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Beast (X3) - Action Figure Gallery

Name:Beast (X3)
Series:Marvel Legends (Hasbro)
Subseries:Annihilus Series
Year Released:2007
Character Profiles:Beast
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Reviews of Beast (X3)
4.00 stars from Collector1
One of Profesor Xavier's first students, Doctor Hank McCoy became a leading geneticist studying the mysterious M-Gene which caused the development of superhuman powers in some people. After a "cure" for the mutant condition is weaponized, Hank left his position and rejoined the X-Men to fight for the future of his species!

Beast is highly detailed and articulated, allowing for truly incredible poses in a rather sub-standered line of action figures.

The paint is nice and clean on his jacket without any bleeds or smears. The jacket is made of soft, flexiable rubber but does limit arm movement somewhat, so I had to deduct some points for that.

Beast's hands are in an open hand position which fits his wild and acrobatic fighting style and . . . Read More
3.50 stars from Dr Nightmare
:( See that sad face? That says it all. I like Beast as a character so I won't hold anything against him due to Hasbro's inexperience with the Marvel Legends line. This version of Beast was modeled after the X-Men 3 movie, and in appearance they did a pretty good job. He looks like a guy with fur on him, he even resembles Kelsey Grammer to an extent, but the face is a little too narrow and generally too small, you could easily use this head on a 5-inch scale custom and it wouldn't look out of place. The huge, major, I'm-gonna-git-you-sucka' part about this figure is that he's too short! 5.80 inches is NOT acceptable for a Beast figure. Granted though, I have never held an official X3 movie figure like Rogue or Cyclops to measure, this Beast. . . Read More
Subseries from Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Toy Series
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