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Customizer:DravenheartFirst Made:Gambit as Death
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:New 52 Shazam
Crowd Favorite:M BisonTotal Customs:519
Current Projects:Chuck Greene. Various Street Fighter characters.
Comments:I strive to get my figures as accurate as possible, and try to produce lesser known characters that most may never see emerge from the factory.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by Dravenheart
Abbey Chase (Danger Girl)Absorbing Man (Marvel Universe)
Adaptoid (Marvel Universe)Age of Apocalypse Cyclops (Marvel Universe)  on eBay Now!
Age of Apocalypse Havok (Marvel Universe)  on eBay Now!Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth (Marvel Universe)
Age of Apocalypse Wolverine (Marvel Universe)Akuma (Street Fighter)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)Albert Wesker V2 (Resident Evil)
Aleta Ogord (Marvel Universe)Amazo (DC Infinite Heroes)
Amazo V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Animal Man (DC Infinite Heroes)
Apollo (DC Infinite Heroes)Apollo V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Ares (DC Infinite Heroes)Armless Tiger Man (Marvel Universe)
Atomic Skull (DC Infinite Heroes)Avalanche (Marvel Universe)
Avalanche V2 (Marvel Universe)Awesome Android (Marvel Universe)
Badger (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Balrog (Street Fighter)
Banshee V2 (Marvel Universe)Barbara Gordon (Green Lantern)
Bastion (Marvel Universe)Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman (Minecraft)
Batman beyond (DC Infinite Heroes)Beast V2, V3, V4, & V5 (Marvel Universe)
Bengal (Marvel Universe)Beta Ray Bill (Marvel Universe)
Birdman (Space Ghost)Bizarnage (Amalgam)
Bizarro (DC Infinite Heroes)Black Adam (DC Infinite Heroes)
Black Adam V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Black Ant (Marvel Universe)
Black Bat (DC Infinite Heroes)Black Hole (Marvel Universe)
Black Knight (Marvel Universe)Black Lightning (DC Infinite Heroes)
Black Manta (DC Infinite Heroes)Black Panther (Marvel Universe)
Black Panther V3 (Marvel Universe)Black Racer (Marvel Universe)
Black Ranger (Power Rangers)Blade (Marvel Universe)
Blanka (Street Fighter)Blanka V2 & Balrog V2 (Street Fighter)
Blazing Skull (Marvel Universe)Blazing Skull V3 (Marvel Universe)
Blazing Skull V4 (Marvel Universe)Blizzard (Marvel Universe)
Bloodscream (Marvel Universe)Bloodshot (Valiant)
Blue Ranger (Power Rangers)Blue Shield (Marvel Universe)
Bobby Drake (Marvel Universe)Boomslang (Marvel Universe)
Bride of Venom (Marvel Universe)Brightest Day Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Bruce Wayne (DC Infinite Heroes)Cammy (Street Fighter)
Captain America (Minecraft)Captain Atom (Marvel Universe)
Captain Canuck (Independent Comics)Captain Kerosene (Marvel Universe)
Catwoman (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)Chameleon (Spider-Man)
Chthon (Marvel Universe)Chun Li (Street Fighter)
Cinder (Killer Instinct)Clark Kent (DC Infinite Heroes)
Classic Undertaker (Wrestling)Classic Undertaker V2 (Wrestling)
Cloak and Dagger (Marvel Universe)Collective Man (Marvel Universe)
Compound She-Hulk (Marvel Universe)Conan (Conan)
Concept Deadpool (Marvel Universe)Contra - Scorpion and Mad Dog (Nintendo)
Copycat (Marvel Universe)Corinthian Hobgoblin (Marvel)
Cosmic Ultimate Spiderman (Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)Cottonmouth (Marvel Universe)
Cottonmouth V3 (Marvel Universe)Count Nefaria (Marvel Universe)
Crossfire (Marvel Universe)Crystal (Marvel Universe)
