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Customizer:ringomendozaFirst Made:Angel
Showcase Rank:Lord BaronPersonal Best:Superman Reeve Version 4
Crowd Favorite:Avengers Movie Bruce Banner Post Hulk ExperienceTotal Customs:269
Current Projects:DC characters, Marvel cinematic universe figures
Comments:I started doing this kind of seriously in 2011, and enjoy it more and more everyday.

Contest Entries
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User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by ringomendoza
Agent Coulson (Avengers)Agent Phil Coulson (Marvel Legends)
Aguila Roja (Marvel Universe)Aguila Roja (Marvel Legends)
Aguila Roja (Marvel Legends)Alfred Pennyworth (DC Universe)
Amazing Spiderman 2 Movie Accurate (Marvel Legends)Amazing Spiderman Movie Repaint (Marvel Select)
Amazing Spiderman Repaint (Spider-Man - Movie)Amazing Spiderman Unmasked Variant Repaint (Spider-Man - Movie)
Anakin Skywalker Black Series 6 in (Star Wars)Angel (X-Men)
Angel X-Men Movie Uniform (X-Men - Movies)Angel X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Ant Man Repaint (Marvel Legends)Aquaman (DC Universe)
Aquaman V.3 (DC Universe)Aquaman Version 2 (DC Universe)
Arkham City Nightwing Repaint (DC Universe)Avengers Movie Bruce Banner Post Hulk Experience (Avengers)
Avengers Movie Hulk Version 3 (Avengers)Avengers Movie Maria Hill Version 2 (Avengers)
Avengers Movie Thor Version 2 (Avengers)Azazel First Class Movie Version3 (X-Men - Movies)
Azazel V.2 (X-Men - Movies)Azazel XMFC (X-Men - Movies)
Azrael and Bane Prototypes Repaint (DC Universe)Banshee (Marvel Legends)
Banshee Movie X-Suit (X-Men - Movies)Banshee X-Men:First Class (X-Men - Movies)
Banshee- X-Men Movies (X-Men - Movies)Batman 1989 (Batman - Movie Style)
Batman Arkham City (Batman)Batman Bale (DC Universe)
Batman Bale Revision (DC Universe)Batman Unmasked (DC Superheroes)
Batman/Bruce Wayne/Unmasked Batman (DC Universe)Beast (X-Men - Movies)
Beast in Flightsuit from X-Men:First Class (X-Men - Movies)Beast X-Men: First Class (X-Men - Movies)
Beast/Secretary Henry Mc Coy (X-Men - Movies)Black Suit Superman-Dream Sequence-Man of Steel (Movie Masters)
Black Widow (Marvel Legends)Black Widow (Marvel Legends)
Black Widow Avengers Movie (Avengers)Black Widow Avengers Movie Version 2 (Avengers)
Black Widow Avengers Movie Version...3?4? (Avengers)Black Widow Winter Soldier Movie Repaint (Marvel Legends)
Blade (Marvel Fan-Fic Films)Brock Rumlow/Crossbones Movie Concept (Marvel Legends)
Bruce Banner after Hulk Experience V3 (Marvel Legends)Bruce Banner Avengers Movie Version 3 (Marvel Legends)
Bruce Banner Avengers Movie Version2 (Avengers)Bruce Wayne (DC Universe)
Bucky as Captain America Movie Concept (Marvel Legends)Bucky Barnes First Avenger Movie (Marvel Legends)
Bullseye (DD Movie) (Marvel Legends)Cable HML Brown Variant (Marvel Legends)
Captain America Avengers Movie (Avengers)Captain America Avengers Movie V2 (Avengers)
Captain America First Avenger Movie (Marvel Legends)Captain America Movie Unmasked Variant (Marvel Legends)
Captain America Movie Unmasked Version (Marvel Select)Captain America: the Winter Soldier Movie Repaint (Marvel Legends)
Catwoman (DC Universe)Charles Xavier X-Men First Class (X-Men - Movies)
Christopher Reeve as Evil Superman III (DC Universe)Christopher Reeve as Superman, V. 4 (DC Universe)
Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel (Movie Masters)Civilian Cyclops and Prof X in X-Suit (X-Men - Movies)
Clark Kent (DC Superheroes)Clark Kent DCUC All-Star (DC Universe)
Col. William Stryker, X2 Movie (X-Men - Movies)Colossus X3 Movie Head Mod and Repaint (X-Men - Movies)
Colossus X3 Movie Human Form "Variant" (X-Men - Movies)Colossus X3 Movie Repaint (X-Men - Movies)
Corporal James Howlett-Logan- Wolverine (Revisit) (X-Men - Movies)Cyclops in Trenchcoat X2 Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Cyclops Movie Uniform (X-Men - Movies)Cyclops/Scott Summers in Civilian Clothes from X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Damian Wayne Robin, DCUC Style (DC Universe)Daredevil Movie Unmasked Variant (DC Universe)
