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Customizer:Underground CustomsFirst Made:Rogue Modern Costume
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Fantomex
Crowd Favorite:WaspTotal Customs:99
Current Projects:I'd like to do a brotherhood trio with toad pyro, and avalanche.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by Underground Customs
90s Cable (Marvel Universe)90s Rogue (Marvel Universe)
Araña, Anya Sofia Corazon (Marvel Legends)Ares (Marvel Universe)
Ares (Marvel Universe)Ares (Marvel Universe)
Avalanche (Marvel Universe)Avengers Villain Super-Adaptoid (Marvel Universe)
Banshee (Marvel Universe)Baron Helmut Zemo (Marvel Universe)
Baron Mordo (Marvel Universe)Beast (Marvel Universe)
Bishop (Marvel Universe)Bishop (Marvel Universe)
Bishop 2.0 (Marvel Universe)Black Cat (Marvel Universe)
Black Cat (Marvel Universe)Black Panther (Marvel Universe)
Black Tom (Marvel Universe)Bruce Banner (Marvel Universe)
Captain America (Marvel Universe)Captain Marvel Carol Danvers (Marvel Universe)
Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau (Marvel Universe)Chameleon (Marvel Universe)
Classic Invisible Woman / Sue Storm Fantastic Four (Marvel Universe)Classic Wasp (Marvel Universe)
Cyclops (Marvel Universe)Deathlok (Marvel Universe)
Dr.Strange (Marvel Universe)Elizabeth Ross Red She-Hulk (Marvel Universe)
Emma Frost (Marvel Universe)Emma Frost (Marvel Legends)
Emma Frost (Marvel Universe)Fantomex (Marvel Universe)
Forge (Marvel Universe)Forge 2.0 (Marvel Universe)
Green Arrow (Batman Animated)Grim Reaper / Eric Williams (Marvel Universe)
Gwen Stacy (Marvel Universe)Havok X-Factor (Marvel Universe)
Hawkeye (Marvel Universe)Hawkeye (Marvel Universe)
Hawkgirl (Marvel Universe)Hope Summers (Marvel Universe)
Hope Summers 2.0 (Marvel Universe)Incredible Hulk (Marvel Universe)
Invisible Woman (Marvel Universe)J Scott Cambell Gwen Stacy (Marvel Legends)
Jim Lee Cyclops (Marvel Legends)Joker ( the Laughing Bat ) (Batman Animated)
King T'challa Black Panther (Marvel Universe)Living Lightning (Marvel Universe)
Loki (Marvel Universe)Magik, Illyana Rasputin (Marvel Universe)
Magneto (Marvel Universe)Mary Jane 2.0 (Marvel Legends)
Mary Jane Watson (Marvel Legends)Mockingbird (Marvel Universe)
Modern Rogue 2.0 (Marvel Universe)Mortal Kombat Jade (Marvel Legends)
Mysterio (Marvel Universe)Nick Fury (Marvel Universe)
Norman from Mighty Max (Marvel Universe)North Star (Marvel Universe)
Phoenix Cyclops (Marvel Universe)Pixie (Marvel Universe)
Polaris (Marvel Universe)Psylocke (Marvel Universe)
Pyro (Marvel Universe)Red Hood (Marvel Universe)
Red Skull (Marvel Universe)Rogue Modern Costume (Marvel Universe)
Sandman (Marvel Universe)Secret Avengers Hawkeye 2.0 (Marvel Universe)
Snow Bird Alpha Flight (Marvel Universe)Spider-Man Noir (Marvel Legends)
Steve Mcniven/Civil War Style Captain America (Marvel Universe)Super Skrull (Marvel Universe)
Titania (Marvel Universe)Toad (Marvel Universe)
Tony Stark (Marvel Universe)Uncanny X Men Cyclops (Marvel Universe)
Uncanny X Men Cyclops 3.0 (Marvel Universe)Uncanny X Men Rogue (Marvel Universe)
Viper ( Madame Hydra) (Marvel Universe)Viper / Madame Hydra (Marvel Universe)
Vulture ( Adrian Toomes) (Marvel Universe)Vulture 2.0 (Marvel Universe)
Vulture, ( Adrian Toomes.) (Marvel Universe)Wasp (Marvel Universe)
White Queen Emma Frost (Marvel Universe)White Queen, Emma Frost (Marvel Universe)
Wolverine Old Man Logan (Marvel Universe)WW2 Wolverine 'Corporal Logan' (Marvel Universe)
X Factor Polaris (Marvel Universe)X-23 (Marvel Universe)
X-Factor Havok 2.0 (Marvel Universe)X-Force Domino (Marvel Legends)
X-Men Messiah Saga Cable (Marvel Legends)