Crystal (Marvel Universe)Cyber Hydro (Mortal Kombat)
Cyber Reptile (Mortal Kombat)Cyber Smoke (Mortal Kombat)
Cyber Smoke V2 (Mortal Kombat)Cyborg Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Cyborg Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Cyclops (Marvel Universe)
Daimon Hellstrom (Marvel Universe)Daimon Hellstrom (Marvel Legends)
Daken (Marvel Universe)Daken Akihiro (Marvel Universe)
Daredevil 2099 (Marvel Universe)Daredevil Noir (Marvel Universe)
Dark Beast (Marvel Universe)Dark Knight Returns Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Dark Knight Rises Catwoman V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Dark Supergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)
Dark Surfer (Marvel Universe)Darkseid (DC Infinite Heroes)
Darkseid V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Darth Havok (Star Wars)
Darth Revan (Star Wars)Darwin (Marvel Universe)
Darwin V2 (Marvel Universe)Davos the Steel Phoenix (Marvel Universe)
Deadman (DC Infinite Heroes)Deadman Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)
Deadman V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Deadpool Cap (Marvel Universe)
Deadpool down under (Marvel Universe)Deadshot (DC Infinite Heroes)
Death Mask (Marvel Universe)Death Wish (Marvel Universe)
Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)Decapre (Street Fighter)
Dewoz (Marvel Universe)Dino Riders Questar (Misc)
Doctor Fate (DC Infinite Heroes)Donald Pierce (Marvel Universe)
Donna Troy (DC Infinite Heroes)Doombot (Marvel Universe)
Dormammu (Marvel Universe)Dr Doom (Marvel vs Capcom)
Dr Doom 2099 Alt (Marvel vs Capcom)Dr Spectrum (Marvel Universe)
Dr Strangefate (Amalgam)Dragon Man (Marvel Universe)
Earth 2 Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Earth 2 Batman V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Earth 2 Red Tornado (DC Infinite Heroes)Earth 2 Superman - Brutaal V5 & Val-Zod (DC Infinite Heroes)
Earth 2 Superman (Brutaal) (DC Infinite Heroes)Earth 2 Superman Brutaal (DC Direct)
Earth 2 Superman V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Earth's End Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Elektra - Black Variant (Marvel Universe)Elektra - White Variant (Marvel Universe)
Emma Frost (Marvel Universe)Eradicator (DC Infinite Heroes)
Eradicator V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Evil Ryu (Street Fighter)
Evil Ryu V2 (Street Fighter)Expatriate (Marvel Universe)
Fallen One (Marvel Universe)Fallen One V2 (Marvel Universe)
Fantomex (Marvel Universe)Fantomex (Marvel Universe)
Faora (DC Infinite Heroes)Fire Lad (DC Infinite Heroes)
Firelord (Marvel Universe)Firelord V2 (Marvel Universe)
Firestar (Marvel Universe)Firestar (Marvel Universe)
Firestar (Marvel Universe)Firestar (Marvel Universe)
Flashpoint Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Flashpoint Batman V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Flashpoint Grayson (DC Infinite Heroes)Future's End Aquaman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Future's End Firestorm (DC Infinite Heroes)Future's End Sinestro (DC Infinite Heroes)
Future's End Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Gambit as Death (X-Men)
Gambit as Death V2 (X-Men)Gambit as Death V3 (Marvel Universe)
Gambit as Death V4 (Marvel Universe)Gargantua (Marvel Universe)
Geiger (Marvel Universe)Geki (Street Fighter)
Geki V2 (Street Fighter)General Zod (DC Infinite Heroes)
General Zod (DC Infinite Heroes)General Zod (DC Infinite Heroes)
General Zod (DC Infinite Heroes)Genis-Vell (Marvel Universe)
Gideon (Marvel Universe)Gilgamesh (Marvel Universe)
