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 ManyMack Creationz 
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Customizer:ManyMack CreationzFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:DukePersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:415

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All Customs by ManyMack Creationz
"Giganta" (DC Infinite Heroes)"Greatest Duo" Batman/Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
"Heroes for Hire", Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Tarantula (Marvel Universe)(JL) New Justice League (DC Infinite Heroes)
52 Batgirl (DC Infinite Heroes)52 Green Arrow (DC Infinite Heroes)
52 Grifter (DC Infinite Heroes)52 Red Hood (DC Infinite Heroes)
52 Red Hood (DC Infinite Heroes)52 Reverse Flash (DC Infinite Heroes)
52 Simon Baz Green Lantern (DC Infinite Heroes)52 Superboy (Battle Mode) (DC Infinite Heroes)
52 Wonder Woman (JL War Look) (DC Infinite Heroes)52 Zealot (DC Infinite Heroes)
90's Style Bishop (Marvel Universe)90's Style Storm (Marvel Universe)
Amazo (DC Infinite Heroes)Angel/Archangel (Marvel Universe)
Angela Concept Style (Marvel Universe)Antman (Movie Version) (Marvel Universe)
April O'neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Aquaman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Aquaman (DC Infinite Heroes)Aquaman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Aquaman (DC Infinite Heroes)Aquaman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Aquaman and Mera (DC Infinite Heroes)Aquaman and the Justice League (DC Infinite Heroes)
Ares God of War (Marvel Universe)Armor Spiderman (Marvel Universe)
Armored Skull Punisher (Marvel Universe)Armored Tech Azrael Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Arsenal (DC Infinite Heroes)Atom (DC Infinite Heroes)
Avalanche (Marvel Universe)Avalanche (Marvel Universe)
Avalanche (Marvel Universe)Bane (DC Infinite Heroes)
Bane (DC Infinite Heroes)Bane (DC Infinite Heroes)
Bane (DC Infinite Heroes)Bane (My Movie Version) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batgirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Batgirl (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batgirl Cassandra Cain (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman (Marvel Universe)
Batman (Marvel Universe)Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman ( the Night Crusader) (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman (Concept Version) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman (SOB Version) (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman and the Darknight Squad (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman Azrael (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman Begins (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman beyond (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman beyond (Upgrade) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman Dark Knight (DC Infinite Heroes)Batwoman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Beastboy (DC Infinite Heroes)Big Barda (DC Infinite Heroes)
Big Barda (Earth 2 Version) (DC Infinite Heroes)Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Black Adam (DC Infinite Heroes)
Black Adam (DC Infinite Heroes)Black Adam (DC Infinite Heroes)
Black Beetle (DC Infinite Heroes)Black Canary (DC Infinite Heroes)
Black Cat (Marvel Universe)Black Cat (Marvel Universe)
Black Manta (DC Infinite Heroes)Black Manta (DC Infinite Heroes)
Black Mask (DC Infinite Heroes)Black Spider (DC Infinite Heroes)
Blade (Marvel Universe)Blade (Marvel Universe)
Blade (Marvel Universe)Blade (Marvel Universe)
Blink (Marvel Universe)Blink-Xmen (DOFP) (Marvel Universe)
Bloodwynd (DC Infinite Heroes)Blue Beetle (DC Infinite Heroes)
Blue Marvel (Marvel Universe)Braini-Lex (DC Infinite Heroes)
Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee)Bruce Lee "Game of Death" (Bruce Lee)
Bumblebee (DC Infinite Heroes)Caitlin Fairchild (DC Infinite Heroes)
Caitlin Fairchild (V2) (DC Infinite Heroes)Cannonball (Marvel Universe)
Capt. Marvel (DC Infinite Heroes)Capt. Marvel (DC Infinite Heroes)
