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Customizer:Russdawg1974First Made:Galvatron
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Scorponok (Version 4)
Crowd Favorite:GrimlockTotal Customs:71
Current Projects:I am working on a Transformers Stop motion project entitled Transformers The Last Conflict. The cast will be determined. The storyline....After Cybertron is overran by the Decepticons, a small band of Autobot survivors face their greatest fear...fighting off the dead Transformers (that Megatron has resurreced) that had been destroyed during previous wars.
Honorable Mentions:I know that my customizing has improved since my first custom which was Galvatron. But as far as thanking someone, I would have to thank Chihworkshop on youtube for the idea and the redirectioning of how to customize figures.
Comments:Just keep trying new wasy of customizing.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by Russdawg1974
Animated Constructbot Megatron (Transformers - Animated)Armada Constructbots VC Megatron (Transformers)
Armada Voyager Class Megatron Version 2 (Transformers)Combaticons: Bruticus (Transformers)
Constructbots Beast Machines Vehicon Tankor (Transformers - Beast Machines)Constructbots Beast Machines Vehicon Thrust (Transformers - Beast Machines)
Constructbots Beast Wars Megatron (Transformers - Beast Wars)Constructbots Beast Wars Transmetal Megatron (Transformers - Beast Wars)
Constructbots Omega Supreme (Transformers)Constructbots Sideways (Transformers - Beast Machines)
Constructbots Transmetal Beast Machines Megatron Version 2 (Transformers - Beast Machines)Dark Scorponok (Transformers)
Demolisher (Transformers)Dinobot Grimlock (Transformers)
Dinobot Slag (Transformers)Dinobot Sludge (Transformers)
Dinobot Snarl (Transformers)Dinobot Swoop (Transformers)
G1 Constructbots Unicron (Transformers)G1 Galvatron (Transformers)
G1 Megatron (Transformers)G1 Megatron (Transformers)
G1 Megatron (Transformers)G1 Megatron (Transformers)
G1 Optimus Prime (Transformers)Galvatron (Transformers)
Galvatron (Transformers - Prime)Galvatron (Transformers - Prime)
Grimlock (Transformers - Prime)Hot Shot (Transformers - Movie)
Ironhide (Transformers)Jetfire (Transformers)
Megatron (Transformers)Megatron (Transformers - Prime)
Megatron (Transformers)Megatron (Transformers)
Megatron (Transformers)Megatron (Transformers)
Megatron (Transformers)Megatron Version 2 (Transformers)
Megatronus (Transformers)Metroplex (Transformers)
Nemesis Prime/Scourge (Transformers)Optimal Optimus (Transformers - Beast Wars)
Optimus Prime (Transformers)Prowl (Transformers - Prime)
Rumble (Transformers)Scorponok (Transformers - Prime)
Scorponok (Transformers)Scorponok (Version 2) (Transformers - Prime)
Scorponok (Version 3) (Transformers - Prime)Scorponok (Version 4) (Transformers - Prime)
Scourge (Transformers)Scourge (Aka Beast Hunters Megatron) (Transformers - Prime)
Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (Transformers)Skyfire (Transformers)
Steeljaw (Transformers)The Decepticon Warship the Nemesis (Transformers - Prime)
The Fallen (Transformers)Transformers Armada CBVC Galvatron (Transformers)
Transformers Armada CBVC Megatron Version 3 (Transformers)Transformers Armada Constructbots VC Starscream V2 (Transformers)
Transformers Constructbots Armada Voyager Class Starscream (Transformers)Transformers Constructbots Unicron (Transformers)
Transformers Constructbots Unicron V2 Planet Mode (Transformers)Transformers Constructbots Unicron V3 (Transformers)
Transformers Constructbots Unicron Version 2 (Transformers)Transformers G1 Lazerbeak Custom (Transformers)
Transformers WFC Galvatron (Transformers)Trypticon (Transformers)
Ultra Magnus (Transformers - Prime)