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User:KirkyMonsterCountry:United States
First Figure:DC Super Powers Super ManFavorite Figure:12'' Donatello from 1989 Bought him for $2.50 at the flea market :D
Favorite Series:Whatever catches my eyeComments:467
Currently Collecting:A little bit of everything and anything.
Want List:NECA Terminator
Marvel Legends Face off Hulk
Marvel Legends Ronan the Accuser series Thing
DC Direct Batman and son Batman
Marvel Legends Ultimate Captain America
Resaurus Street Fighters Charlie
Neca Street Fighters (Akuma/Chun-Li/Ryu)
X-Men 2 Street Fighting Logan

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Reviews by KirkyMonster
Captain America vs. Morrigan (Marvel vs Capcom (Toy Biz)) - 4.50 Stars

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None Yet

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