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Invader Zim (Old Man Diguise) (Wizard World Chicago)
Invader Zim (Palisades) - Exclusives
Rated 2.85 stars by RMaster007
Palisades was a great company. Their Muppets figures were no doubt excellent, but there's more to their name than the Muppets. In 2004, Palisades got the license to make Invader Zim figures, and put out a good amount of them. Although Palisades usually does a great job with their figures, they didn't do very well with this one. My main problem with this set is Zim. First of all, let me just say that I love the sculpt. He's wearing a seldom-used old man disguise, and his expression is good as well. One issue with him is that he can't stand up, on account of his huge head and small legs, so they included a base with him. The base only has one peg, and it's quite short as well, unfortunately. His inability to stand isn't my main problem, it's how they handled his torso is what bothers me....[See More]
Sonic Adventure (ReSaurus) - Series 2
Rated 3.00 stars by RMaster007
ReSaurus was a short lived toy company and began in the 90s, and shut down in 2001. Some of their licenses included Jeff Smith's Bone, Speed Racer, Street Fighter, Sonic Adventure, and Crash Bandicoot, and the latter two licenses can go for high prices on eBay and othe online stores. Years ago, I was lucky to find this figure, who in this case, is Big the Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. I got him loose, so I won't being doing a score for the package. Sculpt - ***1/2 The sculpt is very good, especially if you compare it to Toy Island's Big the Cat. Most of the body is plastic, but the head and tail are made of a softer, vinyl-like material. The elbow on his left arm is bent, which looks really nice. Paint - *** The paint job isn't too bad. Some smudges on it, but it's a used...[See More]
Dancing Snoopy
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Memory Lane)
Rated 3.00 stars by RMaster007
A classic scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas, this figure shows the lovable Snoopy dancing happily. This figure was originally released by Memory Lane in 2004, but was later re-released by Round 2 in 2006, with different packaging. I obtained this one at a flea market for $6. Packaging - *** (yes I will be using the four-star system MWCToys uses) Nice, big box for such a big figure. There's also a "try me" hole on the side of the box. Sculpt - **** This is a big Snoopy figure, and he's done in a great post. Arms out, feet moving, and joyous as can be. He's scultped out of hollow plastic/vinyl, and looks great. However, he's a bit wobbly due to the feet, but he still balances well. Paint - ***1/2 The paint job looks excellent, and his eyes and grin are painted on. Articulation -...[See More]
All Terrain Vehicle
Big Jim (Mattel) - Spy Vehicles
Rated 5.00 stars by skindemon
is it possible that they are a few without mechanisme?I have one that was sealed in box but the box had waterdamage so I opened the box and while I was putting the stickers on I see that the on/off button was missing! so I check te battery and there is room 4 battery but no mechanisme inside! what is up with this! fault in factory or.....????...[See More]
Batman - Arkham Origins (DC Collectibles) - Wave 1
Rated 4.90 stars by Deaditor
Bane was such an imposing force in this game. I felt he was a let down in Asylum having a short basic brute battle with him that didn’t really amount to anything that fun or challenging and lacked Bane’s skill as an intellectual strategist. This Bane beats you down so that you can’t afford to not completely focus your attention on this guy and discovers your identity and almost kills Alfred leading to a rivalry I wanted to see. I was excited to get the figure of him and he’s pretty great. There’s lots of detail and good enough articulation though possibly a bit more would have been welcome for posing he’s bigger than Batman, can hold him as if he were to break the Bat and his venom tubes can be removed adding to the way Batman defeats him. A must have figure if one of the most satisfying...[See More]
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Dragon Shiryu
Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) - Deluxe Figures
Rated 4.50 stars by ActionFiguresMan80
This is indeed one of my favorite figures in my collection.I remember when I purchase this figure,was in the three wise men day or Dia de Reyes in my country,in that day the wise men bring toys to the children,so most of the malls of the country have many toys and in one walmart afiliate{Aurrera}I find this awesome Dragon Shiryu,at the end of that day{9'oclock more or less}I purchase him and man I never regret it,its huge,its shiny,wonderfully articulated and with separated armor,and best of all, you really can play with him!!his only issue is the paint it falls apart in some points and the helmet is a little loose,but other else this is a figure worth to be in anyone collection,specially if like me, you love the knights of the zodiac,if you find him buy it,you don't regret it,trust me....[See More]
