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Customizer:horton'sheroesFirst Made:Egghead
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:ROM the Spaceknight
Crowd Favorite:STARFIRE: Red Hood & the OutlawsTotal Customs:129
Current Projects:Any obscure character in the marvel universe with the likelihood they will never see action unless I create them. I am also working on a six inch legends based star wars line and hoping to get some feedback from everyone on this great website.
Honorable Mentions:Never appeared in any mag such as Toyfare,but like to think its an option for the future.
Comments:I am thrilled to be rubbing elbows with some of the best customizers out there. It is a great honor to be featured on this website and I believe with all the help and tips from other customizers,I can get much better.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by horton'sheroes
90's Rogue (Marvel Legends)Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)
Archangel (Marvel Legends)Arkham City Nightwing (Batman - Arkham City)
Arsenal (DC Universe)Azrael (DC Universe)
Batman (Marvel Legends)Batman (Marvel Legends)
Batman (Batman & Son) (Marvel Legends)Batman Arkham City (Batman - Arkham City)
Batman beyond (Marvel Legends)Batman Dark Knight Returns 2 (DC Universe)
Batman: Dark Knight Returns (Marvel Legends)Ben Reily Spiderman (Marvel Legends)
Black Canary (DC Universe)Black Cat (Marvel Legends)
Black Widow (Marvel Legends)Blue Eagle (Marvel Legends)
Boba Fett (Marvel Legends)Bowen Deapool (Marvel Legends)
Buscema Style Hulk BAF (Marvel Legends)Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Carnage (Marvel Legends)Carrie Kelley Robin (DC Universe)
Catwoman (DC Universe)Clint Barton Goliath (Marvel Legends)
Controller (Marvel Legends)Crime Syndicate Superwoman (DC Universe)
Crime Syndicate Ultraman (DC Universe)D. Grayson Batman (DC Universe)
Daken (Marvel Legends)Daken (Marvel Legends)
Damien Hellstrom (Marvel Legends)Daredevil Noir (Marvel Legends)
Darth Malak (Marvel Legends)Darth Vader (Marvel Legends)
DCU C&C Juggernaut (DC Universe)Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool Noir (Marvel Legends)Destroyer Thor (Marvel Legends)
Doctor Spectrum (Marvel Legends)Dreadknought (Marvel Legends)
Egghead (Marvel Legends)Fantomex (Marvel Legends)
Force (Marvel Legends)Galen Marek (Star Wars)
Ghost (Marvel Legends)Gladiator (Marvel Legends)
Gladiator Shi'ar (Marvel Legends)Golden Archer (Marvel Legends)
Gravitron (Marvel Legends)Grey Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Hal Jordan (Marvel Legends)Harley Quinn New 52 (DC Universe)
Harry Potter (Marvel Legends)Headsman (Marvel Legends)
Hellion (Marvel Legends)Huntress (Marvel Legends)
Hush (DC Universe)Hyperion (Marvel Legends)
Icon (DC Universe)Joker Death of the Family (DC Universe)
Juggernaut (Marvel Legends)Juggernaut BAF V2. (Marvel Legends)
Katana (DC Universe)Knighthawk (Marvel Legends)
Kraven (Marvel Legends)Kyle Rayner (Marvel Legends)
Lady Lark (Marvel Legends)Lion-O (Marvel Legends)
Living Laser (Marvel Legends)Marvel Select Hulk (Marvel Select)
Marvel Select Juggernaut (Marvel Legends)Mary Jane Parker (Marvel Legends)
Mauler (Marvel Legends)Mighty Destroyer (Marvel Legends)
ML Black Canary (Marvel Legends)Modern Cyke (Marvel Legends)
Modern Luke Cage (Marvel Legends)Modern Nova (Marvel Legends)
Modern Punisher (Marvel Legends)Modern Wasp (Marvel Legends)
Modern Wolverine (Marvel Legends)Ms Marvel (Marvel Legends)
Ms Marvel (Dark Avengers) (Marvel Legends)New 52 Catwoman (DC Universe)
Nick Fury (Marvel Legends)Night Thrasher (Marvel Legends)
Norton Hulk (Marvel Select)Omega (Marvel Legends)
Paladin (DC Universe)Phoenix (Marvel Legends)
Poison Ivy (DC Universe)Power Princess (Marvel Legends)
Psycho Man (Marvel Legends)Psylocke (Marvel Legends)
Punisher Noir (DC Universe)Puppet Master (Marvel Legends)
Quasar (Marvel Legends)Red Hood (DC Universe)
Red Hood : Red Hood and the Outlaws (DC Universe)Red Sonja (Marvel Legends)
Rhino (Marvel Legends)Rogue (Marvel Legends)
ROM the Spaceknight (Marvel Select)Satana (Marvel Legends)
Savage Wolverine (Marvel Legends)Shanna the She Devil (Marvel Legends)
Solo (Marvel Legends)Spiderman Noir (Marvel Legends)
STARFIRE: Red Hood & the Outlaws (DC Universe)Starkiller Arena Combat Gear (Star Wars)
Starling (DC Universe)Steve Rogers (Marvel Legends)
Storm V2 (Marvel Legends)Superboy (Connor Kent) (Marvel Legends)
Superman (Marvel Legends)Superman (Marvel Legends)
Talia Al Ghul (Marvel Legends)Taskmaster (Marvel Legends)
Thunderstrike (Marvel Legends)Tigershark (Marvel Legends)
Ulik the Troll (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Captain America (Marvel Legends)
Ultimate Giant Man BAF (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Juggernaut (Marvel Legends)
Walking Dead Rick Grimes (Marvel Legends)Wonder Woman (Marvel Legends)
X-23 (Marvel Legends)