Daredevil Version2 (Marvel Knights)Dark Knight Joker (Batman - Movie Style)
Dark Knight Joker (Batman - Movie Style)Dark Knight Rises Batman/Bruce Wayne (Movie Masters)
Darth Vader Black Series 6 in (Star Wars)DCU Signature Aquaman Modifications (DC Universe)
DCUC Doomsday (DC Universe)DCUC John Constantine Hellblazer (DC Universe)
DCUC Style Ra´S Al Ghul (DC Universe)DCUC Superman Kingdom Come Version 2 (DC Universe)
DCUC Two Face (DC Universe)DCUC Vandal Savage (DC Universe)
Doctor Doom (Movie) (Fantastic Four)Don CéSar (Real People)
Dr Bruce Banner Avengers Movie (Avengers)Dr Fate Fabric Cape (DC Universe)
Drax (Marvel Legends)Eddie Vedder (Musicians)
Electro Amazing Spiderman 2 Movie (Marvel Legends)Emma Frost X-Men Movie Uniform (X-Men - Movies)
Erik "I Prefer Magneto" Lensherr XMFC Movie (X-Men - Movies)Erik Lensherr First Screen Appearence (X-Men - Movies)
Erik Lensherr Xmen First Class (X-Men - Movies)Fantastic Four Movie Repaints (Fantastic Four)
Faora (Movie Masters)Figma Thor Modifications (Avengers)
Gambit X-Men Movie Uniform (X-Men - Movies)Gambit V.3 (X-Men - Movies)
Gambit X-Men Movie Outfit (X-Men - Movies)Gambit X-Men Movie Version 2 (X-Men - Movies)
Gamora (Marvel Legends)GCPD Commissioner James Gordon (DC Universe)
GCPD Lt/ Commissioner (N52) James Gordon (DC Universe)General Zod Armored-Man of Steel (Movie Masters)
General Zod-"Dream Sequence"-Man of Steel (Movie Masters)Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze Movie Version (Marvel Legends)
Giant Man (Marvel Legends)Giant Man V.2 (Marvel Legends)
Green Lantern Corps Sinestro (DC Universe)Groot (Marvel Legends)
Hal Jordan as the Spectre (Glow in the Dark) (DC Universe)Havok X-Men Movie (Not First Class) (X-Men - Movies)
Havok X-Men: First Class (X-Men - Movies)Hawkeye Avengers Movie (Avengers)
Hawkeye Concept (Marvel Legends)Hawkeye Concept Reworked (Marvel Legends)
Hawkeye Redesign (Marvel Legends)Hawkeye Walmart Avengers Movie Line (Avengers)
Henry "Hank" Mccoy-X-Men:First Class (X-Men - Movies)Hitman-Tommy Monaghan (DC Universe)
Hulk Ag Lee Movie (Hulk - Movie)Hulk Avengers Movie (Avengers)
Hulk Avengers Movie Version 2 (Avengers)Hulk Repaint (Marvel Legends)
Human Torch Repaint V.2 (Fantastic Four)Ian Mckellen as Magneto from X1 and X2 (X-Men - Movies)
Iceman X3 Movie-Fully Iced (X-Men - Movies)Iron Man 2 Movie Hulkbuster Concept Armor (Marvel Legends)
Iron Man 2 Movie MK IV (Marvel Legends)Iron Man 2 Movie Mk IV Stealth Variant Concept (Marvel Legends)
Iron Man 2 Movie MK V Armor (Marvel Legends)Iron Man 3 Movie Mk 42 (Iron Man)
Iron Man MK VI Battle Damaged (Walmart Avengers Line) (Avengers)Jason Blood (DC Universe)
Jean Grey X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)Jim Corrigan-Spectre´S First Host (DC Universe)
Jimmy, Aka Leech, X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)Johnny Storm-Human Torch Ff Movie (Fantastic Four)
Joker-Dark Knight Movie (Movie Masters)Joker-Interrogation Room/Honor Guard-Dark Knight Movie (Movie Masters)
Jor-El (Movie Masters)Juggernaut X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Kingdom Come Superman DCUC Style (DC Universe)Kitty Pryde X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Knightshadow Batman Prototype Repaint-Mod (DC Superheroes)Lex Luthor (DC Universe)
Logan X-Men Origins:Wolverine (Marvel Select)Loki (Avengers)
Longshot X-Men Movie (X-Men - Movies)Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Black Series 6 in (Star Wars)
M. Clarke Duncan as Kingpin (Marvel Legends)Magneto in Flight Suit-X-Men First Class (X-Men - Movies)
Magneto X-Men:First Class (X-Men - Movies)Magneto/Erik Lensherr X-Men First Class (X-Men - Movies)
Man of Steel Superman Repaint (Movie Masters)Man of Steel Version 2, Cloth Cape (Movie Masters)
Maria Hill Avengers Movie (Avengers)Martian Manhunter Repaint (DC Universe)
Marvel Legends Style Movie Wolverine 1 (Battle Attack Logan) (X-Men - Movies)Marvel Legends Style Movie Wolverine 2 (Street Fight Logan) (X-Men - Movies)
Marvel Select Avengers Hulk (Marvel Select)Matt Murdock-Daredevil Movie Style (DC Universe)
Michael Chikliss as Ben Grimm-Fantastic Four Movie (Fantastic Four)ML Thor Movie Helmet Repaint (Marvel Legends)
