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Customizer:BotCustomsFirst Made:Lion-O
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Darth Maul
Crowd Favorite:Batman, the Dark Knight ReturnsTotal Customs:135
Current Projects:a list far longer than anybody truly wants to read through.
Comments:I'm an action figure customizer, a t-shirt airbrush artist and a family man. Trust me, if you were a kid, you'd want me for your dad!

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:2First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.08Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
May 13, 2011 Brat PackHuey Freeman, Boondocks1052.85 
Sep 15, 2010 Ostentatious Originals #3C'rutsi the Were-Panther923.30 

All Customs by BotCustoms
Abbey Chase, Danger Girl (Marvel Legends)Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)
AIM Agents (Advanced Idea Mechanics) (Marvel Legends)Alan "Dutch" Schafer, Special Forces (Predator)
Albert, Robot Wolverine (Marvel Legends)April O'neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Batman Black and Gray (Marvel Legends)Batman, the Dark Knight Returns (Batman)
Beast, Classic Avengers/ 90s X-Men (Marvel Legends)Bengali, Thundercats Weaponsmith (Thundercats)
Bi-Beast (Marvel Legends)Bionic 6 / Bionic Six (DC Universe)
Black Panther EMH Style (Marvel Legends)Blackout (Marvel Legends)
Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter (Marvel Legends)C'rutsi the Were-Panther (Marvel Legends)
Cable (Marvel Legends)Casey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Crossbones (Marvel Legends)Custom Battle Damaged Deadpool Marvel Legends Style (Marvel Legends)
Custom Marvel Legends Boba Fett (Marvel Legends)Cyclops (Marvel Legends)
Dark Claw, Amalgam Comics (Marvel Legends)Darth Maul (Marvel Legends)
Darth Maul, Revised (Marvel Legends)Darth Maul, Sith Savage (Marvel Legends)
Darth Vader New Pics (Marvel Legends)Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith (Marvel Legends)
DC Universe Classics Snake Eyes (DC Universe)Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Deadpool Black and Red (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool in Battle-Damaged Uniform Updated (Marvel Legends)Deadpool in Xforce Suit (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool X-Force Costume Revised (Marvel Legends)Deadpool X-Force Uniform (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool, Hired Gun (Marvel Legends)Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
Dree Elle (Masters of the Universe)Emma Frost, the White Queen (Marvel Legends)
Fat Albert (Marvel Legends)Feral (Marvel Legends)
Flint, Warrant Officer (Marvel Legends)Gambit and Rogue (Marvel Legends)
Garrison Kane from the Pages of X-Force (Marvel Legends)Ghost (Marvel Legends)
Giganta (DC Universe)Gladiator Shi'ar Empire (DC Universe)
Graviton (Marvel Legends)Han Solo (DC Universe)
Hancock (Don't Call Him a..Well..You Know...) (DC Universe)Heather Hudson, Vindicator (Marvel Legends)
Huey Freeman, Boondocks (Marvel Legends)Jason, Revised (Battle of the Planets)
Jason, Second in Command (Battle of the Planets)Jean Grey (Jim Lee Style Ver. 4.0) (Marvel Legends)
Jean Grey in Jim Lee 90s Costume (Marvel Legends)Jerrica Benton, Jem (Marvel Legends)
Jubilee (Marvel Legends)Jubilee 90s Xmen Outfit (Marvel Legends)
Jubilee from 90s X-Men (Marvel Legends)Justice, New Warriors (Marvel Legends)
Kestrel/ John Wraith (Marvel Legends)Keyop (Battle of the Planets)
Kim Possible (Marvel Legends)Link from Legend of Zelda (Legend of Zelda)
Lion-O (Marvel Legends)Lion-O Lord of the Thundercats (Thundercats)
Lion-O Thundercats: the Return (DC Universe)Lion-O, Masters of the Universe Crossover (Masters of the Universe)
Lockjaw (Marvel Legends)Lockjaw 2.0 (Marvel Legends)
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight (Marvel Legends)Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight 2.0 (Marvel Legends)
Madame Hydra/ Viper (Marvel Legends)Madelyne Pryor, Goblin Queen (Marvel Legends)
Mark, the Leader (Battle of the Planets)Marvel Legends American Panther (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Legends Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)Mary Jane Watson (Parker) (Marvel Legends)
Matt Trakker in Ultra-Flash Mask (G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary)Maverick (Marvel Legends)
Meggan (Marvel Legends)Meggan, 2.0 (Marvel Legends)
Miss America (Marvel Legends)Morph 90s X-Men Cartoon (Marvel Legends)
Ms. Marvel (Marvel Legends)Mumm-Ra (Marvel Legends)
Mystique V2.0 (Marvel Legends)Namorita (Marvel Legends)
Namorita Prentiss (Marvel Legends)Neo from the Matrix (Marvel Legends)
Neo, Savior of the Matrix (Marvel Legends)Night Thrasher (Marvel Legends)
Princess (Battle of the Planets)Puck from Alpha Flight (Marvel Legends)
Punisher, Warzone (Marvel Legends)Quasar (Marvel Legends)
Rachel Summers, Phoenix (Marvel Legends)Rachel Summers, Phoenix II (Marvel Legends)
Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)Red Skull (Marvel Legends)
Rogue from 90s X-Men (Marvel Legends)Rogue, Jim Lee 90's Suit (Marvel Legends)
Rogue, Revised (Marvel Legends)Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
Samson and Goliath (DC Universe)Sauron (Marvel Legends)
Sauron (Marvel Legends)Secret Agent Wolverine (Marvel Legends)
Sentry Dark Avengers (Marvel Legends)Shaman from Alpha Flight (Marvel Legends)
Shatterstar (Marvel Legends)She Hulk (Marvel Legends)
Snake Eyes (Marvel Legends)Snake Eyes V2 X.0 (Marvel Legends)
Snake Eyes, Ninja Commando (Marvel Legends)Spawn (Marvel Legends)
Starfox (Marvel Legends)Steve Rogers, Super Soldier (Marvel Legends)
Storm Shadow (DC Universe)Storm Shadow, Cobra Ninja (Marvel Legends)
Storm, Original Costume (Marvel Legends)Stripesy, Silver Age (DC Universe)
Swordsman (Marvel Legends)The Whizzer (Marvel Legends)
Thor Girl (Marvel Legends)Tiny, the Pilot (Battle of the Planets)
Tiny, the Pilot Custom Action Figure Revised (Battle of the Planets)Ulik the Troll (Marvel Legends)
Ultron V (Marvel Legends)Vindicator, Heather Hudson (Marvel Legends)
Viper Update (Marvel Legends)Vision (Marvel Legends)
Whirlwind (Marvel Legends)