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Customizer:Chester001First Made:Werewolf Punisher
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Universe B3gw528 Talia Al Ghul
Crowd Favorite:Batman Begins | Tom Wilkinson | Carmine Falcone Movie AccurateTotal Customs:142
Comments:my tagline
"Its not who the figure was underneath,but what it is now that defines a custom™ ©"

im now "getting rid" of my collections... but i still enjoy customizing nonetheless
so i will keep on doing commissions and customs to put on £Bay
happy new year

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:1First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Aug 1, 2012 Before They Were HeroesRichard John Grayson (D!Ck) | Flying Graysons1032.00 

All Customs by Chester001
Anne Hathaway |Catwoman | Dark Knight Rises (Movie Masters)B3gw528 | Firefly | Garfield Lynns (Batman)
B3gw528 Alfred Pennyworth | John Cleese (Batman)B3gw528 Arnold Wesker Ventriliquist and Scarface (Batman)
B3gw528 Bane (Batman)B3gw528 Batwoman | Kate Kane (Batman)
B3gw528 Blockbuster Roland Desmond (Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)B3gw528 Cassius Payne Clayface (Batman)
B3gw528 Cassius Payne Clayface V2 (Batman)B3gw528 Catwoman , Selina Kyle V3 (Batman)
B3gw528 Chief Redhorn (Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)B3gw528 Court of Owls/ Nite of Owls Talon 1 (Batman)
B3gw528 Damian Wayne Batman Suit (Batman)B3gw528 David Cain V2 SOS/LOA (Batman)
B3gw528 Deadshot |Floyd Lawton (Batman)B3gw528 Deathstroke Slade Williams (Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)
B3gw528 Eduardo Flamingo (Batman)B3gw528 Edward Nygma | the Riddler (Batman)
B3gw528 Firefly Mk2 (Batman)B3gw528 Harleyquinn / Harley Quinn / Harleen Quinzel (Batman)
B3gw528 Harvey Dent | Two-Face,Two Face,Twoface V3 (Batman)B3gw528 Harvey Two Face Dent V2 | Long Halloween (Batman)
B3gw528 Huntress | Helena Bertinelli (Batman)B3gw528 Huntress Hellena Bertinelli V2 (Batman)
B3gw528 Jason Todd | Red Hood (Batman)B3gw528 Jason Todd | Red Hood V2 (Batman)
B3gw528 Joker (Batman)B3gw528 Julian Day | Calendar Man (Batman)
B3gw528 Julian Day | Calendar Man Mk2 (Batman)B3gw528 Kate Kane Batwoman V2 (Batman)
B3gw528 Killer Moth | Cameron Von Cleer | Drury Walker | (Batman)B3gw528 Lady Shiva V2 LOA/SOS (Batman)
B3gw528 Lenny Fiasco | the Erasor (Batman)B3gw528 LOA/SOS #1 Merlyn (Batman)
B3gw528 LOA/SOS #2 Onyx (Batman)B3gw528 LOA/SOS #3 Ubu (Batman)
B3gw528 LOA/SOS #4 Damian Wayne (Batman)B3gw528 LOA/SOS #5 Bane (Batman)
B3gw528 LOA/SOS #6 Osito (Bane's Teddy Bear) (Batman)B3gw528 LOA/SOS #7 Ra's Al Ghul (Batman)
B3gw528 LOA/SOS #8 Talia Al Ghul (Batman)B3gw528 LOA/SOS Boone (Shrike) (Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)
B3gw528 LOA/SOS Cassandra Cain Batgirl (Batman)B3gw528 LOA/SOS Dr Ebeneezer Darrk (Batman)
B3gw528 LOA/SOS Lady Shiva (Batman)B3gw528 LOA/SOS Ra's Al Ghul Mk4 (Batman)
B3gw528 LOA/SOS Ra's Al Ghul V5 (Batman)B3gw528 LOA/SOS Shrike (Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)
B3gw528 Mark Strong | Deadshot | Floyd Lawton (Batman)B3gw528 Nightwing (Batman)
B3gw528 Nightwing Arkham City Scale-up (Batman)B3gw528 Pamela Isley | Poison Ivy (Batman)
B3gw528 Proffesor Pyg | Lazlo Valentin (Batman)B3gw528 Ra's Al Ghul V2 (Batman)
B3gw528 Ravager Rose Wilson (Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)B3gw528 Scarecrow | Dr Crane (Batman)
B3gw528 Shrike (LOA/SOS also Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)B3gw528 Slade Wilson Deathstroke the Terminator V2 (Nightwing Rogues) Arrow Style (Batman)
B3gw528 Talon Court of Owls/ Nite of Owls 2 (Batman)B3gw528 Thomas Elliot | Hush V2 (Batman)
B3gw528 Thomas Elliot Hush (Batman)B3gw528 Two Face Harvey Dent V4 (Batman)
B3gw528 Victor Zsasz (Batman)B3gw528 Warren White - Great White Shark (Batman)
B3gw538 Soloman Grundy (Batman)Batman (Batman)
Batman Bagins || Tim Booth | Victor Zsasz (Movie Masters)Batman Begins | Khan Bonfis |Leage of Shadows Member Mk3 (Movie Masters)
Batman Begins | Tom Wilkinson | Carmine Falcone Movie Accurate (Batman Begins)Batman Begins || Katie Holmes | Rachel Dawes (Movie Masters)
