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Customizer:toymancustomsFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:Grand BaronPersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:TuryttTotal Customs:458
Current Projects:optimus prime movie , 17 inch figure with diorama
Honorable Mentions:2nd place for the 12 inches category for toy custom competition last toy con 2011 in the Phils.
Comments:one of my favorite custom figure that i like to made is from the iron man toyline.

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All Customs by toymancustoms
1989 Batman Dx Series Bat Computer Batcave Diorama 1/6 Scale (Batman)4 Elements White Lantern (Green Lantern)
A-Bomb (Marvel Legends)Aberration (Marvel Legends)
Abominatrix (Marvel Legends)Actual Person Figures (Boxing)
Adam Warlock Custom Figure (Guardians of the Galaxy)Aegis (Marvel Universe)
Age of Ultron Hawkeye (Avengers)Akhenaten (Marvel Legends)
All New Xmen Custom Figures (X-Men)American Panther (Marvel Legends)
Anaconda (Marvel Legends)Ancient Predator Warrior (Predator)
Ancient Predator with Diorama (Predator)Anubis (Marvel Legends)
Apeman (Marvel Legends)Apocalypse (Marvel Legends)
Aquarius Thanos Zodiac (Marvel Legends)Arachne Spider Goddess (Marvel Legends)
Archangel Chibi Version (X-Men)Archangel Dark Angel Saga (Marvel Select)
Ares (Marvel Legends)Ares God of War (God of War)
Aries Thanos Zodiac (Marvel Legends)Armadillo Classic Version (Marvel Legends)
Armadillo Custom Figure (Avengers)Armored Daredevil (Marvel)
Arsenal (Marvel Legends)Artemis Crock Young Justice Tigress (Young Justice)
Attuma (Marvel Legends)Attuma Bowen Style (Marvel Legends)
Avatar Amp Suit 1/6 Scale (Avatar)Avengers Shield Hellicarrier Armory 1/6 Scale (Avengers)
Awesome Android (Marvel Legends)Azazel (Marvel Legends)
Balor (Marvel Universe)Barbarus (Marvel Legends)
Bardock Ohzaru Version (Dragonball Z)Batcave / Batarmory Tdkr Diorama Version 2 (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)
Batman Night of the Owls Talon (Batman)Batsignal Diorama for Hottoy Figure (Batman)
Battle Damage Vegeta Oozaru Custom Figure (Dragonball Z)Beetle Mark 2 (Marvel Legends)
Behemoth (Marvel Legends)Big Hero Six Baymax (Marvel Legends)
Black Lantern Swampthing (Green Lantern)Black Dwarf (Marvel Legends)
Black Spider Assault on Arkham (DC Universe)BLACK TALON Samuel Barone (Marvel Legends)
Black Widow 7 Inch Scale (Marvel Select)Black Widow Avengers Movie Version (Avengers)
Blackbody (Marvel Legends)Blackcloak (Marvel Legends)
Blastaar Custom Figure (Fantastic Four)Blockbuster (Marvel Legends)
Blood Brothers (Marvel Legends)Boar (Marvel Legends)
Broly Super Saiyan Ohzaru (Dragonball Z)Brother Tode (Marvel Legends)
Brutacus (Marvel Legends)Bulldozer "Leech Style" (Marvel Legends)
Bumble Bee Custom Figure (Transformers)Cable Custom Figure (Marvel)
Caffrey (Marvel Legends)Cain Marko the Living Juggernaut (X-Men)
Caliban (Marvel Legends)Captain Barbel Action Figure (Superman)
Captain America Armory 1/6 Scale (Avengers)Cerberus (Marvel Universe)
Cerberus Dog Mode (Marvel Universe)Champion (Marvel Legends)
Charlie 27 Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel Legends)Cheetara (Thundercats)
Citadel (Marvel Legends)Claudus (Thundercats)
Clayface (Young Justice)Collossus Second Juggernaut Form (Marvel Legends)
Collosus Juggernaut (X-Men)Concept Transformable Mecha Suit 1/6 Scale (Mecha)
Concept Captain America Custom Figure (Avengers)Concept Hulk Custom Figure (Avengers)