Giraud the Phoenix (Marvel Universe)Gladiator (Marvel Universe)
Godfall Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Golden Age Vision (Marvel Universe)
Gorgeous George (Marvel Universe)Green Arrow (DC Infinite Heroes)
Green Lantern (DC Infinite Heroes)Green Ranger (Power Rangers)
Grendel Hunter Rose (Dark Horse)Grey She-Hulk (Marvel vs Capcom)
Guardian (Young Justice)Hairbag (Marvel Universe)
Harry Leland (Marvel Universe)Harvey Birdman (Misc)
Haunt (Image)Havok (Marvel Universe)
Hawkgirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Hell's Gladiator (Original)
Heroes Reborn Hawkeye (Marvel Universe)Hobgoblin (Marvel Universe)
Hobgoblin V2 (Marvel Universe)Hollywood (Marvel Universe)
Human Fly (Marvel Universe)Husk (Marvel Universe)
Hydra Captain America (Marvel Universe)Hydra Spiderman 2099 (Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)
Hydra Spiderman 2099 V2 (Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)Hydro (Mortal Kombat)
Hydroman (Marvel Universe)Hyperion (Marvel Universe)
Icarus (Marvel Universe)Injustice Nightwing (Minecraft)
Injustice Nightwing V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Iolande (Green Lantern)
Ion (Marvel Universe)Iron Fist (Marvel Universe)
Iron Fist (Marvel Universe)Iron Fist Fongji Wu (Marvel Universe)
Iron Lantern (Amalgam)Iron Lantern V3 (Amalgam)
Ironclad (Marvel Universe)Isaiah Bradley (Marvel Universe)
Jace & Jan (Space Ghost)Jack O Lantern (Marvel Universe)
Jade (Mortal Kombat)Jason Lyons (Independent Comics)
Jason Todd (DC Infinite Heroes)Jason Todd V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Jedi Spiderman (Star Wars)Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
Jim Hammond - Toro (Marvel Universe)Joe the Condor (Gatchaman)
John Mcclane (Die Hard)John Stewart (Green Lantern)
Julie Walker (Phantom)Justice (Marvel Universe)
Justice Lords Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Kamakura (G.I. Joe)
Kasper Cole White Tiger (Marvel Universe)Ken the Eagle (Battle of the Planets)
Ken the Eagle V2 (Gatchaman)Ken the Eagle V4 (Gatchaman)
Kilowog (Green Lantern)King Hyperion (Marvel Universe)
Kirrt Kallak (Green Lantern)Kitana (Mortal Kombat)
Klaw (Marvel Universe)Knightfall Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)
Kreon (Green Lantern)Kryptonite Man (DC Infinite Heroes)
Kung Lao (Mortal Kombat)Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)
Lady Sif (Marvel Universe)Lasher (Marvel Universe)
Lei Kung the Thunderer (Marvel Universe)Leon S Kennedy (Resident Evil)
Lex Luthor (DC Infinite Heroes)Lex Luthor (DC Infinite Heroes)
Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)Llyron (Marvel Universe)
Lobo (DC Infinite Heroes)Lobo V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Long Halloween Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Lord Thor (Marvel Universe)
M Bison (Street Fighter)Machine Man (Marvel Universe)
Madame Cat (Amalgam)Magneto (Marvel Universe)
Major Victory (Marvel Universe)Major Victory (Marvel Universe)
Major Victory V2 (Marvel Universe)Major Victory W/ Symbiote (Marvel Universe)
Mammoth (DC Infinite Heroes)Martian Manhunter (DC Infinite Heroes)
Martian Manhunter Alt (DC Infinite Heroes)Marvel Now Havok (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Hyperion (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Magneto (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Moon Knight (Marvel Universe)Mary Marvel (DC Infinite Heroes)
Masked Marvel (Marvel Universe)Maskless Hawkeye (Marvel Universe)
Maskless Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)Mera (DC Infinite Heroes)