Capt. Marvel (DC Infinite Heroes)Capt. Marvel Shazam (Jlwar 52 Concept Version) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Captain America (Marvel Universe)Captain America (Concept) (Marvel Universe)
Captain Marvel (DC Infinite Heroes)Captain Marvel Carol Danvers (Marvel Universe)
Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel (Marvel Universe)Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel (Marvel Universe)
Casey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Catwoman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Catwoman (DC Infinite Heroes)Clark Kent "Smallville" (DC Infinite Heroes)
Commissioner James Gordon (DC Infinite Heroes)Concept Design Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)
Concept Style Flash Thompson Agent Venom (Marvel Universe)Concept Style Nimrod (Marvel Universe)
Crossbones (Marvel Universe)Cyborg (DC Infinite Heroes)
Cyborg (DC Infinite Heroes)Cyborg (DC Infinite Heroes)
Cyborg (Concept Design) (DC Infinite Heroes)Cyborg (Dark Armor) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Cyborg Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Darkseid (DC Infinite Heroes)
Darkseid (DC Infinite Heroes)Darkseid Omega (DC Infinite Heroes)
DC 52 Katana (DC Infinite Heroes)DC New 52 Voodoo (DC Infinite Heroes)
Deadpool (Marvel Universe)Deadshot (DC Infinite Heroes)
Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)
Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)
Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)Deathstroke "Gotham's Predator" (DC Infinite Heroes)
Deathstroke "the Death Dealer" (DC Infinite Heroes)Deathstroke Equipped 6in.Concept Style (DC Universe)
Domino (Marvel Universe)Doomsday (DC Infinite Heroes)
Dr. Fate (DC Infinite Heroes)Dr. Fate (DC Infinite Heroes)
Dr. Octopus (Marvel Universe)Eradicator (DC Infinite Heroes)
Eradicator V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Eric Draven "the Crow" (Crow)
Eric Draven "the Crow" (Crow)Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mu Style) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Exclusive Ultimate Captain Marvel (Marvel Universe)Exclusive Vlad Dracula (Marvel Universe)
Faora (Concept Design) (DC Infinite Heroes)Fire (DC Infinite Heroes)
Firestorm (DC Infinite Heroes)Firestorm (DC Infinite Heroes)
Flash (Concept Prime Version) (DC Infinite Heroes)Flashpoint Wonder Woman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Forge (Marvel Universe)Frank Castle "the Punisher" (Marvel Universe)
Frank Castle Code Name: Green Skull (Marvel Universe)Future Foundation Fantastic Four Team (Marvel Universe)
Gambit (Marvel Universe)Gambit (Marvel Universe)
Gamora (GOTG Movie Version) (Marvel Universe)General Zod (DC Infinite Heroes)
Goblin Queen (Marvel Universe)Green Arrow (DC Infinite Heroes)
Green Arrow (DC Infinite Heroes)Green Arrow & Black Canary (DC Infinite Heroes)
Green Goblin (Concept Design) (Marvel Universe)Green Lantern (DC Infinite Heroes)
Green Lantern (DC Infinite Heroes)Green Lantern (DC Infinite Heroes)
Grifter (DC Infinite Heroes)Grifter (DC Infinite Heroes)
Grifter (DC Infinite Heroes)Gwen Stacey (Marvel Universe)
Harley Quinn (DC Infinite Heroes)Harley Quinn (DC Infinite Heroes)
Havok (Marvel Universe)Havok (Marvel Universe)
Hawkgirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Hawkman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Hawkman (DC Infinite Heroes)He-Man/Barbarian Design Concept (Masters of the Universe)
Hela (Goddess of the Underworld) (Marvel Universe)Hellcat (Marvel Universe)
Hellcat (Marvel Universe)  on eBay Now!Heroic Age Captain America (Marvel Universe)
Howard the Duck (Marvel Universe)Hulking (Marvel Universe)
Huntress (DC Infinite Heroes)Ice (DC Infinite Heroes)
Iceman (Marvel Universe)Icon (DC Infinite Heroes)
Infarred Night Ops Punisher (Marvel Universe)Jim Lee's New 52 Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
JL War 52 Green Lantern (DC Infinite Heroes)JL War 52 Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
JLA War 52 Concept Cyborg (DC Infinite Heroes)JLA War Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