Concept Iron Man Custom Figure (Avengers)Concept Thor Custom Figure (Avengers)
Cullen Bloodstone (Marvel Universe)Cyber (Marvel Legends)
Cyberforce Impact (Marvel Legends)Cyclops (X-Men)
Cyclops Custom Figure (X-Men)Daedpool Icon (Marvel)
Dark Hawkeye (Avengers)Dark Miss Marvel (Avengers)
Dark Night Returns Joker with Interrogation Room Diorama (Batman)Dark Night Rises Bane Custom Figure with Diorama (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)
Dark Night Rises Batcave / Armory Diorama (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)Dark Night Rises Batcave Diorama (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)
Deadpool (Marvel)Deadshot Assault on Arkham (DC Universe)
Death Adder (Marvel Legends)Deathstroke / Slade Wilson Young Justice Figure (Young Justice)
Decimus Furius War (Marvel Legends)Defensor (Transformers)
Demolition Man (Marvel Legends)Desak (Marvel Legends)
Destroyer Bowen Inspired (Marvel Legends)Devos the Devastator (Marvel Legends)
Doomsday (Superman)DOOMSDAY Version 2 (Superman)
Dr Xanto Starblood (Marvel Legends)Dragon Man (Marvel Legends)
Dragonball Z Super Saiyan 4 Broly (Dragonball Z)Dreadknight Ultimate Universe (Marvel Legends)
Droom (Marvel Universe)Earth-Lord (Marvel Legends)
Emperor Kl'rt (Marvel Legends)Encephalon (Marvel Legends)
Ex Nihila (Marvel Legends)Ex Nihilii 02 (Marvel Legends)
Ex Nihilii 03 (Marvel Legends)Ex Nihilo (Marvel Legends)
Ex Nihilo Abyss Fusion (Marvel Legends)Executioner (Avengers)
Fall of Cybertron Metroplex (Transformers)Fear Itself Fearless (DC Universe)
Fear the Worthy Absorbing Man (Marvel)Fixer (Marvel)
Floyd Mayweather Jr Custom Action Figure (Boxing)Fortress of Avengers Academy (Avengers)
Frog-Man (Marvel Legends)Galius Zed (Green Lantern)
Gambit (Marvel)Gambit Chibi Version (X-Men)
Gambit Icon (X-Men)Gambit Xmen Version 2 Custom Figure (X-Men)
Gammadroid (Marvel Legends)Gargantus (Marvel Universe)
Gazer Horsemen of Apocalypse Death (Marvel Legends)Gog (Marvel Universe)
Golden Ohzaru (Dragonball Z)Goom (Marvel Universe)
Gorgilla (Marvel Legends)Gorilla-Man (Marvel Legends)
Gorr God Butcher (Marvel Legends)Grimlock Age of Extinction (Transformers - Movie)
Grizzly (Marvel Legends)Gronk (Marvel Legends)
Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Movie (Marvel Legends)Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Thanos Version with Throne (Marvel Legends)
Gypsy (Justice League Unlimited)Haokah Manidoog God (Marvel Legends)
Harley Quinn Assault on Arkham (DC Universe)Havok Custom Figure (X-Factor)
Hazmat of Avengers Academy (Avengers)Heimdal (Avengers)
Hippo (Marvel Legends)Hodinn (Marvel Legends)
Howling Commandos Glob (Marvel Legends)Hubert St Johns (Marvel Legends)
Hulkbuster (Iron Man)Hulkbuster Armor (Marvel Universe)
Hulkbuster Armor Age of Ultron (Marvel Legends)Hulkbuster Armor Battle Damage (Marvel Legends)
Hulkbuster War Zone Version (Iron Man)Hulkvenom (Incredible Hulk)
Ichi (Martial Arts)Icicle Jr (Young Justice)
Impulse (Young Justice)Inhuman Omega (Marvel Universe)
Inhuman's Lash (Marvel Legends)Injustice Gods among Us Doomsday Custom Figure (Justice League)
Injustice Lex Luthor (DC Universe)Innards (Marvel Legends)
Iron Fist Orson Randall Custom Figure (Marvel)Iron Man (Iron Man)
Iron Man Armor Vault Diorama (Avengers)Iron Man Gantry (Iron Man)
Iron Man Hulkbuster 1/6 Scale Custom Figure (Iron Man)Iron Man Mark 38 Igor Armor (Marvel Legends)
