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Customizer:ACCustomFiguresFirst Made:Looking for it...
Showcase Rank:DukePersonal Best:Working on it...
Crowd Favorite:Moon Knight "Fist of Khonshu"Total Customs:275
Current Projects:Customs, customs, customs...
Honorable Mentions:My first published work was a custom Iron Fist featured in Wizard World Digital issue 1.3. I was featured on The Aquaman Shrine, and along with weekly commissions and custom figure auctions I have done work for Bosch Tools, and am currently working with a Kickstarter on a Nightwing Web series.
Comments:It wouldn't let me type it in above, but my first custom was a Bane figure made from a very loose jointed GI Joe figure. I still have it.

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All Customs by ACCustomFigures
Absorbing Man (Marvel Legends)Agent Venom 2.0 (Marvel Legends)
Agent Venom Flash Thompson (Marvel Legends)AGENT VENOM Thunderbolts (Marvel Legends)
Agent Venom Thunderbolts 2.0 (Marvel Legends)Agent Venom Thunderbolts 3.0 (Marvel Legends)
Alfred Pennyworth (DC Universe)Amazing Spiderman Mcfarlane Style (Marvel Legends)
Anarky (DC Universe)Animal Man (DC New 52) (Marvel Legends)
Ant Man Avengers Movie Concept (Marvel Legends)Aqu-War (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)
Aqualad, Stealth Young Justice (DC Universe)Aqualad/Kaldur Young Justice Invasion (DC Universe)
Aquaman the Waterbearer (DC Universe)Aquaman, the Waterbearer 2.0 (DC Universe)
Arrow (Stephen Amell Island Suit) (DC Universe)Artorius of the Abyss Dark Souls (Figure Realm)
Aska TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Azrael (Knightsend) (DC Universe)
Bane the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)Bat-Attack (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)
Batgirl New 52 Barbara Gordon (DC Universe)Batgirl Stephanie Brown (DC Universe)
Batman (Marvel Legends)Batman (Dick Grayson) (DC Universe)
Batman 1989 (Michael Keaton) (Marvel Legends)Batman Arkham Origins (Batman)
Batman Armored (DC Universe)Batman Damian Wayne (DC Universe)
Batman Damian Wayne (DC Universe)Batman DC New 52 (DC Universe)
Batman DC Universe Online (DC Universe)Batman Movie Concept Armor (Marvel Legends)
Batman Richard Grayson (DC Universe)Batman Zero Year (DC Universe)
Batman Zero Year 2.0 (DC Universe)Batman/Superman Man of Steel (DC Universe)
Battle Beast (Invincible Universe) (Invincible)Batwing 2.0 DC New 52 (DC Universe)
Batwing, Batman Incorporated (DC Universe)Bizarro Man of Steel (DC Universe)
Black Bat Cassandra Cain (DC Universe)Black Mask the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)
Black Widow (Age of Ultron Movie) (Marvel Legends)Blade (Marvel Legends)
Bloodshot (Valiant Comics) (Valiant)Brainiac Man of Steel (DC Universe)
Bucky Infinite Series (Marvel Legends)Cable (Marvel Legends)
Cable (Avengers: X-Sanction) (Marvel Legends)CABLE Bachalo Syle (Marvel Legends)
Cable Movie Style (Marvel Legends)Cable X-Men/X-Force (Marvel Legends)
Captain Ameria Classic (Marvel Legends)Captain America (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Captain America 2 the Winter Soldier Movie (Marvel Legends)Captain America Marvel NOW! (Marvel Legends)
Captain America Marvel NOW! 3.0 (Marvel Legends)Captain America Marvel NOW! Opena Style (Marvel Legends)
Captain Rex 6" Black Series (Star Wars)Classic Iron Man 2.0 (Marvel Legends)
Colonel America Age of Ultron (Marvel Legends)Commander Cody 6" Black Series (Star Wars Clone Wars)
Commander Cody 6" Star Wars Black Series (Star Wars)Commissioner Gordon (DC Universe)
Daisy Johnson Aka Quake Secret Warriors (Marvel Legends)Daredevil (Netflix) (Marvel Legends)
Darkhawk (Marvel Legends)Darkseid Man of Steel (DC Universe)
Deadpool (Movie) (Marvel Legends)Deadpool (X-Force) (Marvel Select)
Deadpool Customer Original Design (Marvel Legends)Deadpool Marvel NOW! 2.0 (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool Marvel NOW! V3 (Marvel Legends)Deadpool, Classic (Marvel Legends)
Deadpool, Marvel NOW! (Marvel Legends)Deadpool, Uncanny X-Force (Marvel Legends)
Deadshot the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)Death Trooper (Blue) Star Wars Black Series (Star Wars)
Death Trooper (Green) Star Wars Black Series (Star Wars)Deathstroke the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)
