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Customizer:packerbacker180First Made:Hannu, Green Lantern Sector 2
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Manhunter, Kate Spencer
Crowd Favorite:Ragdoll IITotal Customs:104

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by packerbacker180
"Iron" Munro (Young All-Stars) (DC Universe)Air-Wave I (DC Universe)
Amos Fortune (Marvel Legends)Anna Fortune (DC Universe)
Baron Blitzkrieg (DC Universe)Black Alice (DC Universe)
Black Condor (Modern Freedom Fighters) (DC Universe)Blue Falcon (DC Universe)
Blue Jay (DC Universe)Captain Nazi (DC Universe)
Cheetah II (Deborah Domaine) (DC Universe)Cheshire (DC Universe)
Colonel Rick Flag, Jr. (DC Universe)Congorilla (DC Universe)
Count Vertigo (DC Universe)Count Vertigo Ver. 2 (DC Universe)
Cyclone (Maxine Hunkel) (DC Universe)Cyclotron (DC Universe)
Cyclotron Ver2 (DC Universe)Damage (DC Universe)
Dan the Dyna-Mite (DC Universe)Detective Chimp (DC Universe)
Doctor Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross) (DC Universe)Doctor Occult (DC Universe)
Doctor Poison (DC Universe)Doctor Psycho (DC Universe)
Dwarfstar (DC Infinite Heroes)Dynomutt, Dog Wonder (DC Universe)
Felix Faust (DC Universe)Firebrand II (Danette Reilly) (DC Universe)
Flying Fox (DC Universe)Fury (Young All-Stars) (DC Universe)
Geo-Force (DC Universe)Giovanni Zatara (DC Universe)
Golden Age Manhunter (DC Universe)Golden Age Mister Terrific (DC Universe)
Golden Glider (DC Universe)Green Lantern Simon Baz (DC Universe)
Hannu, Green Lantern Sector 2 (Fantastic Four)Hawkgirl--Kendra Saunders (DC Universe)
Hourman II (Rick Tyler) (DC Universe)Jakeem Thunder & Thunderbolt (DC Universe)
Jeannette (DC Universe)Jesse Quick (DC Universe)
Johnny Quick (DC Universe)Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt (DC Universe)
King Shark (DC Universe)Knockout (DC Universe)
Krypto the Superdog (DC Universe)Lady Blackhawk (DC Universe)
Liberty Belle (DC Universe)Lilith Clay (DC Universe)
Manhunter, Kate Spencer (DC Universe)Max Lord (DC Universe)
Max Mercury (Quicksilver) (DC Universe)Merlyn (DC Universe)
Miss America (DC Universe)Miss Martian (DC Universe)
Mister America (DC Universe)Mon-El (Lar Gand) (DC Universe)
Mr. Bones (DC Universe)Nemesis, Tom Tresser (DC Universe)
Neptune Perkins (DC Universe)Nightmaster (DC Universe)
Nightshade (DC Universe)Nuclear Man from Superman IV (DC Universe)
Onomatopoeia (Marvel Legends)Parademon (Secret Six) (DC Universe)
Per Degaton (DC Universe)Phantom Lady (DC Universe)
Phantom Lady 2.0 (DC Universe)Phantom Lady 3.0 (DC Universe)
Plastique (DC Universe)Ragdoll II (DC Universe)
Red Lantern Bleez (DC Universe)Red Lantern Rankorr (DC Universe)
Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter (DC Universe)Sargon the Sorcerer (DC Universe)
Scandal Savage (DC Universe)Schlagg-Man (DC Direct)
Sentinel (Alan Scott) (DC Universe)Sgt. Rock (DC Universe)
Shadow Thief (DC Universe)Shining Knight (DC Universe)
Sinestro (Modern Sinestro Corps.) (DC Universe)Sinestro Corps Amon Sur & Ampa Nnn (DC Universe)
Sir Justin the Shining Knight (DC Universe)Star-Spangled Kid (DC Universe)
Starman III (Mikaal Tomas) (DC Universe)The Crimson Avenger (DC Universe)
The Fiddler (DC Universe)The Mighty Monarch! (DC Universe)
The Ray (Golden Age) (DC Universe)The Ray (Modern Freedom Fighters) (DC Universe)
The Tarantula, John Law (DC Universe)This Is Wild Dog! (DC Universe)
Tigress (Paula Brooks) (DC Universe)Tomcat (DC Universe)
Tsunami (DC Universe)Uncle Sam (DC Universe)
Vibe (DC Universe)Vigilante (Greg Saunders) (DC Universe)
Will Everett, the Amazing Man (DC Universe)Wotan (DC Universe)