Iron Man Movie 3 Hall of Armors with Tony Stark (Iron Man)Iron Man Movie Suit up Gantry for 6 Inch Figure (Iron Man)
Iron Man Space Armor (Marvel Legends)Iron Man Suit up Diorama (Iron Man)
Iron Man with Custom Gantry Diorama (Iron Man)Iron Monger (Marvel Legends)
Iron Monger Custom Figure (Iron Man)Iron Spiderman Chibi Version (Spider-Man)
Ironclad (Marvel Legends)Jean Gray (X-Men)
Jihad (Marvel Universe)Jim Lee's Version Omega Red (Marvel Legends)
Juan Manuel Marquez Custom Figure (Boxing)Jubilee (X-Men)
Juggernaut (X-Men)Juggernaut/ Kuurth Breker of Stone (Marvel)
Justice League New 52 Metal Men Gold (DC Universe)Justice League New 52 Metal Men Lead (DC Universe)
Justice League New 52 Metal Men Mercury (DC Universe)Justice Leauge New 52 Metal Men Iron (DC Universe)
Justice Leauge New 52 Metal Men Platinum (DC Universe)Karkas (Marvel Legends)
Kgbeast Assault on Arkham (DC Universe)Killer Frost Assault on Arkham (DC Universe)
King Lion-O, Lion-O Version 2 Concept Custom Figure (Thundercats)King Shark (DC Universe)
King Shark Assault on Arkham (DC Universe)Kraven the Hunter Custom Figure (Spider-Man)
Kronans (Marvel Legends)Kyknos (Marvel Legends)
La' Gaan Young Justice Lagoon Boy (Young Justice)Leonine (Marvel Legends)
Lockjaw (Marvel)Lone Wolf and Cub (Martial Arts)
Lucius Fox Custom Figure (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)Mach V (Marvel)
Magus Adam Warlock (Avengers)Mammomax Custom Figure (X-Men)
Man-Ape (Marvel Legends)Man-Bull (Marvel Legends)
Man-Thing (Marvel Legends)Mangog Custom Figure (Avengers)
Manny Pacman Pacquiao Custom Figure (Boxing)Manny Pacquaio Vs Juan Manuel Marquez (Boxing)
Manny Pacquiao (Boxing)Marco Delgado Acolytes (Marvel Legends)
Marduk Babylonian (Marvel Legends)Mark 1 Armor Version 2 (Iron Man)
Mark 1 Iron Man Suit (Iron Man)Marvel Alliance Cusptero (Marvel Universe)
Marvel Finnish Sky God Ukko (Marvel Legends)Marvel Now Infinity Thanos (Marvel Legends)
Marvel Now Miss Marvel (Marvel Select)Marvel Now Omega Flight Wendigo (Marvel)
Marvel Now Thunderbolts Deadpool Version (X-Men)Marvel Zeus (Marvel Legends)
Metal Gear Solid Rex (Metal Gear Solid)Miguel Cotto (Boxing)
Miguel Cotto (Boxing)Mongoose (Marvel Legends)
Monkian (Thundercats)Monster of Badoon (Marvel Legends)
Monster of Prowl Gomdulla (Marvel Universe)Monster of Prowl Vandoom's Monster (Marvel Universe)
Moondragon (Marvel)Morg (Marvel Legends)
Morph (X-Men)Movie Abomination (Marvel Legends)
Movie Version Odin with Odin's Vault Diorama (Marvel)Mr Hyde (Marvel Legends)
Mumm-Ra (Thundercats)Mumm-Ra (Thundercats)
Musashi Miyamoto (Martial Arts)Mzee (Marvel Legends)
N'astirh (Marvel Legends)Nanuq God of Northern Land (Marvel Legends)
Neut (Marvel Legends)New God of Thunder Tanarus (Marvel Legends)
New Thunderbolts (Marvel)Ni Nja Scroll 8 Devils of Kimon Tessai Custom Figure (Ninja Scroll)
Nick Fury, Agent Maria Hill, Agent Phil Coulson W/ Shield Helicarrier Bridge Diorama (Avengers)Night of the Olws Batarmor (Batman)
Night of the Owls Thomas Wayne Jr Custom Figure (Batman)Ninja Scroll 8 Devils of Kimon Gemma Himuro Custom Figure (Ninja Scroll)
Ninja Scroll Dakuan Custom Figure (Ninja Scroll)Ninja Scroll Jubei Kibagami Custom Figure and Bridge Diorama (Ninja Scroll)
Nova Corps Frakture (Marvel Legends)Nova Corps Irani Rael and Qubit (Marvel Legends)
Nova Corps Josh Atwater (Marvel Legends)Nova Corps Morrow (Marvel Legends)
Nova Corps Nova Richard Rider (Marvel Legends)Nova Corps Sam Alexander (Marvel Legends)
