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Customizer:GonardFirst Made:Ant-Man
Showcase Rank:KnightPersonal Best:Samurai Jack
Crowd Favorite:Samurai JackTotal Customs:174
Current Projects:Uncharted Nathan Drake, Arkham City Talia, others
Comments:I am a teen customizer so im sorry if some of my customs arent raybot and loose collector good haha. I love customizing, it's a really fun and amazing hobby and also a fantastic outlet for creativity. I started costuming around 2010 when my brother wanted an Ant-Man figure when the "Earths Mightiest Hero's" show was still around, which led to a domino effect of me finding this site and keeping customizing as a hobby. I am confident about my skills a a customizer now and i take commissions. I specialize in Marvel Universe figures (Which is ironic because i collect ML rather than MU) but i will also take ML commissions as well. Hope you all enjoy my work! :)

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:3First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.39Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Sep 23, 2014 New DudsSilver Samurai1014.00 
Sep 16, 2012 Before They Were HeroesBaby Superman and Rocket1132.88 
Jul 24, 2012 Sidekicks IIBatgirl1103.29 

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3-D Man (Marvel Universe)90's Wolverine Blue Team (Marvel Legends)
Agent Venom (Marvel Universe)Agent Venom (Marvel Legends)
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All New X-Men Angel Upgrade (Marvel Legends)Amazing Man (DC Universe)
Anarchist (Marvel Universe)Angela (Marvel Legends)
Ant-Man (Marvel Universe)Ant-Man (Marvel Universe)
Ant-Man (Marvel Legends)Ant-Man V.2 (Marvel Universe)
Arana (Marvel Universe)Ares (Marvel Universe)
Ares (Marvel Legends)Arnim Zola (Marvel Universe)
Articulated Spider Sense Spiderman (Marvel Legends)Atlas (Marvel Legends)
Attuma (Marvel Universe)Avengers Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)
Azazel (Marvel Universe)Baby Superman and Rocket (DC Universe)
Backlash (Marvel Universe)Baron Blood (Marvel Universe)
Baron Mordo (Marvel Universe)Batgirl (DC Universe)
Bebop (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Bengal (Marvel Universe)
Bengal V.2 (Marvel Universe)Black Condor (DC Direct)
Black Talon (Marvel Universe)Blood Hawk (Marvel Universe)
Blue Diamond (Marvel Universe)Bruce Banner (Marvel Universe)
Cable from Cable and X-Force (Marvel Legends)Cannonball (Marvel Universe)
Carrion (Marvel Universe)Catwoman (DC Universe)
Charlie 27 (Marvel Universe)Citizen V (Marvel Universe)
Classic Wasp (Marvel Universe)Clint Barton Goliath (Marvel Legends)
Comic Style Movie Gamora (Marvel Legends)Crimson Commando (Marvel Universe)
Crossfire (Marvel Universe)Crystal (Marvel Universe)
Cyber (Marvel Universe)Cyclops (Marvel Universe)
Cyclops 90's Jim Lee (Marvel Legends)Damage (DC Universe)
Dark Ms. Marvel (Marvel Legends)David Tennant as the 10th Doctor (Doctor Who)
DCU Catwoman and Penguin Repaint (DC Universe)DCU Green Lantern Movie (DC Universe)
Dead Girl (Marvel Universe)Deadpool (Marvel Legends)
Dr. Strange (Marvel Legends)Dreadnought (Marvel Universe)
Dum Dum Dugan (Marvel Universe)Echo (Marvel Universe)
Elizabeth (Real Life Person) (Real People)Flag-Smasher (Marvel Universe)
Gold Bug (Marvel Universe)Havok (Marvel Universe)
Hawkeye (Marvel Universe)Hawkeye Upgrade (Marvel Legends)
Hellcat (Marvel Universe)Hellcat V2 (Marvel Universe)
