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Customizer:3bcustomsFirst Made:Azrael Batman
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Atomic Skull ( Concept )
Crowd Favorite:Nobody likes my work...Total Customs:127
Current Projects:Black Tom Cassidy, Mimic, Mimic (V.2), Dark Wolverine, Morph (V.1), Morph (V.2), Modern Colossus, Bane (x2), Red Hood
Comments:I have alot of figures in the works and I truly like to take my time on each one (even if it takes me 3 months) I am far from the best on the Realm but I do strive to be 1 of them, I am currently working on a Marvel Exiles set, a Superman/Batman vs. Rogues Gallery 3.75inch scale set as well as some other figures, I am 33 years old and married (10 years) I have 2 cats and almost 1ooo action figures in my personal collection, I collect everything from Marvel Legends/Select/Universe..DC Direct/Universe..Transformers and G.I.Joe and the list could go on....All finished customs are sold at my local comic store (I keep none)I thank all who have commented on my work and all I have commented on for it is you who are my inspiration...THANKS and keep a look out for future customs!!

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by 3bcustoms
3 Ghosts of BATMAN ( W/ Bloody Varient ) (DC Universe)Acolyte COLOSSUS / the ORB (Marvel Universe)
Amazo ( JLU ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Anarky (Concept) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Aquaman (DC Infinite Heroes)Atomic Skull ( Concept ) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Azrael Batman (DC Superheroes)Azrael Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Bane (DC Universe)Bane (DC Infinite Heroes)
Bane ( Tom Hardy ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Bane (Concept) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batman (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman (Movie Masters Repaint) (Movie Masters)
Batman ( W/ Magnetic Batarangs ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Batman / Punisher ( War Zone ) (Marvel Universe)
Batman Begins Gold Edition (Movie Masters)Batpod ( TDKR ) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Batzarro (DC Universe)Black Adam (DC Infinite Heroes)
Black Adam ( Dc ) / Husk ( X-Men ) (Misc)Black Tom Cassidy (Marvel Legends)
Brainiac (DC Infinite Heroes)Bruce Wayne ( TDKR ) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Captain America (Avengers Movie) (Marvel Legends)Captain Cold ( Modern Concept ) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Catwoman ( TDKR ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Catwoman (Arkham City Purple) (Batman - Arkham City)
Cobra Commander...( V.2 ) (Misc)Cobra Trooper / Cobra Commander (Misc)
Crossbones ( Movie Concept ) (Marvel Legends)Daken ( Dark Wolverine ) (Marvel Universe)
Dark Beast (Movieverse Style) (Marvel Legends)DC Copperhead (Concept) (DC Infinite Heroes)
DC Firefly (Concept) (DC Infinite Heroes)Deadpool ( Armoured Concept ) (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool X-Force ( Armored ) (Marvel Legends)DEADPOOL......( Movie Concept ) (Marvel Legends)
Deadshot ( Modern ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Deadshot ( Fodder Concept ) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Deathstroke (DC Infinite Heroes)Deathstroke ( Arrow T.V Series ) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Deathstroke ( Concept ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Destroyer ( Repaint ) (Marvel Universe)
Devilpool and Headpool (Marvel Legends)Devilpool and Headpool (M.O.C) (Marvel Legends)
Doomsday (DC Infinite Heroes)Ermac (Mortal Kombat)
Flash ( Armor Concept ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Foot Soldier (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Green Arrow ( Arrow T.V Series ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Green Arrow ( Concept ) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Green Lantern (DC Infinite Heroes)Guardian (Alpha Flight) (Marvel Legends)
Iron Patriot (Marvel Universe)Johnny Quick (DC Infinite Heroes)
Kgbeast (DC Infinite Heroes)Kgbeast (Concept) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Kilowog (Redesign) (DC Infinite Heroes)Krang in Android (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Kryptonite Man (DC Infinite Heroes)Legion "Age of X" (Redrebelcustoms) (Marvel Legends)
Lex Luthor ( Power Armour ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Magneto (Marvel Legends)
Magnus ( Exiles Figure # 2 ) (Marvel Legends)Metalhead (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Metalhead X-Men 2099 (Marvel Legends)Metallo (DC Infinite Heroes)
Mimic ( EXILES ) ....W.I.P (Marvel Legends)Mimic ( V.1 Complete ) Exiles Figure # 4 (Marvel Legends)
Mirror Master (Justice League Doom) (DC Universe)MK Scorpion (Concept) W/ Alternate Head & Poseable Chain (Mortal Kombat)
MK Sub-Zero ( Concept ) W/ Ice Blade (Mortal Kombat)Modern COLOSSUS ( V.1 ) (Marvel Legends)
Mouser (Repaint) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Movie Foot Soldier ( Repaint ) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Mr.Freeze (Arkham City) (DC Infinite Heroes)New 52 Captain Cold (DC Infinite Heroes)
Nightrunner ( the French Batman ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Nightwing (DC Infinite Heroes)
Nightwing (Batman - Arkham City)Nightwing (Jake Gyllenhaal Concept) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Ninja "League of Shadows" (DC Infinite Heroes)Omac (DC Infinite Heroes)
Onslaught ( Born Again Concept ) W/Alternate Head (Marvel Universe)Orange/Yellow Lantern Darkseid (DC Universe)
Parasite (DC Infinite Heroes)Ra's Al Ghul (DC Infinite Heroes)
Rain (Concept W/ Alternate Head) (Mortal Kombat)Red Guardian (Marvel Legends)
Red Hood (DC Universe)Red Hood (DC Infinite Heroes)
Red Hood ( DKR Movie Concept ) (DC Infinite Heroes)Red Hood (Movie Masters) (Movie Masters)
Red Lantern Bane (DC Universe)Red Lantern Dex-Starr (DC Infinite Heroes)
Red Lantern Joker (DC Universe)Red Lantern Killer Croc (DC Universe)
Red Lantern Scarecrow (DC Universe)Red Lantern Solomon Grundy (DC Universe)
Robin (Sinestro Corps) (DC Universe)Robin ( Arkham City ) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Sabertooth a.O.a....( Exiles Figure # 3 ) (Marvel Legends)Scarecrow (Arkham Asylum) (DC Infinite Heroes)
Shadowking (Toybiz Repaint) (Marvel Universe)SHOT: Fearsome Hand of Four (under the Redhood) (DC Universe)
Snake-Eyes W/ Base (G.I. Joe)Snake-Eyes W/ Timber (M.O.C) (G.I. Joe)
Solomon Grundy (DC Infinite Heroes)Spawn (Misc)
Spider-Man 2099 ( Exiles Figure #1 ) (Marvel Legends)Spider-Man 2099 / Amazing Bag-Man ( Paper Bag Parker ) (Marvel Universe)
Superman W / Alternate Heads (DC Infinite Heroes)The Atom (DC Infinite Heroes)
The Huntress ( Arrow T.V Series ) (DC Infinite Heroes)The Leader (MCU Concept) (Marvel Legends)
The Question ? (DC Infinite Heroes)Trygon ( Warhammer) (Warhammer)
Ubu (Movie Concept) (DC Infinite Heroes)Ultimate Colossus Vs. Ultimate Juggernaut (Marvel Universe)
Ultimate Dr Doom (Marvel Universe)Ultraman (DC Infinite Heroes)
Ultron (Jarvis) Avengers 2 Movie Concept (Marvel Select)Victor Zsasz (DC Infinite Heroes)
Vigilante (DC Infinite Heroes)Warhammer Tank (Warhammer)
X-Force Wolverine (Steel Claws) (Marvel Legends)