Nova Prime Richard Rider (Marvel Universe)Odin (Marvel Legends)
Ogur (Marvel Universe)Omega Flight Kingdom (Marvel)
Omega Flights Validator (Marvel)Omega Supreme War for Cybertron Version (Transformers)
Omegex (Marvel Legends)Onyxx (Marvel Legends)
Ophis (Marvel Legends)Optimus Prime Battle Tank Mode Custom Figure (Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen)
Optimus Prime Mp-04 Custom Painted (Transformers)Orka Custom Figure (Avengers)
Orrgo (Marvel Universe)Pagan (Marvel Legends)
Panthro (Thundercats)Phoenix Five Cyclops (X-Men)
Pisces Thanos Zodiac (Marvel Legends)Planet Hulk Word War Hulk King Hulk Custom Figure (Incredible Hulk)
Poseidon (God of War)Post (Marvel Legends)
Power Broker (Marvel Legends)Power up Prime (Transformers)
Praxagora (Marvel Legends)Preak (Marvel Legends)
Predator X (Marvel Legends)Prester John (Marvel Legends)
Princess Adora (She-Ra)Professor X Marvel Icon (Marvel Icon)
Proxima Midnight (Marvel Legends)Psycho-Man (Marvel Legends)
Puck Custom Figure (Alpha Flight)Puff Adder (Marvel Legends)
Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)Raditz Ohzaru Version (Dragonball Z)
Ravenous (Marvel Legends)Razorback (Marvel Legends)
Red King (Marvel Legends)Red Onslaught (Marvel Legends)
Red Tornado (Young Justice)Reptyl (Marvel Legends)
Rhino (Spider-Man)Rhino 2 (Marvel Legends)
Rintrah (Marvel Legends)Rion Hide (Transformers)
Rock of Buddha (Marvel Legends)Rock Python (Marvel Legends)
Rockslide (Marvel Legends)Rommbu (Marvel Universe)
Ronan (Marvel Legends)Ronan the Accuser Movie Version (Marvel Legends)
Rooftop Diorama for Hottoy Figure (Batman)Sabretooth Jim Lee's Style Custom Figure (X-Men)
Sasquatch Custom Figure (Alpha Flight)Satannish (Marvel Legends)
Sato Ichi (Martial Arts)Savage Steel (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Witch and Vision Robot Custom Figure (Avengers)Scott Summers Aka the Cyclops Jim Lee Version (X-Men)
Sea Urchin (Marvel Legends)Sentry (Avengers)
Shera (She-Ra)Shield Agent Maria Hill (Avengers)
Shield Armory Diorama for Avengers (Avengers)Shield Tessaract Attache Case (Avengers)
Shockwave (Marvel Select)Silver Samurai (Marvel Legends)
Sleeper (Marvel Legends)Slithe (Thundercats)
Slythe (Thundercats)Snake Eyes 1/6 Scale (G.I. Joe)
Snake Eyes with Timber (G.I. Joe)Snake Eyes with Timber Version 2 (G.I. Joe)
Sobek (Marvel Legends)SPHYNX ( Anath-Na Mut) (Marvel Legends)
Spiderman Noir (Spider-Man)Squadron Supreme Batch 2 (Squadron Supreme)
Squadron Supreme Batch 3 (Squadron Supreme)Squadron Supreme the Pre War Years (Squadron Supreme)
Squadron Supreme Version 1 (Squadron Supreme)Sserpo (Marvel Universe)
Starjammers Ch'od (Marvel Legends)Storm Shadow 1/6 Scale (G.I. Joe)
Stryfe (X-Men)Superboy (DC Universe)
Superskrull Avengers Version (Avengers)Superskrull Fantastic 4 Version (Fantastic Four)
Superskrull X Men Version (X-Men)Supreme Custom Figure (Image)
Supreme Power (Squadron Supreme)Supremor (Marvel Legends)
Surtur (Marvel Universe)Swiftwind (She-Ra)
Taurus (Marvel Legends)Taurus Thanos Zodiac (Marvel Legends)
Telephone (Batman)Telephone Booth 1/6 Scale (Superman)
Terminus (Marvel Universe)Thane (Marvel Legends)
The Avengers Hulk Custom Figure (Avengers)The Avengers Iron Man Landing Pad Suit up Gantry Diorama (Avengers)
The Dark Knight Rises the Bat Custom Vehicle (Batman - Dark Knight Rises)The Gray Gargoyle/ Mokk Breaker of Faith (Marvel)
The Green Thing Monster of Prowl (Marvel Universe)The Hulk / Nul Breaker of the Worlds (Incredible Hulk)