High Evolutionary (Marvel Universe)Hulkling (Marvel Universe)
Huntara (Marvel Universe)Hyperion (Marvel Universe)
Initiative War Machine (Marvel Universe)Initiative War Machine (Marvel Universe)
Jill Valentine RE5 BSAA Costume (Resident Evil)Johnny Quick (DC Universe)
Jubilee (Marvel Legends)Kingpin (Marvel Universe)
Kitty Pryde (Marvel Legends)Kitty Pryde V.3 (Marvel Legends)
Kitty Pryde V2 (Marvel Legends)Leon S. Kennedy RE4 (Resident Evil)
Lord Templar (Marvel Universe)Mach 4 (Marvel Universe)
Machine Man (Marvel Universe)Madame Masque (Marvel Universe)
Malekith (Marvel Universe)Man-Thing (Marvel Universe)
Mandrill (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Captain America (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Deadpool (Marvel Legends)Marvel Now Iron Man (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Now Ironman V.2 (Marvel Universe)Marvel Now Jubilee (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Universe Angel (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Bucky Captain America (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Universe MVC Cyclops and Cable (Marvel Universe)Marvel Universe Toxin (Marvel Universe)
Mary Jane (Marvel Universe)Master Pandaemonium (Marvel Universe)
Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor (Doctor Who)Maximus the Mad (Marvel Universe)
Michael Korvac (Marvel Universe)Mirror Master Justice League Doom (DC Universe)
Miss America (Marvel Universe)Moondragon (Marvel Universe)
Mr. Sensitive (Marvel Universe)Ms. Marvel (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2) (Marvel Legends)
MU Doop (Marvel Universe)My Brother Joe (DC Universe)
Namora (Marvel Universe)New 52 the Flash (DC Universe)
Night Shade (Marvel Universe)Nightside (Marvel Universe)
Nightwing (DC Universe)Patriot (Marvel Universe)
Phantom Eagle (Marvel Universe)Phat (Marvel Universe)
Porcupine (Marvel Universe)Porcupine (Marvel Legends)
Psylocke (Marvel Legends)Red Raven (Marvel Universe)
Red Raven V.2 (Marvel Universe)Rocksteady (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Saber Claw (Marvel Universe)Samurai Jack (DC Universe)
Sebastian Shaw (Marvel Universe)Shanna (Marvel Universe)
Shockwave (Marvel Universe)Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)
Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)Sin (Marvel Universe)
Smokescreen (Transformers - Prime)Spitfire (Marvel Universe)
Spymaster (Marvel Universe)Starhawk (Marvel Universe)
Steve Rogers (Marvel Legends)Stick (Elektra Movie) (Marvel Universe)
Stingray (Marvel Universe)Sunfire (Marvel Legends)
Superior Spiderman (Marvel Legends)Superior Spiderman (Marvel Universe)
Tarantula (DC Direct)Temugin (Marvel Universe)
The Amazing-Spiderman (Marvel Legends)The Ray (DC Universe)
Thin Man (Marvel Legends)Thor (Marvel Universe)
Thunderbolts Leader (Marvel Legends)Thunderstrike (Marvel Universe)
Torpedo (Marvel)Trapster (Marvel Universe)
Triton (Marvel Universe)Uatu the Watcher (Marvel Universe)
Venus Dee Milo (Marvel Universe)Vertigo (Marvel Universe)
Vindicator Heather Hudson (Marvel Universe)Vision (Marvel Universe)
Vivisector (Marvel Universe)Vixen (DC Universe)
Wasp (Marvel Universe)Wasp (Marvel Legends)
Wasp V2 (Marvel Universe)Weather Wizard (DC Universe)
White Tiger (Marvel Universe)White Tiger (Marvel Universe)
Whizzer (Marvel Universe)Wiccan (Marvel Universe)
X-23 (Marvel Legends)X-Force Elixir (Marvel Legends)
X-Force Nightcrawler (Marvel Legends)Yondu (Marvel Universe)