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 Vlad Basarab 
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Customizer:Vlad BasarabFirst Made:Peter Fonda as Mephisto
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Lord Voldemort 12"
Crowd Favorite:12" Darth MaulTotal Customs:6
Current Projects:12" Dracula (white suit with copper dragon embroidery), 12" Voldemort (advanced re-edition), 12" Darth Maul (advanced re-edition)
Comments:I started customizing a few years ago. Firstly I repainted figures, then I started resculpting and making figures with a fabric outfit. I usually work on villains and I prefer the 1/6th scale, becuse it allows to work easily and to add great detail. I don't do everything for my customs: I sculpt and paint them but another person makes the clothes basing on my patterns. I also sell my customs on eBay but currently they aren't listed. If you are interested contact me in the comments area.

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