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 Wolverhulk Iron Spideysurfer 
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Customizer:Wolverhulk Iron SpideysurferFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Darth Maul Unleashed
Crowd Favorite:Darth Maul UnleashedTotal Customs:19
Current Projects:Have all parts for: Fear Itself Iron Man, Gambit, Rescue, Jubilee, Green Lantern

Have some parts for: Illidan

Just have the build plan for:

Have no build plan but want to make: Sterling Archer, Jak n Daxter, Loki, Traveler from Journey
Honorable Mentions:My friends and fam think they're pretty cool. lol
Comments:Forum ID: Wolverhulk ISS
Hi everyone! Man, Figure Realm is the coolest thing since PB&J. I have been collecting for a decade but recently started getting into customizing. The first custom I ever made was a long while back and I no longer have it: The Eye Of Sauron atop the tower of Barad Dur. After that I was busy with other things and collected what was readily available. But now there are some gaps that need fillin'. So I gave customizing a more serious effort. And it is so much fun to make modifications to these figures. I am totally hooked. I have decided to sell some of them because I want to make more than I can display. So my "company" will be called EZPZ Custom Collectibles. Most of the figures I make will be for my own collection but I can always build another if anyone wants one. Maybe one day I'll be full on, taking commissions and what not. A guy can dream right? The customs you all are making are so SICK!!! The recipes, tutorials, and just plain awesomeness have really helped and inspired me. Keep on building!

The life and times: I hail from the PAC NW. Married to the most wonderful wife. One great step-daughter. Two dogs and a cat. I'm really into video games and comic books :-). Other than that, college football, motocross, pretty much anything fast or outdoors. Cheers!

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Total Contest Entries:1First Places:0
User Voted Rating:3.08Second Places:0
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Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
May 22, 2012 Grab BagBattle Damaged Iron Man1073.08 

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