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Customizer:braleefunFirst Made:Jago
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Darth Sion (Black Series)
Crowd Favorite:Hatter's BatmanTotal Customs:39
Current Projects:NHL guardians, ML iron spidey, darkclaw v2, spider-bat, absorbing man, KI saberwulf/cinder/glacius, joker/red hood, ...
Comments:I've been doing this for awhile now as a spare time filler, but would love to make a career out of it once i've improved my skill level. find it hard to make my thoughts a reality tho.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:14First Places:0
User Voted Rating:2.91Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

Entry DateContestEntryVotesRatingPlaced
Oct 14, 2013 Bullseye!Alien Archer692.97 
Oct 8, 2013 Bullseye!Hawkeye (Casual Practice)702.69 
Jun 1, 2013 Retro GamesMegaman812.96 
Apr 30, 2013 Small FriesHead (Pirate Headpool)672.55 
Mar 9, 2013 Sight UnseenBenylin Mascot752.67 
Feb 16, 2013 Sight UnseenEminem as Rap Boy772.99 
Feb 6, 2013 Alienated AnatomyThe Capital (NHL Guardians)913.37 
Jan 15, 2013 Same BaseHatter's Batman993.28 
Dec 16, 2012 Way of the BladeParadise X Cap1082.80 
Dec 5, 2012 Way of the Blade"Blade from the Shadows"1062.53 
Nov 19, 2012 Way of the BladeBarbarian Satyr1092.85 
Aug 15, 2012 Swimsuit SpecialDown Time Al Simmons963.29 
Aug 12, 2012 Swimsuit SpecialSurf-Time Dastan952.88 
Jul 14, 2012 Make Mine MarvelChristopher "Corsair" Summers1202.91 

All Customs by braleefun
"Blade from the Shadows" (Misc)Alien Archer (Misc)
Arch Angel (Misc)Barbarian Satyr (Fantasy)
Batman (Tim Drake) (DC Universe)Benylin Mascot (Misc)
Captain Wilson (Pirate Deadpool) (Marvel)Championpool (Pirate) (Marvel)
Chief Thunder (Killer Instinct)Christopher "Corsair" Summers (Marvel Legends)
Darkclaw (Amalgam)Darth Sion (Black Series) (Star Wars The Old Republic)
Desmond Myles (Assasian's Creed)Down Time Al Simmons (Spawn)
Earth X Cap (Earth X)Eminem as Rap Boy (Music)
Engineer (Aliens)Fallen Angel (Misc)
Grayson as Bats (Batman)H'el (Superman)
Hatter's Batman (Batman - Arkham City)Havok (90's X-Force) (Marvel Legends)
Hawkeye (Casual Practice) (Marvel)Head (Pirate Headpool) (Marvel)
Hyena (Amalgam)Jago (Killer Instinct)
Jago V2 (Killer Instinct)Leader (Marvel Select)
Logan (Casual Costume) (Marvel Legends)Me, Myself & I (DC Universe)
Megaman (Megaman)Paradise X Cap (Earth X)
Parasite (Movie Concept) (Superman)Shirtless Wolverine (True-Scale to ML) (Marvel Legends)
Surf-Time Dastan (Prince of Persia)The Amazing Spider-Bat (Marvel Legends)
The Capital (NHL Guardians) (Misc)Third Army Member (Green Lantern)
Widdle Wilson (Pirate Kidpool) (Marvel)