Meteor Man (Marvel Universe)Micromax (Marvel Universe)
Mileena (Mortal Kombat)Mimic (Marvel Universe)
Moonwing (Amalgam)Morbius (Marvel Universe)
Morph (Marvel Universe)Mr Immortal (Marvel Universe)
Multiple Man (Marvel Universe)Multiplex (DC Infinite Heroes)
Mystique (Marvel Universe)Namorita (Marvel Universe)
New 52 Flash (DC Infinite Heroes)New 52 Flash V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
New 52 Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)New 52 Poison Ivy (DC Infinite Heroes)
New 52 Shazam (DC Infinite Heroes)New 52 Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
New 52 Ultraman (DC Infinite Heroes)New 52 Ultraman V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Nexus (Dark Horse)Night Girl (DC Infinite Heroes)
Night Lantern (Green Lantern)Night Thrasher (Marvel Universe)
Night Thrasher V2 (Marvel Universe)Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)
Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)Nightwing V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Nitro (Marvel Universe)Non (DC Infinite Heroes)
Noob's Shadow (Mortal Kombat)Northstar & Aurora (Marvel Universe)
Nova (Marvel Universe)Nova V2 (Marvel Universe)
Nuclear Man (DC Infinite Heroes)Ocean Master (DC Infinite Heroes)
Oddball (Marvel Universe)Old Man Logan (Marvel Universe)
Omniman (Image)Oni (Street Fighter)
Oniro (Mortal Kombat)Onomatopoeia (DC Infinite Heroes)
Orson Randall Iron Fist (Marvel Universe)Osiris (DC Infinite Heroes)
Owlman (DC Infinite Heroes)Parallax (DC Infinite Heroes)
Phantom (Phantom)Phantom V2 (Phantom)
Pink Ranger (Power Rangers)Powderkeg (Marvel Universe)
Power Ring (DC Infinite Heroes)Power Ring 2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Pre-Crisis Faora (DC Infinite Heroes)Professor X (Marvel Universe)
Protocide (Marvel Universe)Puff Adder (Marvel Universe)
Punisher (Marvel Universe)Pyro (Marvel Universe)
Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat)Quicksilver (Silverhawks)
Quicksilver V2 & V3 (Silverhawks)Rai (Valiant)
Ramrod (Marvel Universe)Ravager (DC Infinite Heroes)
Raven (DC Infinite Heroes)Ravenous (Marvel Universe)
Red Hood (DC Infinite Heroes)Red Hood V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Red Lantern Supergirl (DC Infinite Heroes)Red Ranger (Power Rangers)
Red Ranger V2 (Power Rangers)Red Skull (Marvel Universe)
Red Skull (Marvel Universe)Red Son Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)
Red Son Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Red Son Superman V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Red Son Superman V3 (DC Infinite Heroes)Regime Shazam (DC Infinite Heroes)
Riddler (DC Infinite Heroes)Riddler V2 and V3 (DC Infinite Heroes)
Riot V1 & V2 (Marvel Universe)Robin (DC Infinite Heroes)
Robin (DC Infinite Heroes)Rond Vidar (Green Lantern)
RPG Style Hawkman (Fantasy)Ruckus (Marvel Universe)
Ryan Reynolds Deadpool (X-Men - Movies)Scarlet Spider II - Joseph Wade (Marvel Universe)
Scorpion (Marvel Universe)Scorpion Concept (Spider-Man)
Sebastian Shaw (Marvel Universe)Selene (Marvel Universe)
Sersi (Marvel Universe)Shadowland Daredevil (Marvel Universe)
Shamrock (Marvel Universe)Shanna (Marvel Universe)
Shayera Hol (DC Infinite Heroes)Shazam (DC Infinite Heroes)
Shazam V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)She-Dragon (Savage Dragon)
Shriek (Marvel Universe)Silver Sable (Marvel Universe)
Silver Surfer (Marvel Universe)Simon Baz (Green Lantern)
Sinestro (Green Lantern)Sinestro (DC Infinite Heroes)
Sinestro Corps Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Siryn (Marvel Universe)