The Living Tribunal Custom Figure (Marvel)The Matrix Apu Robot Machine 1/6 Scale (Matrix)
The Rage (Marvel Legends)The Thing/ Angrir Breaker of Souls (Thing)
The Weaponer Custom Figure (Green Lantern)Thunderbolts Venom Flash Thompson (Venom)
Thundercats Custom Figures (Thundercats)Thundercats Custom Figures Batch 2 (Thundercats)
Thundercats King Lion-O (Thundercats)Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Tony Stark's Work Station (Iron Man)Troll (Marvel)
Turytt (Green Lantern)Tygra (Thundercats)
Ulik (Avengers)Ultimate Alliance Juggernaut Custom Figure (Ultimate Marvel)
Ultimate Hawkeye Icon (Marvel Icon)Ultimate Power up Optimus Prime (Transformers)
Ultimate Tigershark (Marvel Legends)Ultimo (Marvel Universe)
Ultra Dynamo (Marvel Legends)Ultraverse Prime Custom Figure (Ultraverse)
Ultron (Marvel Legends)Ultron Age of Ultron Avengers 2 (Marvel Legends)
Unicorn (Marvel Legends)Veil of Avengers Academy (Avengers)
Venom Art Concept by Dave Rapoza (Marvel Legends)Venom Flash Thompson (Marvel)
Vision Marvel Select Scale Custom Figure (Avengers)Voltes V Head Bust (Voltron)
VOLTES V Team Members (Voltron)Vulture (Thundercats)
Vulture Marvel Select Scale (Marvel Select)War Machine Battle Armor (Marvel Legends)
War Machine Gantry (Iron Man)War Machine Heavy Gun Mode (Iron Man)
War Machine Suit up Diorama (Iron Man)Warstar (Marvel Legends)
Weaponer (Green Lantern)Wendigo (Marvel Legends)
Whiplash Anton Vanko (Marvel Legends)Whirlwind (Marvel Legends)
Wilycat (Thundercats)Winter Guard Red Guardian Custom Figure (Avengers)
Winter Guards Darkstar Custom Figure (Avengers)Winter Guards Ursa Major Custom Figure (Avengers)
Wolverine Battle Damage Jim Lee Style (Marvel Legends)Woodgod (Marvel Legends)
X Men Battle of the Atom " Beast" (Marvel Legends)X Men Battle of the Atom " Ice Hulk" (Marvel Legends)
X MEN BATTLE of the ATOMS Raze Darkholme (Marvel Legends)X Men Blackbird (Marvel Universe)
X- 23 Custom Figure (X-Force)X-Force Deadpool (X-Force)
X-Force Wolverine and Warpath (X-Force)Xemnu (Marvel Legends)
Yidrazil (Marvel Legends)Yondu (Marvel Legends)
Yondu Guardians of the Galaxy Movie (Marvel Universe)Young Avengers Egghead (Marvel Legends)
Young Justice Batgirl Custom Figure (Young Justice)Young Justice Beast Boy Custom Figure (Young Justice)
Young Justice Black Beetle Custom Figure (Young Justice)Young Justice Bumblebee Custom Figure (Young Justice)
Young Justice Captain Atom (Young Justice)Young Justice Captain Marvel (Young Justice)
Young Justice Cheshire Custom Figure (Young Justice)Young Justice Hawkman Custom Figure (Young Justice)
Young Justice Invasion Aquaman (Young Justice)Young Justice Invasion Blue Beetle (Young Justice)
Young Justice Invasion Martian Man Hunter (Young Justice)Young Justice Invasion Nightwing Custom Figure (Young Justice)
Young Justice Invasion Tigress a.K.a. Artemis (Young Justice)Young Justice Kid Flash (Young Justice)
Young Justice Kid Flash " Impulse " Custom Figure (Young Justice)Young Justice Lagoon Boy Custom Figure (Young Justice)
Young Justice Lagoon Boy Version 2 Berserk Mode (Young Justice)Young Justice Lobo (Young Justice)
Young Justice Red Volcano, Red Inferno and Red Torped (Young Justice)Young Justice ROCKET (Young Justice)
Young Justice Superboy Custom Figure (Young Justice)Young Justice Superboy with Wolf Custom Figure (Young Justice)
Young Justice Superman (Young Justice)Zilius Zox (Green Lantern)