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User:Optimus102697Country:United States
First Figure:Transformers Aramda: Optimus PrimeFavorite Figure:Neca Predators 2011 Series 3 Elder Predator
Favorite Series:TransformersComments:25
Currently Collecting:Neca Predator & Transformers
Want List:The Newest Transformers

Reviews by Optimus102697
Boar Predator (Predators) - 5.00 StarsClassic Predator (Predators) - 5.00 Stars
Cracked Tusk Predator (Predator (Kenner)) - 4.50 StarsElder Predator (Predators) - 5.00 Stars
Renegade Predator (Predator (Kenner)) - 5.00 StarsScavage Predator (Predator (Kenner)) - 4.50 Stars
Snake Alien (Aliens (Kenner)) - 2.50 Stars

Comic Strips by Optimus102697
Deadpool's Fun!Look No Hand's!
The Werewolf

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