Doctor Hurt the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)Dolltron (Grant Morrison's Batman) (DC Universe)
Domino (Marvel Legends)Domino (Marvel Legends)
Domino X-Force (Marvel Legends)Doomsday (DC Universe)
Doomsday Man of Steel (DC Universe)Doomsday New 52 (DC Universe)
Eye-Gorr (Masters of the Universe)Falcon Infinite Series Movie Suit (Marvel Legends)
Fear-Ra (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)Flamingo (Grant Morrison's Batman) (DC Universe)
Flashpoint Emperor Aquaman (Marvel Legends)Gambit (Marvel Legends)
Gambit 2.0 (Marvel Legends)Ghost Rider 2.0 (Marvel Legends)
Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch (Marvel Legends)Gipsy Danger Pacific Rim Movie Accurate (Pacific Rim)
Goku Super Saiyan Level 4 Dragonball Z (Dragonball Z)Great White Shark Dark Knight Series (DC Universe)
Gwen Stacey 3.75 (Marvel Universe)Hangman, Original Masters of the Universe (Masters of the Universe)
Harper Row DC New 52 (DC Universe)Hawkeye (Marvel Legends)
Hawkeye Heroic Age (Marvel Legends)Hawkeye Marvel NOW! (Marvel Legends)
Hawkeye Movie Concept (Marvel Legends)Hope Summers (Marvel Legends)
Horde Mummy (MOTUC Concept) (Masters of the Universe)Hugo Strange Arkham Asylum (DC Universe)
Hugo Strange the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)Huntress (DC Universe)
Huntress Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)Hush the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)
Hush What if...Batman Dark Knight (DC Universe)Icon, Young Justice (DC Universe)
Indestructible Hulk (Marvel Legends)Invincible Iron Man (World's Most Wanted) (Marvel Legends)
Iron Fist (Marvel Legends)Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor Heroic Age (Marvel Legends)
Iron Man, Extremis (Marvel Legends)Iron Skull (Avengers Assemble) (Marvel Legends)
Jack Bauer 24 (24)Jax-Ur Man of Steel (DC Universe)
Jet Suit Damian Wayne Robin Batman Incorporated (DC Universe)Jewel, Aka Jessica Jones (Marvel Legends)
John Constantine, Hellblazer (DC Universe)John Marston, Red Dead Redemption (Red Dead Redemption)
John Reese Person of Interest (Movie Masters)Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star) (Fist of the North Star)
Kill-Eel (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)Kill-Rilla and Space Monkey (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)
Killer Croc Dark Knight Series (DC Universe)King Flying Fish (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)
King Thor Infinite Series BAF (Marvel Legends)Klaw (Marvel Legends)
Klaw Original Design (Marvel Legends)Kronox (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)
Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake (Marvel Legends)Lady Shiva (DC Universe)
Lex Luthor Man of Steel (Movie Masters)Logan (Marvel Legends)
Lord Dark (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)Lord Fire-Bird (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)
Lupine (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)Macgyver (Avengers)
Magik Uncanny X-Men (Marvel Legends)Magneto Marvel Zombies (Marvel Legends)
Major Evil (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)Marcus Johnson a.K.a. Nick Fury Jr, (Marvel Legends)
Marvelman / Miracleman (Independent Comics)Mary Jane Watson Infinite Series (Marvel Legends)
Maximum Carnage (Marvel Legends)Metallo Man of Steel (Movie Masters)
Miss Piggy, Battle Pig (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)Mockingbird Heroic Age (Marvel Legends)
Mon-Stor (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)Moon Knight "Fist of Khonshu" (Marvel Legends)
Moon Knight, Aka, Mr. Knight (Marvel Legends)Nameless (Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham) (Image)
Nebula GOTG Movie Style (Marvel Legends)Nick Fury (Marvel Legends)
Nick Fury Olivetti Style Howling Commandos (Marvel Legends)Night Wing (DC New 52) (DC Universe)
Nightstrike (Original)Nightwing (Tactical) (DC Universe)
Nightwing 2.0 (DC New 52) (Marvel Legends)Nightwing Classic Costume (DC Universe)
Nightwing DC New 52 V3.0 (DC Universe)Nightwing Head (DC Universe)
Nightwing New 52 (DC Universe)Nightwing, DC New 52 (DC Universe)
Nightwing, DC New 52 V4 (DC Universe)Nightwing, Young Justice Invasion (DC Universe)
