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Customizer:saber4734First Made:Red Lantern Frenzy, Original
Showcase Rank:WandererPersonal Best:Red Lantern Abraxas, Original
Crowd Favorite:Green Lantern Andesi, OriginalTotal Customs:41
Current Projects:Working on a new Green Lantern that will be my first time sculpting hair. I am also working on my first female Green Lantern. I have the base but I have yet to come up with a good head for it yet.
Comments:I love Green Lantern. A few people on here have called me the Lantern man because that's all I do is Lantern customs. And I imagine if I keep reading the new comics I will continue to do Lanterns.

Contest Entries
Total Contest Entries:0First Places:0
User Voted Rating:0.00Second Places:0
   Third Places:0

All Customs by saber4734
Green Lantern Andesi, Original (Green Lantern)Green Lantern Garnet Loas, Original (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern Gea, Original (Green Lantern)Green Lantern Gul Aris, Original (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern Hale Arago, Original (Green Lantern)Green Lantern Jahal, Original (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern Keem Chalva, Original (Green Lantern)Green Lantern Para Olo, Original (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern Suro Chorda, Original (Green Lantern)Green Lantern Sylana, Original (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern Taryn, Original (Green Lantern)Indigo Lantern Batu, Original (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Abraxas, Original (Green Lantern)Red Lantern Decivus, Original (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Frenzy, Original (Green Lantern)Red Lantern Glywon, Original (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Jh'tar, Original (Green Lantern)Red Lantern Krom, Original (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Praeteritus, Original (Green Lantern)Red Lantern Raxom, Original (DC Universe)
Red Lantern Rezabi, Original (Green Lantern)Red Lantern Sloda, Original (Green Lantern)
Red Lantern Ulagh, Original (Green Lantern)Sinestro Corps Member AD-379, Original (Green Lantern)
Sinestro Corps Member Banthua, Original (Green Lantern)Sinestro Corps Member Bosq, Original (Green Lantern)
Sinestro Corps Member Grageon the Spellcaster, Original (Green Lantern)Sinestro Corps Member Klexx, Original (Green Lantern)
Sinestro Corps Member Mollussk, Original (Green Lantern)Sinestro Corps Member Opha, Original (Green Lantern)
Sinestro Corps Member Ozon Veros, Original (Green Lantern)Sinestro Corps Member Ryahs, Original (Green Lantern)
Sinestro Corps Member Saikol, Original (Green Lantern)Sinestro Corps Member Skafa, Original (Green Lantern)
Sinestro Corps Member Validus (Green Lantern)Sinestro Corps Member Varl, Original (DC Universe)
Sinestro Corps Member Vohl Rega, Original (Green Lantern)Sinestro Corps Murr the Melting Man (Green Lantern)
Sinestro Corps Soldier Low (Green Lantern)White Lantern Abin Sur (Green Lantern)
White Lantern Sinestro (Green Lantern)