John Constantine (Hellblazer) (DC Infinite Heroes)John Henry Iron's "Steel" (DC Infinite Heroes)
Johnny Quick (DC Infinite Heroes)Joker (DC Infinite Heroes)
Jubilee (Marvel Universe)Judge Anderson (Judge Dredd)
Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd)Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd)
Jungle Warfare Punisher (Marvel Universe)Justice League of America (DC Infinite Heroes)
Justice League: Unstoppable Forces (DC Infinite Heroes)Justice Lord Superman and Superman Prime (DC Infinite Heroes)
Kalibak (DC Infinite Heroes)King Conan the Barbarian (Marvel Universe)
King Hyperion (Marvel Universe)Lady Deathstrike (Marvel Universe)
Lady Deathstrike (Marvel Universe)Lady Sif (Thor 2 Movie Version) (Marvel Universe)
Lex Luthor (DC Infinite Heroes)Lex Luthor (DC Infinite Heroes)
Lion-O (Thundercats)Lobo (DC Infinite Heroes)
Lobo (DC Infinite Heroes)Lobo "the Main Man" (DC Infinite Heroes)
Man of Steel Lois and Clark (DC Infinite Heroes)Martian Manhunter (DC Infinite Heroes)
Marvel Mow Cyclops (V2) (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Blade (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Concept Deadpool (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Cyclops (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Magik (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Magneto (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Magneto Black (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Vision (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now X-Factor Polaris, Gambit, Quicksilver (Marvel Universe)Merlyn (DC Infinite Heroes)
Mesmero (Marvel Universe)Miss Martian (DC Infinite Heroes)
Misty Knight (Marvel Universe)Modern Martian Manhunter (DC Infinite Heroes)
Modern Style Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Mongul (DC Infinite Heroes)
Mongul (Young Justice) (DC Infinite Heroes)Mr. Freeze (DC Infinite Heroes)
Mr. Majestic (Wildcats)Mr. Majestic (V2) (Wildcats)
Mr. Miracle (Earth 2 Version) (DC Infinite Heroes)New (JL) Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
New 52 Darkseid (DC Infinite Heroes)New 52 Hawkgirl (DC Infinite Heroes)
New 52 Martian Manhunter (DC Infinite Heroes)New 52 Mr. Terrific (DC Infinite Heroes)
New 52 Nightwing Concept Style Design (DC Universe)New 52 Starfire (DC Infinite Heroes)
New 52 Supergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Nick Fury (Marvel Universe)
Night Thrasher (Marvel Universe)Nightshadow Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)
Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)Nightwing (Suit Upgrade) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Nightwing (Young Justice Style) (DC Infinite Heroes)Nimrod Exclusive (Concept Version) (Marvel Universe)
Noh-Varr (Marvel Universe)Nuclear Man (DC Infinite Heroes)
Oracle's (Birthday Gift) (DC Infinite Heroes)Orion (DC Infinite Heroes)
Owlman (DC Infinite Heroes)Phantasm (DC Infinite Heroes)
Photon/Spectrum (Marvel Universe)  on eBay Now!Plastic Man (DC Infinite Heroes)
Poison Ivy (DC Infinite Heroes)Poison Ivy (DC Infinite Heroes)
Power Ring (DC Infinite Heroes)Powerboy (DC Infinite Heroes)
Powergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Powergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)
Powergirl (Concept Version) (DC Infinite Heroes)Professor X/ Hover Chair (Marvel Universe)
Professor Zoom (DC Infinite Heroes)Punisher (Marvel Universe)
Punisher (Marvel Universe)Punisher (Marvel Universe)
Pyro (Marvel Universe)Pyro (Marvel Universe)
Pyro (Marvel Universe)Pyro & Avalanche (Marvel Universe)
Quicksilver (Marvel Universe)Quicksilver (Concept Future Design) (Marvel Universe)
Raven (DC Infinite Heroes)Ravenger (DC Infinite Heroes)
Raza (Marvel Universe)Red Arrow & Arsenal (DC Infinite Heroes)
Red Hood (DC Infinite Heroes)Red Hood (Concept 52 Design) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Red Robin (DC Infinite Heroes)Red Son Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Red Tornado (DC Infinite Heroes)Red X (DC Infinite Heroes)
Remy Lebeau (Gambit) (Marvel Universe)Rhonda Pineda 52 Female Atom (DC Infinite Heroes)
Riddler (DC Infinite Heroes)Robin (DC Infinite Heroes)