Black Panther
Marvel Universe (Toy Biz) - Marvel Knights
Rated 2.00 stars by Xen
They don't come any more basic than this... Poor articulation (hinges), no accessories (only the cape), poorly detailed (non of the jewelry that the BP has). Could of done better....[See More]
Spider-Man (Stark Tech Suit)
Marvel Legends - Infinite Series (Hasbro) - Vulture Flight Gear Series
Rated 4.80 stars by AlexOviedo
Stark tech Spider-Man it's probably the best figure from his wave, the figure it's extremely detailed, the sculpted it's very well made and the wash of very dark blue over the body gives an special touch. About the bad points, I don't know if it's only on my figure, but the left arm is very loose and the main head has wide eyes and in the movie the eyes are a little bit closed, this review has ended, I recommend you to buy this figure if you are a collector, have a great day!...[See More]
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Poison Ivy
Batman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct) - Series 2
Rated 3.00 stars by Deaditor
It’s a real shame that the this is the only Poison Ivy figure released for this game series. She’s nicer detailed with some articulation in her upper area and no knee movement making her essentially stuck standing. Just any more articulation would be nicer and the new Arkham Knight design was great and they had a Figure ready to be sold but it never was released. So this is a decent likeness perhaps with a slightly too wide face being anime ish in design but the newer one would have been better....[See More]
SMC92 -
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Play Arts Kai done an Ivy, I have it, pretty deadly figure.
Deaditor -
Tuesday, November 6, 2018
My issue with Play Arts is their scale, sure they have lots of articulation but also sometimes they take massive liberties with design and make up things rather than keep things accurate. Though in the case of that poison ivy it’s just a scale issue. Was hoping they’d release the Arkham knight ivy but they never did
Gandalf the White (Beige Sheath, Off-White Robes)
Lord of the Rings - Two Towers (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Rated 3.00 stars by Deaditor
I own both beige and white robes versions of this Gandalf and besides the colour pallets they are the same, though interestingly no Gandalf gets the sheath right as it’s white not beige or blue or grey but white when he’s in this form. This figure has a better glamdring though with the blue handle but as I said both are the same figure with the vinyl cloak which is nicely detailed with an Elven broach but very cumbersome and the terrible staff raising/ sword slash action feature of pressing the button on his back to activate this feature which leaves him with limited arm movement. He has a swivel head, swivel right arm with swivel elbow and wrists but the right arm can also hinge out, swivel waist, hinged legs that’s can go forward and single jointed knees and ankles. So for articulation...[See More]
Battle Hardened -
Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Cheers for the interesting and informative description of this figure..
Deaditor -
Friday, August 31, 2018
Literally going through them all as here’s probably 3 I don’t own
Gil-Galad (Spear Attack Action)
Lord of the Rings - Trilogy (Toy Biz) - Fellowship of the Ring - Series 3
Rated 4.50 stars by Deaditor
Gil Galad was an elvish king of whom the elves do sadly sing, long story short Sauron set him on fire with his grip and it was only story boarded so the actor didn’t get to do much. This is a really decent figure with nice details, paint apps, accessories including his silver lance and shield and has an action feature of attacking when a button is pressed. I don’t have many complaints about this figure though I suppose some of the articulation could be better in some places and the paint apps on the shield seem a bit cartoonish or off but they also add a distinction to the regular shields the elves use....[See More]
Red Wolf -
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Great figure, Just got Gil-galad in a three pack with Sauron last week. Wish the Elf King got more screen time, it would have been cool to see Gil-galad showing off a little more of his fighting skills with his spear Aeglos!
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