Dynamo (Marvel Legends)
Cyclops (Marvel Legends)Deadpool Deadpod (X-Men)
Deadpool with Electric Turret & Torture Table (Marvel Legends)Destroyer (Marvel Legends)
Dragon Ball Z Freeza's Force Space Ship (Dragonball Z)Electric Cyclops Jim Lee (X-Men)
Electric Regult (Dragonball Z)Electric Sentinel Master Mold (Marvel Legends)
Electric Weapon X (Marvel Legends)Electrical War Machine 2 W Custom Base (Iron Man 2)
Electronic (X-Men)Electronic Custom Sentinel 3000 Remote Control (X-Men)
Electronic Human Size Sentinel Mask (X-Men)Electronic Iron Man Hulkbuster with Custom Electronic Base (Iron Man)
Electronic Iron Man Mark Armor VI (Iron Man 2)Electronic Mecha Hulk (Avengers)
Electronic Sentinel with Custom Electronic Flame Base (X-Men)Electronic Whiplash from Iron Man 2 (Iron Man 2)
Eletronic War Machine Iron Man 2 (Iron Man 2)Fin Fang Foom (Iron Man)
Green Goblin Light up Glider (Marvel Legends)Hangman (Marvel Legends)
Hulkbuster War Machine & Iron Man (Marvel Legends)Human Torch (Fantastic Four)
Iron Man Electric Legacy Hall of Armor (Iron Man)Iron Man Hulkbuster (Marvel Universe)
Jillian (Marvel Legends)Jubilee (Marvel Legends)
Light up Apocalypse with Interchangeable Hands (Marvel Legends)Mainframe (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Legends Custom Ghost Rider and Motorcycle (Marvel Legends)Marvel Legends Custom Orb (Ghost Rider's Foe) (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Legends Custom Vengeance and Motorcycle (Marvel Legends)Marvel Universe 19" Galactus (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Universe Custom Sentinel with Ligth up Bases (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Variant Galactus (Marvel Universe)
Maximus Lobo (Marvel Legends)Mecha Hulk II (Marvel Legends)
Metallo (DC Universe)Modern Ares (Marvel Legends)
Mojo (Marvel Legends)Mongul (DC Universe)
Omega Red (Marvel Legends)Phalanx (Marvel Legends)
Plant Man (Marvel Legends)Pyro (Marvel Legends)
Queen Namora (Marvel Legends)Sauron (Marvel Legends)
Scanner (Marvel Legends)Sentinel (Marvel Legends)
Sentinel with Bases (Marvel Legends)Shadow King (Marvel Legends)
Shard (Marvel Legends)Slithe (Marvel Legends)
Sonja Red "Conan the Barbarian" (Marvel Legends)Stinger (Marvel Legends)
Superman Cyborg (DC Universe)The Galactus Skrull (Marvel Legends)
Thor (Marvel Legends)Tony Stark Pre-Armor Suit (Marvel Legends)
Tony Stark Suit up Base (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Modok (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Mystique (Marvel Legends)Wasp Variant (Marvel Legends)

Custom Tutorials by Collectabletoyz305
None Yet