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User:LeviathanCountry:United States
First Figure:1984 G.I. Joe series 3 - DukeFavorite Figure:G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary General Hawk version 3
Favorite Series:80s Matchbox/Harmony Gold Robotech FiguresComments:21
Currently Collecting:80s G.I. Joe, Matchbox/Harmony Gold Robotech, DC Comics Pocket Super Heroes, DC Universe Retro Heroes, Marvel Universe, and C.O.P.S
Want List:DC Comics Pocket Super Heroes and Matchbox/Harmony Gold Robotech figures.

Reviews by Leviathan
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Comic Strips by Leviathan
A Day in the Life of GalactusDr. Badvibes Has a Bad Day
Rodimus Prime Vs Starscream Part IRodimus Prime Vs Starscream Part II
Rodimus Prime Vs Starscream Part IIIRodimus Prime Vs Starscream Part IV
Rodimus Prime Vs Starscream Part V

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