Sith Venom (Star Wars)Skymax (Marvel Universe)
Slab (Marvel Universe)Smuggler (Marvel Universe)
Smuggler V2 (Marvel Universe)Sodam Yat (Green Lantern)
Solar (Valiant)Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)
Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe)Space Ghost (Space Ghost)
Space Ghost (Space Ghost)Space Ghost V2 (Space Ghost)
Space Spectre (Space Ghost)Spawn (Image)
Speedball (Marvel Universe)Spiderman & Batman V2 (Minecraft)
Spiderman 2099 Cosmic (Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Spitfire (Marvel Universe)Spoiler (DC Infinite Heroes)
Starman (DC Infinite Heroes)Steel (DC Infinite Heroes)
Stegron (Marvel Universe)Stone Boy (DC Infinite Heroes)
Strong Guy (Marvel Universe)Sunspot (Marvel Universe)
Superboy (DC Infinite Heroes)Superboy (Marvel Universe)
Superfriends Zod (DC Infinite Heroes)Superior Spiderman (Marvel Universe)
Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superman (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman beyond (Batman Beyond)
Superman Blue (DC Infinite Heroes)Superman Red (DC Infinite Heroes)
Superpool (Marvel Universe)Swarm (Marvel Universe)
Talia Al Ghul (DC Infinite Heroes)Tempest (DC Infinite Heroes)
Tempest V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Thanoseid (Amalgam)
The Comet (Marvel Universe)The Controller (Marvel Universe)
The Ferret (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)The Mountie (Wrestling)
The Rose (Marvel Universe)The Scorpion (Capcom)
The Spectre & Jim Corrigan (DC Infinite Heroes)The Spot (Marvel Universe)
The Spot V2 (Marvel Universe)The Thing (Marvel Universe)
Thundra (Marvel Universe)Thundra V2 (Marvel Universe)
Tick (Tick)Titania (Marvel Universe)
Toad (Marvel Universe)Toxin (Marvel Universe)
Toxin (Marvel Universe)Trapster (Marvel Universe)
Tremor (Mortal Kombat)Triton (Marvel Universe)
Twelve (Street Fighter)Ultimate Electro (Marvel Universe)
Ultimate Nick Fury (Marvel Universe)Ultimate Wonder Man (Marvel Universe)
Ultraman (DC Infinite Heroes)Ultraman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Ultraman V2 (DC Infinite Heroes)Unus the Untouchable (Marvel Universe)
Ursa (DC Infinite Heroes)Usagent (Marvel Universe)
Usagent V2 (Marvel Universe)Valkyrie (Marvel Universe)
Vapor (Marvel Universe)Vector (Marvel Universe)
Vega (Street Fighter)Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
Venom (Marvel Universe)Venom V2 & V3 (Marvel Universe)
Victorious (Marvel Universe)Vindicator V2 (Marvel Universe)
Violent Ken (Street Fighter)Viper (Marvel Universe)
Viper V4 (Marvel Universe)Vostok (Marvel Universe)
Vostok V2 (Marvel Universe)Vulcan (Marvel Universe)
Vulcan V2 (Marvel Universe)Warpool (Marvel Universe)
Water Wizard (Marvel Universe)Weapon Omega (Marvel Universe)
Weapon X Deadpool (Marvel Universe)Whirlwind (Marvel Universe)
Whizzer (Marvel Universe)Wildcat (DC Infinite Heroes)
Will O' the Wisp (Marvel Universe)Wizard (Marvel Universe)
Wolfman (Monsters)Wonder Girl - Cassie Sandsmark (DC Infinite Heroes)
Wonder Man (Marvel Universe)Wonder Woman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Wraith (Amalgam)X-Factor Beast (Marvel Universe)
X-Force (Marvel Universe)X-Force Fantomex (Marvel Universe)
X-Force Fantomex (Marvel Universe)X-Force Nightcrawler (X-Force)
X-Force Spiral (Marvel Universe)X-Force Warpath (Marvel Universe)
X-Men Evolution Gambit (Marvel Universe)X-Men Forever 2 Kitty Pryde (Marvel Universe)
X-Ray (Marvel Universe)Yelena Belova - Dark Widow (Marvel Universe)
Yellow Ranger (Power Rangers)Yellowjacket (Marvel Universe)
Zatanna (DC Infinite Heroes)