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Welcome to the future… Can mankind be saved?

In the 22nd century, genetically engineered Neosapiens, led by Phateon, have brutally conquered and enslaved their human creators in the HomeWorlds. ExoSquad is human-kind's last hope!

From his top secret breeding complex in Antarctica, Phaeton's Minister of Genetics, Praetorius, has created the ultimate super fighting forces - the Neosapien Warriors. By combining Neosapien genes with DNA from Earth's fiercest predators, Phaeton has unleashed the most powerful, most vicious super warriors ever to terrorize the HomeWorlds.

The JumpTroops are assigned to battle these Neosapien Super Warriors! Are they ready for the ultimate challenge?

Exosquad Universe Exosquad Exowalking E-Frames
Exowalking E-Frames
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