Movie Daredevil (DC Universe)Movie Human Torch Repaint (Fantastic Four)
My Boss (Wrestling)Mystique, X-Men Movies (X-Men - Movies)
Namor (Marvel Legends)Nick Fury (Movie) Version 2 (Marvel Legends)
Nick Fury Avengers Movie (Corrected Height) (Avengers)Nightcrawler in X-Men Movie Battlesuit V.2 (X-Men - Movies)
Nightcrawler X-Men Movie Uniform V.3 -100th Post (X-Men - Movies)Nightwing (DC Universe)
Nightwing New 52 (DC Universe)Nigthcrawler (X-Men - Movies)
Niles Caulder, "the Chief", from Doom Patrol (DC Universe)Obi-Wan Kenobi Black Series 6 in (Star Wars)
Old Bruce Wayne-Batman beyond (Batman Beyond)Origins Wolverine (X-Men - Movies)
Patrick Stewart as Professor X (X-Men - Movies)Peter Parker Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man - Movie)
Peter Parker Tobey Maguire (3 Headsculpts) (Spider-Man - Movie)Professor Charles Xavier Xmen First Class Finale (X-Men - Movies)
Professor X in Flightsuit from X-Men: First Class (X-Men - Movies)Professor X. X-Men: First Class (X-Men - Movies)
Punisher Movie Thomas Jane Ver 2 (Marvel Knights)Punisher Movie-Thomas Jane (Marvel Legends)
Pyro X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)Quicksilver: Avengers Expanded (Avengers)
Ray Park as Toad-X-Men Movie (X-Men - Movies)Red Hood Version 2 (DC Universe)
Red Hood-Jason Todd (DC Universe)Red Skull Modern Look Movie Style (Marvel Legends)
Remy Lebeau-Gambit (X-Men - Movies)Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot (Marvel Legends)
Rogue X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)Rogue X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Rogue/ Kitty Pryde (X-Men - Movies)Sabretooth XMC (X-Men)
Sebastian Shaw X-Men First Class (X-Men - Movies)Smallville Season 11 Superman (DC Universe)
Smallville-the Metropolis "Blur"-Superman (DC Universe)Specialist Agent Grant Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Legends)
Spiderman 3 Black Suit (Spider-Man - Movie)Star-Lord (Marvel Legends)
Steve Rogers: Captain America the Winter Soldier Movie (Marvel Legends)Storm X3 Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Superboy (Young Justice)Superboy Posing as Superman (Young Justice)
Superman (DC Superheroes)Superman beyond (DC Universe)
Superman Chris Reeve (DC Direct)Superman Christopher Reeve (DC Direct)
Superman Christopher Reeve V.3 DCUC Style (DC Universe)Superman New 52 Action Comics (DC Universe)
Superman Reeve Version 4 (DC Universe)Superman Returns (Superman Returns)
Superman Returns Version 2 DCUC Style (Superman Returns)Superman: Doomsday (DC Universe)
Taylor Kitsch as Gambit Movie Style (X-Men - Movies)The Wolverine 2013 Movie (X-Men - Movies)
The Wolverine-Legends Scale (X-Men - Movies)Thor Studio Version with Removable Helmet (Marvel Fan-Fic Films)
Thor-Avengers Movie W/Interchangeable Arms (Avengers)Thor: the Dark World (Marvel Select)
Tony Stark Avengers Movie (Avengers)Tony Stark Avengers Movie V 2 (Marvel Legends)
Tony Stark Movie-Comic 2 in 1 (Avengers)Two Face (DC Direct)
Two Face (DC Universe)Tyler Mane as Sabretooth-X-Men Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Ultimate Captain Amerrica Repaint (Marvel Legends)Ultimate Cyclops (X-Men)
Venom (Spider-Man - Movie)Victor Creed (X-Men - Movies)
Victor Creed-Revision (X-Men - Movies)Wade Wilson-Wolverine Origins Movie (X-Men - Movies)
Winter Soldier (Marvel Legends)Winter Soldier Captain America 2 Movie (Marvel Legends)
Wolverine Madripoor-John Buscema Style (Marvel Legends)Wolverine Movie 3,75 in (Marvel Universe)
Wolverine Movie Revised (Marvel Select)Wolverine Movie Style (Marvel Select)
Wolverine Movie Version 2-Replica (X-Men - Movies)Wolverine Stealth Brown Variant-Interchangeable Heads (X-Men)
Wolverine X-Men Movie Uniform Revision (X-Men - Movies)Wolverine X-Men Movies (X-Men - Movies)
Wolverine X3 Finale (X-Men - Movies)Wolverine:Avengers Expanded (Avengers)
Wolverine/Logan. My Definitive Version (X-Men - Movies)X-Men Origins Wolverine-Military Duds (X-Men - Movies)
X3 Beast (X-Men - Movies)X3 Juggernaut Version 2 (X-Men - Movies)
X3 Movie Colossus Human Form (X-Men - Movies)X3 Phoenix (X-Men - Movies)
X3 Scott Summers/Cyclops V2 (X-Men - Movies)