Oberon Sexton (DC Universe)Odin Infinite Series BAF (Marvel Legends)
Officer Downe (Marvel Legends)Old Man Logan (Marvel Legends)
Parasite Man of Steel (DC Universe)Penguin Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)
Phoenix, Customer Original (Original)Prime-Ape (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)
Professor Pyg (DC Universe)Psylocke, Uncanny X-Force (Marvel Legends)
Puck BAF (Marvel Legends)Punisher (Marvel Legends)
Purplexor (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)Quicksilver (Avengers Age of Ultron Movie) (Marvel Legends)
Quicksilver (Avengers AOU) (Marvel Legends)Rat-Trap, Original Masters of the Universe (Masters of the Universe)
Red Hood (DC Universe)Red Hood (Tactical) (DC Universe)
Red Hood Classic (DC Universe)Red Hood Classic 3.0 (DC Universe)
Red Hood DC Infinite Heroes (DC Infinite Heroes)Red Hood DC New 52 (DC Universe)
Red Hood DC New 52 V3 (DC Universe)Red Hood Head (DC Universe)
Red Hood Infinite Heroes 3.75" (DC Universe)Red Hood New 52 V4 (DC Universe)
Red Hood, DC New 52 (DC Universe)Red Hood, New 52/Young Justice (Young Justice)
Red Robin DC New 52 (DC Universe)Red Robin New 52 2.0 (DC Universe)
Red Robin. DC New 52 (DC Universe)Richard Grayson Batman Reborn (DC Universe)
Riddler the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)Robin Damian Wayne (DC Universe)
Robin Damian Wayne First Appearance (DC Universe)Robin Damian Wayne New 52 (DC Universe)
Rogue (Marvel Legends)Ronin Mighty Avengers (Marvel Legends)
Ruffus (Street Fighter) (Street Fighter)Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)
Scarface and Ventriloquist Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)Scarlet Spider, Kaine (Marvel Legends)
Scarlet Witch Age of Ultron (Marvel Legends)Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu (Marvel Legends)
Sheeva: Mortal Kombat (Mortal Kombat)Simon Baz Green Lantern DC New 52 (DC Universe)
Skeletor Filmation Style (MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)Skullina (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)
Sliiither (Masters of the Universe)Snake Eyes (Classic) (Marvel Legends)
Snake Eyes 2.0 (Marvel Legends)Spider-Man 2099 (Marvel Legends)
Spiderman Marvel Zombies (Marvel Legends)Spiderman Noir (Marvel Legends)
Spiderman Noir Spider Verse (Marvel Legends)Steampunk Batman (DC Universe)
Steampunk Batman (DC Universe)Steampunk Nightwing (DC Universe)
Steampunk Red Hood (DC Universe)Steampunk Red Robin (DC Universe)
Stone-Ax (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)Striker Eureka Pacific Rim with Chest Missle Launcher (Pacific Rim)
Superboy (DC Universe)Superboy, New 52/Young Justice (Young Justice)
Superior Spiderman 4.0 (Marvel Legends)Superior Spiderman, Marvel NOW! (Marvel Legends)
Superman, Action Comics DC New 52 (DC Universe)Talia Al Ghul (DC Universe)
Talia Al Ghul (DC Universe)Terrax (Marvel Legends)
The Amazing Spiderman (Marvel Legends)The Baby Janes (Original)
The Badger (Independent Comics)The Court of Owls (DC Universe)
The Iron Bat (DC Universe)The Mighty Thor (Marvel Legends)
The Predator DCU (DC Universe)The Punisher (Marvel Legends)
The Superior Spider-Man (Marvel Legends)The Superior Spiderman 3.0 (Marvel Legends)
Ty-Bear-Beast (Masters of the Universe)Ultimate Spider Woman (Marvel Legends)
Vegito DBZ (Dragonball Z)Vision (Age of Ultron Movie) (Marvel Legends)
What if...John Blake/Azrael the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)What if...John Blake/Batman beyond Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)
What if...John Blake/Nightwing 2.0 Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)What if...John Blake/Nightwing the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)
What if...John Blake/Red Hood the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)What if...John Blake/Red Robin the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)
What if...John Blake/Robin the Dark Knight Rises (DC Universe)Wingman (Jason Todd) (DC Universe)
Wolverine (X-Force) (Marvel Legends)Wolverine and the X-Men (Marvel Legends)
Wonder Girl Young Justice (DC Universe)Wonder Man (Avengers #9) (Marvel Legends)
Xeern (Original MOTUC) (Masters of the Universe)Zauriel DC New 52 (DC Universe)
Zombie John Marston, Undead Nightmare (Red Dead Redemption)