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First Figure:Leonardo (1988)Favorite Figure:Gambit with light up cards (1996)
Favorite Series:Gargoyles, 80s Ninja turtles, 80s MOTU, Star Wars, Marvel Legends/IconsComments:27
Currently Collecting:Finally fleshing out my LOTR toys, picking up Ninja Turtles here and there... whatever I can find, really. I generally don't get things online because the hunt is more fun for me, plus I live in the middle of nowhere so awesome toys are especially rare (and therefore even more awesome). The last consistent series I was collecting was the Marvel Legends. Then I had two kids, and they get first priority for toys now (plus they're going to inherit one hell of a bounty when they're old enough).
Want List:Venture Bros, Willow, Futurama, Mass Effect, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Hellboy

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