Robin (DC Infinite Heroes)Robin (DC Infinite Heroes)
Robin (Damien Wayne) (DC Infinite Heroes)Robin (Tim Drake) Young Justice Style (DC Infinite Heroes)
Rocket (DC Infinite Heroes)Rogue (Marvel Universe)
Rogue (Marvel Universe)Savage Wolverine (Marvel Universe)
Shang Chi (Marvel Legends)Shang-Chi (Master of Kung Fu) (Marvel Universe)
Shatterstar (New Look) (Marvel Universe)She-Hulk (Marvel Universe)
Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Silver Sable (Marvel Universe)
Solomon Grundy (DC Infinite Heroes)Spider-Girl (Marvel Universe)
Star Sapphire (DC Infinite Heroes)Stargirl (DC Infinite Heroes)
Stargirl (New Look) (DC Infinite Heroes)Stealth Assualt Punisher (Marvel Universe)
Storm (Marvel Universe)Storm & the Xmen (Marvel Universe)
Strider Hiryu MU Capcom Style! (Marvel vs Capcom)Striker (Marvel Universe)
Sunspot (Marvel Universe)Superboy (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superboy (DC Infinite Heroes)Superboy (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superboy (DC Infinite Heroes)Superboy (ROS) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Supergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Supergirl (Marvel Universe)
Supergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Supergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)
Supergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Supergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman (Marvel Universe)Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman (Christopher Reeve) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman (Comic Style) (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman Blue & Red (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman Christopher Reeve (Upgrade) (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman Man of Steel (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman Man of Steel (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman Prime (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman Red and Blue (DC Infinite Heroes)Superwoman (DC Infinite Heroes)
The Atom (DC Infinite Heroes)The Comedian (Watchmen)
The Flash (DC Infinite Heroes)The Flash (DC Infinite Heroes)
The Flash (DC Infinite Heroes)The Flash (JL) Style (DC Infinite Heroes)
The Huntress (DC Infinite Heroes)The Joker (DC Infinite Heroes)
The Phantom (Phantom)The Question (DC Infinite Heroes)
The Red Hood (DC Infinite Heroes)The Red Hood (DC Infinite Heroes)
The Red Hood (DC Infinite Heroes)The Wolverine (Marvel Universe)
Thomas Wayne Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Thunderbolts Punisher (Marvel Universe)
Tigra (Marvel Universe)TMNT 3.75 in Scale (2nd Edition) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Total Justice Green Lantern (DC Infinite Heroes)Udon Taskmaster (Marvel Universe)
Ultimate Avenger Wasp (Marvel Universe)Ultimate Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Ultimate Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Ultimate Thor (Marvel Universe)
Ultraman (DC Infinite Heroes)Vampirella (Vampires)
Vision (Marvel Universe)Vision (Marvel Universe)
Vision (Marvel Universe)Vision (Marvel Universe)
Vision (Marvel Universe)Vision the Android (Marvel Universe)
Vixen (DC Infinite Heroes)Vixen (V2) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Vlad Dracula Concept Style (Marvel Universe)Vulture (Marvel Universe)
War Scull Assaultt Punisher (Marvel Universe)White Tiger (Marvel Universe)
White Tiger (Marvel Universe)White Tiger (Marvel Universe)  on eBay Now!
Wiccan (Marvel Universe)Wildcat (DC Infinite Heroes)
Wolverine (Marvel Universe)Wonder Woman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Wonder Woman (DC Infinite Heroes)Wonder Woman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Wonder Woman (DC Infinite Heroes)Wonder Woman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Wonder Woman (New Base) (DC Infinite Heroes)Wondergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)
X Factor Havok (Marvel Universe)X-Factor (Marvel Universe)
X-Men Female Strike Team (Marvel Universe)Xmen Xtreme Storm (Marvel Universe)
Zantanna (DC Infinite Heroes)