Batman Begins || Tom Wilkinson | Carmine Falcone (Movie Masters)Batman Begins ||Richard Brake |Joe Chill (Movie Masters)
Batman Begins |Tom Wilkinson |Carmine Falcone V2 (Movie Masters)Batman Begins Camo Tumbler/Batmobile (Movie Masters)
Batman Begins Crime Alley | Park Row (Movie Masters)Batman Begins League of Shadows Ninja (Movie Masters)
Batman Begins League of Shadows Ninja | Mk 2 (Movie Masters)Batman Begins Water Vapourizer | Microwave Emitter (Batman Begins)
Batman Begins/Dark Knight Batsignal/Bat Signal/Batlight (Movie Masters)Batman Begins| Linus Roach as Thomas Wayne (Movie Masters)
Batman Begins|| Eric Roberts | Salvatore Maroni (Movie Masters)Battle Damaged Batman Begins|the Dark Knight |Movie Quality Tumbler outside (Movie Masters)
Batwing | Batplane (Batman)Bruce Wayne Scars / Scarred (Batman)
Catalina Flores Tarantula (Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)Catwoman | Selina Kyle (Batman)
Christian Bale,Bruce Wayne (Movie Masters)Cillian Murphy| Jonothan Crane/Scarecrow (Movie Masters)
Cillian Murphy|Jonothan Crane/Scarecrow Unmasked|Batman Begins (Movie Masters)Collossus Human Style Commission (X-Men)
Commissioner Jim Gordon | Gary Oldman (Movie Masters)Dark Knight | Eric Roberts | Sal Maroni V2 (Movie Masters)
Dark Knight Rises | TDKR | Tom Hardy Bane V3 (Movie Masters)Dark Knight Rises |Tom Hardy |Bane (Movie Masters)
David Caine (Batman)Fathers 50th Birthday Present (Movie Masters)
Gary Oldman | Jim Gordon |DARK KNIGHT RISES |Batman Begins ,,Dark Knight (Movie Masters)Gary Oldman|Jim Gordon |Mk2 (Movie Masters)
Iron Monger Obadiah Stane Head (Iron Man)Iron Patriot (Marvel Legends)
Jean Paul Valley | Azrael (Batman)Jervis Tetch | Mad Hatter (Batman)
Jonathan Crane , Scarecrow (Movie Masters)Ken Wanabe "Fake" Ra's Al Ghul (Movie Masters)
Liam Neeson |Ra's Al Ghul Beige Suit (Movie Masters)Liam Neeson Ras Al Ghul (Movie Masters)
Liam Neeson|Ra's Al Ghul Mk2 (Movie Masters)Michael Caine | Alfred Pennyworth (Movie Masters)
Morgan Freeman|Lucius Fox|Batman Begins|the Dark Knight|the Dark Knight Rises (Movie Masters)Movie Masters |Batman Begins|Dark Knight| Movie Quality inside and Opening Cockpit Tumbler Batmobile (Movie Masters)
Movie War Machine (Iron Man 2)My Aaron Eckhart | Harvey "Two Face" Dent Head Sculpt (Movie Masters)
Nolan-Verse Batman Equipment/Accesories (Movie Masters)Nolan-Verse Dark Knight Saga Battle Damaged Tumbler Batmobile with LED Lights (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)
Nolan-Verse Eddie Nashton Mk 2 (Movie Masters)Nolan-Verse Riddler/Eddie Nashton (Movie Masters)
Nolan-Verse What if ? John Blake Nightwing/Batman/Robin (Batman - Movie Style)Nolan-Verse/Bludhaven Police Officer (Movie Masters)
Oracle Barbara Gordon (Nightwing Rogues) (Batman)Richard John Grayson (D!Ck) | Flying Graysons (Batman)
Sir Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth (Movie Masters)The Dark Knight || Ritchie Coster | the Chechen (Movie Masters)
The Dark Knight ||Michael Jai White |Gambol (Movie Masters)The Dark Knight |Batsignal V.2 Broken (Movie Masters)
The Dark Knight Rises | Deputy Commissioner Foley | Matt Modine (Batman - Movie Style)The Dark Knight Rises | Tom Hardy Bane V5 (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)
The Dark Knight Rises Nolan-Verse | Marion Cottilard | Talia Al Ghul (Not Miranda Tate) (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)The Dark Knight Style ,Armory/Suit Holster (Movie Masters)
Tom Hardy | Bane | the Dark Knight Rises (Batman)Tom Hardy |Bane|Mk2|Dark Knight Rises (Movie Masters)
Ultron (Marvel Legends)Universe B3gw528 Ra's Al Ghul (Batman)
Universe B3gw528 Harvey Two Face Dent (Batman)Universe B3gw528 Joker Goons/Thugs/Henchmen and Harleyquinn (Batman)
Universe B3gw528 Mr Freeze | Victor Fries (Batman)Universe B3gw528 Talia Al Ghul (Batman)
Universe B3gw528 Tim Drake | Robin | Red Robin (Batman)Wayne Manor (Movie Masters)
Werewolf Punisher (Punisher)Whiplash (Comic Book Version) (Iron Man)
Whiplash Final Battle Armor/Mk2 (Iron Man 2)Whiplash Mk1 (Iron Man 2)

Custom Tutorials by Chester001
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